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(Politico)   The "CDC's" revised guidance on who should be tested and when is really more like the Trump 2020 Campaign/White House's guidance   ( divider line
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2020-08-27 1:12:26 PM  
Honestly now I'm scared about the new FDA approved "game changing" test that takes 15 minutes and doesn't need a "computer."
2020-08-27 1:54:03 PM  
"Needs" implicitly require defining ends for which they are necessary.

So, where the CDC guidelines repeatedly say the word "need", what ends are the defining basis for the CDC's determination of those needs?
2020-08-27 2:52:08 PM  
"You know, testing is a double-edged sword."
"Here's the bad part. When you do testing to that extent, You're gonna find more people; you're gonna find more cases."
"I said to my people, 'Slow the testing down please,' " the President had said.
"I don't kid, let me just tell you, let me make it clear,"

Those are direct quotes.​c​s/donald-trump-coronavirus-testing-tul​sa-rally/index.html

Finding more cases of infected people is the "bad part". Because it helps people who are infected takes steps to self-quarantine or seek earlier treatment?  No, because it makes Trump, in his mind, look bad. Which it does, because the massive and still-unchecked spread of coronavirus is largely Trump's fault.

"I said to my people, 'Slow the testing down please,'" the President had said.
2020-08-27 4:43:21 PM  

thehobbes: Honestly now I'm scared about the new FDA approved "game changing" test that takes 15 minutes and doesn't need a "computer."

It's OK, Trump has personally inspected every test and they're guaranteed to come back negative
2020-08-27 4:45:26 PM  
"Serves at the pleasure of the president" needs to be tossed in the ashbin of history before this country goes with it.
2020-08-27 4:46:18 PM  
Only antifa moles get tested.

Hey Trump,
Fire everyone.

Fresh Start 2020!
2020-08-27 4:47:33 PM  
Huh, who could've predicted that was the case when the CDC changed its guidance.

Even a blind man could've seen this one comingz
2020-08-27 4:49:29 PM  

Purple_Urkle: Hey Trump,
Fire everyone.

Self-terminate, if ya get my drift.
2020-08-27 4:51:28 PM  
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2020-08-27 4:53:38 PM  
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2020-08-27 4:53:41 PM  
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2020-08-27 4:54:30 PM  
Funny thing. I used to visit family at the CDC, and bah gawd they hated G. Bush white-hot sunnish, because of his being an anti-science ass. See also, stem cell research.

I don't know what they think of Trump, but I'm gonna bet the discussions in the cafe at the clinical center are somewhat heated.
2020-08-27 4:57:00 PM  

GlenninSac: Purple_Urkle: Hey Trump,
Fire everyone.

Self-terminate, if ya get my drift.

Sorry if that looked like I was saying fire the CDC.

I meant Stephen Miller and Mike Pence. Fire them for getting tested, then Trump should fire himself.
2020-08-27 4:57:18 PM  
Crap. I said CDC, but meant NIH in Bethesda.
2020-08-27 5:18:13 PM  
There you go folks. Now we have Trump taking our pulse and telling us, "you'll be fine!"
2020-08-27 5:27:43 PM  
Sure this might've and probably will kill some Americans but the testing is making Trump look bad. It is what it is.
2020-08-27 5:36:01 PM  
Big Brother taking over medicine...

Not Obama..!

Papa Trump!
2020-08-27 5:40:09 PM  
In other words, we have more proof that Trump has successfully corrupted even the CDC, and they can no longer be trusted.
2020-08-27 7:44:39 PM  
ETTD. Every Trump appointee should be fired on January 21 (everywhere).  Except for the ones like Barr who should be fired at 12:01 PM EDT on January 20. Everyone the appointees hired should be fired if possible, or transferred to Kansas City if not possible.

Note that they effectively fired two departments full of scientists from the FDA by transferring the departments to Kansas from the D.C. area. (Linked article discusses the brain drain from the FDA because of that particular attack on the United States by Putin and the Republican party.
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