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(WFLA Tampa Bay)   American Paranoia, exhibit 248,834: Tampa Bay fans watching a hockey game get the cops called on them by neighbors, concerned about them shouting "Shoot Shoot"   ( divider line
    More: Facepalm, Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa man, Tampa, Florida, TAMPA, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, Hillsborough County, Florida, home of 26-year-old Devon Garnett, Wednesday night  
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2020-09-25 1:09:07 PM  
Their defense is sure THE BOMB.
2020-09-25 1:23:36 PM  
People who scream "shoot" at a hockey game are the worst.
2020-09-25 1:25:28 PM  
This is like the 4th time I've seen this story on fark since yesterday
2020-09-25 1:26:17 PM  

Dafatone: People who scream "shoot" at a hockey game are the worst.

The hockey equivalent of a golf fan yelling "Get in the hole!" when the golfer hits a tee shot on a par 5.
2020-09-25 1:26:47 PM  
usually, you get a lot of activity from cops if you yell, "Don't shoot"
2020-09-25 1:29:26 PM  

Dafatone: People who scream "shoot" at a hockey game are the worst.

You miss 100% of the shots you dont take...
2020-09-25 1:37:34 PM  
"Penetrate the hole!"
"Go for the jugular!"
2020-09-25 1:37:50 PM  
Well, maybe the neighbor didn't know about the game, as the incident took place in . . . wait, Tampa. So a Tampa resident doesn't know the local team is the Stanley Cup Finals? How do you miss that? And haven't you heard it before? I can almost do Broncos' play-by-play based on my neighbors' reactions.
2020-09-25 1:54:06 PM  
Guessing the neighbors were sick of the noise and knew the cops wouldn't show for just a noise complaint.
2020-09-25 1:55:34 PM  

Dafatone: People who scream "shoot" at a hockey game are the worst.

Not as bad as soccer moms that yell "boot it" while the kid is slowly dribbling across midfield setting up a play
2020-09-25 1:56:39 PM  
Dude is probably into slashing hookers as well.
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