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(KTLA Los Angeles)   Michael Vick is working doggedly to restore voting rights to felons in Florida   ( divider line
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2020-09-28 3:09:37 AM  
I'm a dog person (most of the time), but I honestly think if the Trump administration had instead started caging dogs at the border then there would have been more national outrage.

As an Eagles fan I was pretty uncomfortable with them signing Vick. I can't say I ever got comfortable with it, but I do have to acknowledge how well he's handled things since incarceration.

Incarceration should be both punitive and reformative. Without the latter, the process is garbage.

So while I'll never fully comprehend the heinous things he did, I can recognize my particular upbringing may have shielded me from such things. So I won't shiat on anything positive he's done no matter how genuine I perceive it.
2020-09-28 3:23:38 AM  

Natalie Portmanteau: Ragin' Asian: No, Vick. farking go away. This is a noble cause and we don't need your craven animal cruelty taint on it. Die in an alley and get eaten by feral cats.

eh. I have no problem with him trying to do good. I also see pretty much no way i could consider him redeemed until he dies and we can view the balance of his deeds. Until then, he is welcome to keep trying in earnest.

He's been working on the right side of the ledger for a while. Problem is once you have a highly publicized bad deed on your record, you may never clear your name with the American public. Good for him right now. I love dogs - I love people as well.
2020-09-28 4:00:32 AM  

powhound: It suddenly got stupid in here. JFC

Fark has *always* been stupid about "justice".
2020-09-28 4:02:51 AM  

2chinz: Florida is something else...a lot of those red states are. "Been convicted of a crime? No soup for you!"

Meanwhile, in the whole US it's almost impossible to get a self-sustaining job or housing if you have a record, and you lose your housing benefits if you even shelter someone who's starting over. How does that improve things? How does that break the cycle? Instead, Florida has people living under effing bridges because they fall under those rules or because they're sex offenders & can't live within [X] feet of a [fill in the blank]. How does their having  no fixed address make anyone safer? How does not having healthcare - especially mental health - services make the community any safer or more stable?

On a tear. I've just abandoned twitter due to the absolute geyser of soul-crushing news relating to our descent into a fiefdom run by a tin-pot dictator, now I guess I need to abandon Fark, as well...or at least stop commenting.

Fark was always full of bullshiat comments though...
2020-09-28 4:46:56 AM  

My Second Fark Account: powhound: It suddenly got stupid in here. JFC

Fark has *always* been stupid about "justice".

Well surely your name is a joke and you didn't resleeve just to dodge the ignore list you built up..  so how would you know what Fark has always been about?

2020-09-28 5:29:35 AM  

Smackledorfer: My Second Fark Account: powhound: It suddenly got stupid in here. JFC

Fark has *always* been stupid about "justice".

Well surely your name is a joke and you didn't resleeve just to dodge the ignore list you built up..  so how would you know what Fark has always been about?


Before reddit my main account was My First Fark Account. For a time Reddit was so good I completely abandoned Fark. Reddit went to shiat and I still wanted to keep up with enough news to not be completely unaware of events. Didn't remember email or password to the account so made another one. What is truly remarkable is that this community seriously does not grow up. All the same jokes from the early 2000s are still fresh today. And, just like before, farkers want to murder all criminals, tattoo an A on their chests, and otherwise feel morally smug.
2020-09-28 8:55:28 AM  

Smackledorfer: NM Volunteer: Smackledorfer: And one more thing: you are elitist as fark here, which I really wouldn't have pegged you as.

Your arguments here are only the 1%ers should eat meat (as I explained earlier) and only the best snipers in the world should hunt.

Moreover, applying your level of perfection you require of hunters to the slaughtering if farmed animals your actual position is zero farmed animals: all slaughter methods involve significant error rates.

/And don't get me started on kosher and halal slaughter methods. I guess you're against that religious freedom too

You did not even read what I said.  That is the exact opposite of my posts, wherein I argued that there is no ethical difference between sports/hobby hunting and dogfighting.  Both are unethical and bad, because they kill and cause suffering for the pleasure of humans.  And I reject the claims that shooting a deer in the chest and watching it bleed to death is somehow "humane".

You argued if people can't get perfect headshots on deer they should just buy the magical pixie dreamland version of farmed animals that counts as humane.

I already explained to you that this alternative means only the wealthy could ever eat meat. You replied to that post. I assumed you read it.

I guess you did not. I've gone into great detail forming my arguments here. You've planted your head in the sand like a warner bros ostrich and just spewed whatever verbal diarrhea suits your narrative.

The hilarious part of all this is you could VERY easily just say "I'm a vegetarian and it's wrong to kill animals for food" and I'd agree with you. But I'm guessing you aren't a vegetarian, so your poor logic and double think stem from an inability to accept your own behaviors. That's pathetic.

You are a bizarre little man.

Me: hunting is no better than dogfighting.
You: hunting is noble.
Me: what is noble about watching a dear bleed to death while thrashing on the ground in fear?
You: it's the most humane way to kill deer.
Me: no, shooting anything in the head (like a captive bolt gun at a slaughterhouse or like Budd Dwyer shooting himself) is quicker and more humane.
You: sharpshooter robble robble robble.

You are so hung up on individual words that you simply are not reading what I said.  I literally said at the beginning of the thread that cockfighting was a poor person sport just as hunting is a rich person sport, but society glorifies one and vilifies the other because one is usually done by People of Color and the other is done by rich white men.  But they are both unethical.  And you somehow think that means I support hunting?  Sober up and re-read my posts.
2020-09-28 9:06:34 AM  
Hot take:
I don't care what somebody does with their dogs.  Dogs are property.  They are not humans.  They are not *your dogs*.

Do I *like it*.  No.  But it's like the prevailing attitude is that Michael Vick running a dog fighting ring is worse than rape and murder.

In the past I've made comparisons to horse racing and fox hunting.  Dog fighting sits somewhere around there on the morality scale.  A bit worse than horse racing.  Not much though.  And probably a bit higher on the ladder than working animals to death or ... frankly (given the way we treat *those* animals) ... eating meat.

You may now carry on crucifying Michael Vick.
2020-09-28 9:13:15 AM  

Ragin' Asian: //Scruples are weird things.

They really aren't.  They just require you to apply them consistently.

"Human man harmed animals, therefore, he should be murdered in the street in an amusingly ironic manner" is a difficult position to justify with scrupulously defined first principles though, so that's probably where you're struggling.
2020-09-28 9:27:40 AM  
It's a dog's life, being an unrepentant gambler who gets off watching animals tear each other apart.
2020-09-28 9:38:37 AM  
He was promised that dog fighting would be legal if he went against Bloomberg
2020-09-28 9:40:28 AM  

Hoopy Frood: All American citizens ages 18 and older should have the right to vote, full stop. If prison towns are going to milk their populations for cash in the census, they should face the consequences of a prison polling place getting 100% turnout every time. They might be the only precincts in the country with an informed electorate when it comes to judicial retention and sheriffs' races.

Oh, and also this.

IMO, if you're subject to a nation's laws, you deserve a say in those laws.  Period.  But that's a bit extreme.  I'd settle for all legal residents as long as we ensure that their right to vote acn't be revoked under any circumstances.

I see no reason that Charles Manson shouldn't vote, for example.  I'm not sure what we are protecting by disenfranchising people who commit crimes in the first place.
2020-09-28 11:20:13 AM  
He is a scumbag but he is definitely doing a lot of Very Right Things to make amends even though he MUST know that everyone will still think he is a scumbag no matter what.

And really that is ok, cuz doing a lot of good is in of itself worthy of praise, but it doesn't counteract terrible things one may have isn't a chit system you can trade in good deeds for bad

But again, good for him here.
2020-09-28 11:52:27 AM  
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2020-09-28 11:54:11 AM  
Apparently people think Vic was torturing the dogs personally? Remember that when you're ever accused of anything absurd.
2020-09-28 12:44:43 PM  

strathmeyer: Apparently people think Vic was torturing the dogs personally? Remember that when you're ever accused of anything absurd.

Apparently people believed Vick when he confessed to having done exactly that.

Reminder: Michael Vick's Dogs Were Shot, Electrocuted, Hanged and Beaten to Death

In addition to plunking down $34,000 to buy the Smithfield, Virginia, property where dozens of dogs were chained to car axles buried in the ground while they fought, sometimes to the death, in front of betting spectators, Vick and his co-defendants admitted to killing at least six (but perhaps as many as eight) dogs who did not display sufficiently aggressive traits during the "testing" process.

Several of those dogs were shot; at least two were were hosed down, then electrocuted. Three dogs were hanged, according to a report by the USDA inspector general, "by placing a nylon cord over a 2 x 4 that was nailed to two trees;" three more dogs were drowned "by putting the dogs' heads in a 5 gallon bucket of water."

Vick, with his partner, Quanis Phillips, killed yet another dog "by slamming it to the ground several times before it died, breaking the dog's back or neck." When another of his dogs was disqualified after jumping out of the ring during a fight, Vick had his associate, Purnell Peace, shoot that dog in the head with a .22 caliber pistol.
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