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(ESPN)   MAGA UFC Colby Covington gonna MAGA   ( divider line
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627 clicks; posted to Sports » on 24 Sep 2020 at 2:03 PM (23 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-09-24 2:29:03 PM  
7 votes:
A less charismatic McGregor. He was pretty quiet when he got his jaw broken though, there's something to that.
2020-09-24 2:40:42 PM  
6 votes:
For some reason we still give attention and money to those that can come up with the stupidest things to say publicly, so this is just gonna continue.

Maybe stop rewarding idiocy.
2020-09-24 2:01:53 PM  
5 votes:
The UFC has not punished Covington for the comments or commented on them.

Because if they did they would also have to punish Joe Rogan and Dana White has made plenty of stupid comments over the last 20 years himself.
2020-09-24 3:58:42 PM  
2 votes:
So the long and short of it is that once a month, you would turn on a pay-per-view, you would probably recognize most of the fighters, they would be in meaningful fights, and there would not be so many of the fighters that the whole thing became a blur.

This meant that everyone could follow every fighter in the promotion, the system promotes fighters by the simple virtue of the fact that if they win, they are probably winning meaningful fights, they are clearly and evidently one step closer to winning a title.

But ever since then, my friend Uncle Dana did this thing where he got this television deal which says that he must hold one show every fifteen minutes or the Ultimate Fighting Championship goes out of business.  This means that he must hire every single human being on the planet to participate in his cage fighting promotion.

There are now so many fights between so many individuals, we don't ask whether a boxer can beat a wrestler, we ask whether a part-time art teacher can beat a Waffle House chef, meaningless fights with no comprehensible ramifications, who the hell knows how many more fights it will be before the winner is in line for the Denny's Grand Slam Championship.

Because of what the promoter and the organizer has done in order to speedrun for the bank account world record, fighters are now in a shiatshow, because unlike in yesteryear, winning fights is no longer marketable, unless you are an alpha such as myself, who disposes other world-class fighters with ease.

If you cannot do this, the only way to really get noticed is to run your mouth and to sell yourself as a personality within the amorphous mass of boring and disposable fighters that this promotion has now created.  Hence we now have spectacles like the world's tallest Irishman and the adult version of that doofus in the MAGA hat who confronted the Native American at the protest.

So the fighters take their limited opportunities and limited ability to make money and then they fall back on what works, and because you are all idiots who don't understand how rules and systems influence human behavior, you instead take your anger and energy out on the individuals for doing what they must now do to get people interested in their fights.

That's why I'm voting for Colby in the November election.  Dude is wearing a lucky red hat.  How could anyone hate him?  What a guy.  Definitely Top 50 in his division.
2020-09-24 3:08:15 PM  
2 votes:
Teammates of Colby Covington have said it is an act, as have former teammates. If you agree with the performance, good for you. If you disagree with the performance, publicly complaining about it is what he wants you to do. People getting mad about it and even myself right now by talking about him, are indirectly putting money into his pockets which is precisely the point of it all. If it makes you feel better, those who respond positively to the character portrayed by Covington are also getting taken for a ride.

Matt Hughes is (allegedly) not the best person who ever lived, but the comments made by Covington after the Rafael dos Anjos fight I believe it was, were forced as hell and deliberately way over the top. The comments made following Saturday's fight were painful in the same way that his previous words on Hughes were. Covington is good at being a caricature but lacks the skill required, or at least has not yet displayed the talent required, to do anything with it beyond a 2-D version. Everything is in your face, he is trying way too hard and it shows.
2020-09-24 2:24:04 PM  
2 votes:

APO_Buddha: The UFC has not punished Covington for the comments or commented on them.

Because if they did they would also have to punish Joe Rogan and Dana White has made plenty of stupid comments over the last 20 years himself.

or other fighters...

"It just shows you the landscape of the media, what it is right now," Adesanya said. "I made a joke about dropping [Yoel] Romero like the Twin Towers and everyone lost their mind, even if I said it was a joke and it was pretty funny, but people took it as I was being offensive and like, digging -- but I was making a joke.

Perhaps these guys would be better off not making political or racial context comments. Just a thought.

But yeah Covington's especially should learn when you shut his mouth.
2020-09-24 2:32:10 PM  
1 vote:
I wonder how much of this is a result of the drive to get UFC fighters into long drawn-out, and utterly fake, grudge matches ala pro wrestling so there is more focus on narrative and less on fighting? UFC already sells reality tv and this would be the next logical step. Then, fighters throw matches to advance the narrative...
 fark it, watch one champ, invicta, and bellator instead.

I want to see GOOD transitions between techniques, not disrespectful smack talk and refusing to touch gloves.
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