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(Fark)   Give a two-word phrase that captures some big news from the year 2020. Difficulty: must be in format of an Archie Comics story title (rhyming words, containing equal number of syllables). Example: "Mitch, biatch"   ( divider line
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119 clicks; posted to Discussion » on 29 Sep 2020 at 7:06 AM (15 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-09-29 1:41:11 AM  
Shame, blame.
2020-09-29 1:50:33 AM  
Sh*t Show
Fuct up
Bring towel
Fecal Fight!
2020-09-29 2:12:40 AM  
Insanity , profanity
Misdirection, reelection
Cyrus, virus
President  malcontent
2020-09-29 2:23:41 AM  
Infection inflection
2020-09-29 2:28:11 AM  
Inattention retribution.
2020-09-29 2:30:55 AM  
Every time another criminal act is revealed 45 goes on a...
Diversion Excursion
Doubts cause...
Pouts, Shouts
By voting we hope to be...
Bootin' Putin
2020 is the year of the...
Alt Cult
Some think masks are a...
Cruel Rule
If you're sick be...
Homin'' not Roamin'
(Rules were made to be broken)
Someone needs to invent a...
Mask Flask
2020-09-29 2:34:17 AM  
Protest, unrest
Judge, grudge
Breathe, grieve
2020-09-29 2:42:34 AM  
Systemic, pandemic
2020-09-29 2:48:26 AM  
Pee, spree
2020-09-29 2:51:57 AM  
Tiny hands, shroom shaped glans
2020-09-29 3:12:09 AM  
Twitter shiatter.
2020-09-29 3:18:44 AM  
Kobe Splat.
2020-09-29 3:22:06 AM  
Neil Peart inert.

/ drummer downer.
2020-09-29 4:02:01 AM  
Answer? Cancer!
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2020-09-29 4:09:55 AM  
Traitor, dictator.
2020-09-29 4:13:01 AM  
Lying. Dying.
2020-09-29 6:46:23 AM  
Orange.. uhhh.. crap.
2020-09-29 7:27:18 AM  
Rude, Screwed
2020-09-29 7:47:40 AM  
mad bad.
2020-09-29 8:02:13 AM  
Roast Coast
2020-09-29 8:23:35 AM  
Paywall, Adblock-Fail.
2020-09-29 9:10:05 AM  
stumble, fall, Adderall
2020-09-29 9:10:56 AM  
Only the best, under arrest.
2020-09-29 9:21:10 AM  
RBG apogee
2020-09-29 9:41:27 AM  
Debate Debate
Ballot Mallet
Pence Dense
Fearleader Cheerleader
Conspiracy Tyranny
Brashest Fascist
Mailing Failing
"Facemask"?, they-ask
Kneeler Squealer
Falwell Unwell
Isolation Desperation
Greenland Demand
Zoom Boom
Whitehouse Outhouse
"That press!" Distress
Impeachment Mistreatment (ignore galore)
Axes (1%er) Taxes
Graceless Racist
"2-weeks!" Critiques
Liar Trier
(health)Care Scare,
Mask-it (or) casket?
Smoky Chokey
Maxwell Small-cell,
Foxnews blocks-news
Poolboy destroy

2020-09-29 9:51:18 AM  
Election Defection
2020-09-29 10:21:10 AM  
Tiny, whiny
2020-09-29 12:01:21 PM  
Fox Cocks
2020-09-29 12:25:38 PM  

Mad_Radhu: Infection inflection

Infection deflection
President circumvent
2020-09-29 2:00:43 PM  
Excess recess
2020-09-29 2:23:22 PM  
Kill Mill
2020-09-29 2:24:20 PM  

CatRevenge: RBG apogee

Very clever. Nice.
2020-09-29 2:46:31 PM  
Flask Mask
Archie invents a covid mask that you can drink through. It gets abused by Veronica to get drunk, and there's some kind of lesbian sex scene... and then my mind starts to drift a bit on the plot.
2020-09-29 5:03:23 PM  
Wildfire Ire
Dire-est Virus
Quaran-Teens! (still Archie-esque)
2020-09-29 6:44:07 PM  
Venezuela Coup de Failyuh'
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