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(Stat News)   Do these cognitive enhancement pills I've been taking make me any smarter? Maybe I should buy them again and see if I'm able to answer that question   ( divider line
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2020-09-24 9:50:10 PM  
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2020-09-24 10:18:01 PM  
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2020-09-24 9:03:36 PM  
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The ads for pills to improve memory that has spokespeople that don't remember how long they have been taking them is a classic example of their target market.
2020-09-25 10:42:41 AM  
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Piracetam and Choline works. It absolutely works, but it's not a brainless (lol) endeavor, and it absolutely does have side effects. To wildly simplify it, Piracetam 'activates' the extra brain power, and Choline is the particular 'fuel' demanded in excess by that activation. Piracetam by itself is a bit useless, just like how caffeine is kind of useless on an empty stomach. The product I got had pills with a mix of those two components.

Normally you 'kickstart' a campaign with a double dose, and then take a normal dose once or twice a day over the course.

Your ability to recall old memories improves. Your ability to make new memories improves. Your ability to recall new memories you made WHILE on Piracetam improves GREATLY. That's why this is marketed as a 'study drug.'  If you are 'on' Piracetam in class, and remain on it until exam time, you'll learn and recall so much more effectively. You'll also draw connections faster, figure things out faster, and otherwise just think better. This also comes with all the pros and cons of increased intelligence.

Side effect one (which can be positive or negative): it lowers your drive to sleep. You'll be doing something late at night and simply not feel tired. You CAN go to bed, and lie down, and fall  asleep, but you'll have no actual desire to do so. If you drink caffeine while on Piracetam . . .  enjoy insomnia.

Side effect two (the dealbreaker): Do you suffer from PTSD? Did you have a traumatic childhood, or other emotionally charged negative events in your life? Were you bullied? Had a messy breakup? Are you suffering from depression or otherwise would consider yourself an unhappy person? If so, stay the fark away from Piracetam. It makes recalling memories easier, and negatively charged traumatic memories are by FAR the easiest. You may find yourself lying awake in bed at night, reliving some horrible event from your past in excruciating detail, hating every moment of it.  If it wasn't for this, I'd be on the stuff constantly.

If you are an otherwise happy person, it's worth giving a shot, if you are getting it from a trusted and reputable source. Even unhappy people can net benefit if there's a test you need to pass or a complicated thing you need to learn as quickly as possible, it can be an acceptable compromise.

The fact that tainted product is out there horrifies me.
2020-09-25 4:52:41 AM  
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bk3k: Did subby RTFA?  They don't address if the products work.  What they are addressing is the presence of drugs that aren't approved in the US, and in some cases several times more than is commonly approved where they are used.

Now what would be even more useful?  Listing what the products are that contain unlisted and/or incorrectly metered drugs.  They don't do that.  The linked study doesn't do that in either the abstract or the full pdf.  "Be wary of these products" but we won't tell you specifically what to be weary of...  yes very useful guys.

Maybe they intended to, but forgot?  Are they testing these pills on themselves?

That also happens when they periodically test diet pills, they find some have added certain illegal substances, but they'll never tell you which ones. This is a shame since the ones with the illegal substances are the ones you want to buy as they are the only ones which will do anything.
2020-09-25 2:25:42 AM  
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I've used a couple of piracetam analogs. In conjunction with acetyl choline, it did seem to provide a nice little boost in my overall cognitive abilities and mood. Nothing life altering.

Phenibut is kind of interesting stuff, as well. Being a GABA agonist, it has effects at least somewhat similar to alcohol, but much, much milder. Like, I'm not sure you could take enough to get to the point of failing a sobriety test before it just made you sick. It can be pretty habit forming for some folks. I don't like it enough to wanna take it every day, and honestly if I do it more than a couple times a week I get headaches. I can say exactly the same about coffee, though.

/GHB is a whole different story, though
//I can get myself into trouble with that stuff lol
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