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(AP News)   "OMG, Becky, did you like hear what the Pope said? I mean, it was like when Sally like totally dissed Heather and then, ya know, made sure the ENTIRE school knew all about it. Like, apparently that's totally all wrong and stuff"   ( divider line
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2020-09-06 3:27:52 PM  
How many fetuses are buried in the churchyard? It's not gossip if it's true.
2020-09-06 3:34:21 PM  
Did you hear what Kurtz said?
No, what did he say?
"The lashon hara!"
2020-09-06 3:53:46 PM  
Big talk for a man with only one lung.
2020-09-06 4:41:15 PM  
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2020-09-06 4:44:26 PM  

169th Cousin: [Fark user image image 425x239]

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Now in regular size.
2020-09-06 4:46:13 PM  
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2020-09-06 9:04:09 PM  

Salmon: swankywanky: jay_bones15: The Flexecutioner: swankywanky: All I know is that
There were rumours he was into field hockey players
There were rumours
So he applied basically
He was gone the next day
And went off with the team
It's like - he was got - they'd just like
It was like so hush hush
They were so quiet about it
And then the next thing you know.......

..... old Jed's a millionaire?

The Pixies
I'm Amazed

you got it

//as I get older and stay on Fark longer some things actually are, contrary to what Fark has always been, becoming relatively obscure

the Pixies are not obscure.

He said relatively, that's enough to understand that yeah, some will always get it but less and less as time goes by.

While I didn't know it was a Pixies reference, I knew it WASN'T a BH reference. I just thought it was funny because i can't subconsciously NOT add it to the end of the phrase "And the next thing you know...."
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