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(TreeHugger)   Want a healthier yard and be even lazier at the same time, skip the rake and leave the leaves this fall   ( divider line
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1105 clicks; posted to STEM » on 18 Oct 2020 at 9:09 AM (13 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-10-18 9:08:14 PM  
I have oaks, Douglas firs and cedars.  So, we are talking a mix of leaves, branches, seed cones of several sizes, more branches and needles.  Oh, and rocks, little ones small enough to fly under the mulcher in to windows to ones big enough to stop a tractor, they just pop out of the ground.

Wood chipper didn't last the first season.
2020-10-19 12:45:34 AM  

Cerebral Knievel: Anubislg: Leaf Blower + Leaf/Branch shredder = tons of mulch by next spring!

Kinda surprised about the lack of mention of leaf/branch shredders though. Having a huge terrifying hopper to put things into speeds up the process a ton.

I also have a gas powered, walk behind yard vacuum.
It also has a port for small branches.
Its lime what you are describing, except lawnmower shaped.

I find it works best on sidewalks, but the branch port does get a workout

A giant branch shredder? Lime? I have a...trunk with limbs attached that I'm trying to get rid of.
2020-10-19 5:48:39 AM  
The one good thing about having the most destructive thunderstorm in US history roll through your town this summer, wiping out an estimated 60 to 80% of your tree population?

Less leaves to rake come fall. Win!
2020-10-19 7:09:27 AM  
Trick question.

American's don't want a healthy yard; they want a perfect patch of monoculture non-native grass. The two are mutually exclusive.
2020-10-19 8:31:05 AM  

BunkyBrewman: My township actually comes around and vacuums up the leaves on a regular basis from October through December.

Also, from April to Sepember, once a month they'll take any sticks and small branches up to six inches in diameter you leave for them.  They feed 'em into the chipper right there and use them for mulch on municipal properties and fields.

But for myself, I usually just mulch most of the leaves back for the lawn and burn the sticks in the firepit.

Sounds like here, except you can put branches out anytime.  They have to be cut in sections no more than 6' long I think, and bound together.   I too have a woodpile behind the shed that I burn in the fire pit.

With the leaves, I rake them to the low spots in the yard and mulch them there to slowly level out the ground.

When I was a kid, I lived with mostly pine trees around. We would rake the pine needles into the flower beds as mulch.
2020-10-19 1:51:38 PM  

Bonzo_1116: Some Junkie Cosmonaut: Let's see... SoCal, leaving dry leaves around forever... Smokey The Bear says no thanks

/were it not like that, they could stay right where they dropped mostly and it'd be fine with me

I mow mine into my 15" x 15" patch of courtesy lawn as mulching to reduce water loss.  The original landscaping decisions in my early '80s subdivision were so very very stupid.

"Let's put deciduous water-hungry sycamore trees and kentucky bluegrass in a place that gets ten inches of rain per year!"

I've been slowly reducing the patch of grass every few years by adding a new succulent or drought-resistant perennial area.... but that f*cking tree.  Its only redeeming feature is that it has good branches to put up holiday decorations.

/can't wait to rip that dead branch-dropping mother-f*cker out and put in an olive or California laurel tree.

Our two main offenders in that regard are a very old and large pine (obviously pretty limited in how much use we have for needle mulch) and an Australian drought-loving tree that nonetheless likes to drop leaves.  We mulch what we can, but we run out of the need for it before we run out of leaves.
2020-10-19 2:19:37 PM  

Closed_Minded_Bastage: See these?: [Fark user image image 850x637]

Comes from this: [Fark user image image 850x637]

I have 3 of these trees in the yard. Filled almost 40 lawn & leaf bags last year, 3 so far this year.

Ain't no way I can leave these to pile up.

Next time plant the Shademaster variety - no pods.
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