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(Canoe)   Eighty-year-old Canadian granny randomly struck by 1,000-pound bank sign   ( canoe.ca) divider line
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2004-08-23 09:43:37 PM  
Well, I guess when God really wants to call you home, sometimes you just have no choice.
2004-08-23 10:10:03 PM  
Well, since the sign was 1,000 pounds Canadian, what would that be in pounds US? 4?

Sorry. Bad joke, and I hope she recovers as much as is possible.
2004-08-23 11:19:35 PM  
That's really sad and incredibly unlucky
2004-08-23 11:59:23 PM  
She was from one of the former Slovakian republics... Now she almost became a cancelled Czech....
2004-08-24 12:00:13 AM  
It wasn't really random...
2004-08-24 12:08:59 AM  
people complained when the Royal Bank's computer systems crashed a couple of months ago.

this is just a lo-tech version of the same problem.
2004-08-24 01:17:31 AM  
Ironic ad on the same page...
"Mortgage rates weighing you down?"
2004-08-24 01:17:32 AM  
Broken back....

Here's wishing for a happy outcome
2004-08-24 01:17:45 AM  
Good thing it was random... and not the Stanley Cup!
2004-08-24 01:19:30 AM  
I'd hit it.

/I'm a 1,000-pound sign
2004-08-24 01:19:42 AM  
Ok, now the ad isn't there, but it's in the rotating ads, I swear!!!
2004-08-24 01:19:52 AM  
Eat healthy, stay fit, die anyway.
2004-08-24 01:20:36 AM  
this is really pretty awful- a lot of older people, once they receive a serious injury like this, often just start on a long downward slide. I know somebody will say that she was probably going to go soon anyway, but one could wish that she could have stayed healthy until the end. :(
2004-08-24 01:21:15 AM  
Grandma got squashed by a bank sign, walking home from my house Christmas Eve...

Some folks say there's no such thing as karma, but me and Grandpa we believe...

2004-08-24 01:21:21 AM  
Randomly, as opposed to intentionally?
2004-08-24 01:23:32 AM  
Story written by high school flunkie. Film @ 11.
2004-08-24 01:24:24 AM  
I expected her to die. I mean somebodies little old grandma vs a 1000 lb sign. That's one tough old lady.
2004-08-24 01:24:56 AM  
The headline made me giggle uncontrollably. Then I read the article. I can't stop laughing. Honestly, I don't know why. I'm a good person.

Yes, I will see you in Hell.
2004-08-24 01:27:10 AM  
It's just a bad Canada day in general
2004-08-24 01:28:52 AM  
You know, I thought this was a money joke when I clicked it......
2004-08-24 01:30:32 AM  
crushed by half a ton of irony.

/couldnt find a patches o'houlihan picture.
//didnt rtfa
2004-08-24 01:31:03 AM  
I think this was God preventing her from crashing her car into a group of children.
2004-08-24 01:31:22 AM  
Was this Granny chasing a Roadrunner by any chance?
2004-08-24 01:31:29 AM  
2004-08-24 01:31:34 AM  
This is not looking like a good day for Canada.
2004-08-24 01:32:50 AM  
Canadian trifecta, Canadian trifecta, Canadian trifecta.....

and remind me to call my grandma tomorrow.....
2004-08-24 01:34:57 AM  
This isn't an accident. Winnipeg is cursed, doomed to falling signs, crappy winter and old ladies falling on gravel. There's an evil aura floating above Winnipeg, much like the toilets at Taco Bell.
2004-08-24 01:37:48 AM  
"was in good health, enjoyed playing bingo, gardening and still drove her own car"

Thank God the sign got her before she would inevitably plough through a farmers market in her Buick death mobile.
2004-08-24 01:40:15 AM  
whiskas, you're a little late on that one
2004-08-24 01:41:27 AM  
This is outrageous. I cannot believe it when I see news like this.

1000 for a frickin' BANK SIGN???

What is the world coming to?

OK I'm done.
2004-08-24 01:43:43 AM  
Then again, I get the headline without knowing the exchange rate, so it doesn't mean all that much to me.

Come on, people, remember to put exchange rates in your headlines. Also, please inflation-adjust all price values.
2004-08-24 01:45:18 AM  
Why isn't this thread more funny? This is a comedy goldmine, people! C'mon!!!!
2004-08-24 01:45:37 AM  
I think we need to give the bank sign a
img.fark.netView Full Size
2004-08-24 01:47:29 AM  
Is it too soon to ask if the car will be for sale?

- Once bought a twenty-five year old car with 29,000 miles on it.
2004-08-24 01:48:00 AM  
I Agree. I did what I could, but Fark is running cold tonite. I'm going to bed.
2004-08-24 01:57:36 AM  
BojanglesPaladin: your earlier comment stole my thunder!
desolationrow: are you saying there's toilets floating above Winnipeg Taco Bells? (first - northern lights, now this!) I think the evil spirit of the former Jets hockey team might be behind this. The Guess Who were also from there - maybe the residual aura of Burton Cummings's moustache "let the sign do its own thing and feel natural."
2004-08-24 01:58:13 AM  
WTF?? My grammy had a 2000lb sign fall on her head just yesterday. Barely a scratch. The one old lady in Canada may have been healthy - but a wimp none the less.
2004-08-24 01:58:32 AM  
Canada PWNS 2AM Fark headlines!!!!!!!11!!~
2004-08-24 02:00:14 AM  
If this had happened in the US, the story would have been all about who's suing who for how many million dollars.

/highlighting the cultural differences
2004-08-24 02:08:25 AM  
Certainly not ideal, but I suppose that wouldn't be a terrible way to go at that age. As long as my tombstone said something like, "should have used his umbrella", I'd be happy aside from being dead. Unless I had tickets to something that night.

/animator in a former life
2004-08-24 02:11:16 AM  
donald pleasance fetishist

Yes, sir, that's what I was referring to. It's a little-known phenomenon that the gasses produced in Winnipeg's Taco Bell toilets is vile enough to not only render a victim senseless in under 5 minutes, but also to actually levitate the toilets themselves, piping and plumbing included. Oh, that's a sight to see.
2004-08-24 02:12:50 AM  
2004-08-24 02:42:26 AM  
This isn't an accident. Winnipeg is cursed, doomed to falling signs, crappy winter and old ladies falling on gravel. There's an evil aura floating above Winnipeg, much like the toilets at Taco Bell.

...which is why I moved to TX.

I mean, Wpg is straying into Florida-getting-its-own-tag territory here
2004-08-24 03:12:08 AM  
Death by slapstick.
2004-08-24 03:21:17 AM  

Double it and add 30. I think. Eh?
2004-08-24 04:59:33 AM  
"(Labossiere) walked out first. That's when the sign fell," said brother Andre Labossiere. "They could have both being killed."

/spelling and grammar nazi
2004-08-24 05:09:23 AM  
We got home loans...auto loans...low rates...falling 1000 pound signs...

/Sen~or Cardgage Mortgage helped me consolidate my life into this tiny box
2004-08-24 05:39:00 AM  
[image from gregoo.net too old to be available]

Did any of these people happen to be around?
2004-08-24 07:37:02 AM  
Thanks FarkingReading, Now I'll have that farking song in my head for the next 4 months instead of just during Christmas.
Damn you Elmo, Damn you Patsey!
2004-08-24 07:40:52 AM  
Had she recently removed the airline tag from her luggage?
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