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(YouTube)   Most musicians who get popular do it in their twenties but a few start out way below or above that mark. Link goes to someone who started when he was 53 and unfortunately only lasted to 57. Who are some young or old beginners you can think of?   ( divider line
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2020-08-22 6:45:08 PM  
Stevie "guitar" Miller. In 1949, Les Paul heard Steve, who was six, on a wire recording made by Dr. Miller, as the youngster was "banging away" on a guitar given to him by his uncle.
Age 6.
Steve Miller Band 1969
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2020-08-22 6:50:19 PM  
That Spencer Davis Group song where the guy sings, "I'm a man..." That's Steve Winwood, and he was 15 at the time.
2020-08-22 6:51:13 PM  
Stevland Hardaway Morris signed first recording contract at 11yo.
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2020-08-22 7:01:38 PM  
Johnny Dowd was pushing fifty, or maybe was already there, when he released his first album.

"GOD CREATED WOMAN" - Johnny Dowd - album version
Youtube welpmjkW4-o

(This is not from the aforementioned first album. It just happens to be the Johnny Dowd song I'm posting.)
2020-08-22 7:03:49 PM  
Larry Collins & Joe Maphis Under the Double Eagle
Youtube PqbuHX9Ect0

Larry Collins.
Bonus: He wrote "Delta Dawn."
2020-08-22 7:07:18 PM  
Sixteen-year-old Alex Chilton singing:

The Box Tops - The Letter
Youtube BQaUs5J2wdI
2020-08-22 7:07:45 PM  
Charles Bradley.
Charles Bradley "Ain't It A Sin" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Youtube UD1eaRDY-q4
2020-08-22 7:10:46 PM  
SECRET AGENT MAN - king of guitar "Nokie Edwards" With "Chicchi"
Youtube qL3ppPVnOMI

Chicchi, age 8.
2020-08-22 7:18:45 PM  
🔥Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers - I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent ((Sterèo)) ᴴᴰ
Youtube PCj1zy-ehPs

Frankie Lymon, age 13
2020-08-22 7:26:44 PM  
Petula Clark started out on radio at 9, Brenda Lee was 11. Doug Sahm started in radio at 5 and cut his first record at 11. Not sure exactly when James Burton started on the Louisiana Hayride, but his mid-teens.
2020-08-22 7:30:19 PM  
When I first heard Tom Waits I was pretty sure he was in his sixties. 
Tom Waits - Underground
Youtube Od06TLDO1CU

/We was 33
2020-08-22 7:34:48 PM  
Jimmy Johnson, a great, great blues guitarist and singer. He started playing professionally at 31 and didn't record his first solo album until he was 50.

Here he is with Chris Cain in 2015, one month before turning 87. He'll be 92 this year (knock wood).

Jimmy Johnson. Chris Cain. Cold Cold Feeling. Oct. 25, 2015
Youtube 3_ltbhLJIVo
2020-08-22 8:00:57 PM  

snocone: Stevland Hardaway Morris signed first recording contract at 11yo.
[Fark user image image 500x271]

I think that's Ray Charles.
/no it's Becky
2020-08-22 8:09:56 PM  
Wayman Tisdale. I guess 31 is "old" but it's after his first career as an NBA player.
2020-08-22 8:52:45 PM  
Debbie Harry was 31 when Blondie released their first album in 1976.

Keith Richards is only a year and a half older, and the Stones formed in 1962.
2020-08-22 8:59:14 PM  
The great Sharon Jones was 46 when her first album was released.

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings "Make It Good to Me"
Youtube mtC1Rmjsqz0

2020-08-22 9:09:46 PM  

Earguy: Debbie Harry was 31 when Blondie released their first album in 1976.

Keith Richards is only a year and a half older, and the Stones formed in 1962.

yeah, she was 23 when she was in that ghastly Wind in the Willows folkie group in '68.

/wiki sez she was born "Angela Trimble"! huh.
2020-08-22 9:11:56 PM  
Aretha, when she was 14.

[Teenage] Aretha Franklin Sings Gospel!!
Youtube fgTnA9FseWw
2020-08-22 9:12:46 PM  
Seasick Steve
2020-08-22 9:20:51 PM  
This guy just broke into the metal scene a few years ago at age 82

AGT 82yo war veteran sings "Let the Boddies Hit the Floor" by Drowning Pool
Youtube tPkEm8iEYLE
2020-08-22 9:49:16 PM  
Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 - Saturday 11th April | HD High Quality
Youtube RxPZh4AnWyk
2020-08-22 10:15:07 PM  
Steve Winwood was backing some serious heavy hitters in the Blues world before he joined the Spencer Davis Group. He was in his early teens at the time.
2020-08-22 10:33:29 PM  
Mozart's first compositions
Youtube I-tboYkOFho
2020-08-22 10:40:18 PM  
Bill Withers was 32 when he released his first album
Lean on Me
Youtube fOZ-MySzAac
2020-08-22 11:00:51 PM  
Christopher Lee was 87 when he released his first album

Charles the Great
Youtube BmjfUTJTm1s
2020-08-22 11:37:25 PM  
Seasick Steve - Diddley bow
2020-08-22 11:41:12 PM  

TheHighlandHowler: Seasick Steve

Truly did not see this post when I posted. Great minds and shiat....
2020-08-22 11:46:19 PM  
Jordy had his first number one hit at the age of four.​v​DWU
2020-08-22 11:59:36 PM  
Ted Hawkins

Sorry You're Sick
Youtube jTO-zb6XTzg
2020-08-23 12:07:15 AM  
George Harrison was 14 when he was playing in late night clubs as a member of The Beatles on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany. Eventually he was found out and deported, ending the groups' first "away" gig. They were back the following year with doctored papers for George, who was boozing, popping pills of every kind and smoking pot while Johnny was dancing around with a toilet seat around his neck. They had a lot of fun back in those days before there were paparazzi ready to pounce the moment they moved a muscle. John always hated getting so famous, robbing them of the fun part of what they were doing, which is ironic, because John was the one who was always exhorting them: "Where are we going, boys?" he'd ask. "The the topper-most of the popper-most, Johnny," was the shouted reply.
2020-08-23 12:12:36 AM  

Straight Outta Wells Branch: [Youtube-video​Wyk]

I forgot about Susan Boyle! I remember having to be told to watch it bc I don't normally watch those shows. Blew me almost through the wall. So much fun.
2020-08-23 12:15:09 AM  
Billboard top 40 at 11 years old

Billy Gilman - One Voice (Official Video)
Youtube -NlT-ELVWk0
2020-08-23 12:17:26 AM  
Till Lindemann of Rammstein was already in his thirties when Rammstein was forming and the Berlin Wall fell. They reached world-wide stardom level when he was in his early forties and he's pushing sixty now. He always said he'd quit performing when he reached age 50, because he said he didn't want to look like a foolish old man on stage.

Well, he knows better now. That "old man" is nothing but 100% pure bad ass:

dw.comView Full Size
Rammstein, the dark gods of hard rock
Music made of nightmares
Knowing no taboos, Rammstein have managed to infuse their performances with humanity's darkest nightmares. It's all about violence and murderous fantasies, cannibalism and various unthinkable acts of horror. They delight in crossing the line, and their provocations are celebrated by a legion of fans. Rammstein is one-of-a-kind - and the band members are worldwide stars.
2020-08-23 12:19:52 AM  
Annabella Lwin at 14

Bow Wow Wow c30 c60 c90
Youtube 81c1L8SrXcU
2020-08-23 12:19:53 AM  

snocone: Stevland Hardaway Morris signed first recording contract at 11yo.
[Fark user image image 500x271]

I see what you did there.

He doesn't.
2020-08-23 12:21:31 AM  

Noah_Tall: Annabella Lwin at 14


But you probably know her better from when she was 15

Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy
Youtube JoXVYSV4Xcs
2020-08-23 12:24:32 AM  
Everybody's sayin' that the Scatman stutters
But doesn't ever stutter when he sings
But what you don't know, I'm gonna tell you right now
That the stutter and the scat is the same thing
2020-08-23 12:32:57 AM  
Michael Jackson started in his father's brothers' band at 6 years old.
2020-08-23 12:36:44 AM  
13 years old

Tanya Tucker - Delta Dawn 1972 (Country Music Greats)
Youtube uDJ_qieca_s
2020-08-23 12:40:17 AM  
Lulu at 15

LULU - Singing Shout from Ready Steady Go 1965
Youtube sB_gALjOLqI
2020-08-23 12:41:32 AM  
Cherie Currie was fifteen when she joined The Runaways.  Here she is, singing with her twin sister a few years later.

Cherie & Marie Currie - Since you've been gone 1979
Youtube vzofZh6hFMQ
2020-08-23 12:42:23 AM  
Nick Drake sorta counts on both sides.
2020-08-23 12:44:48 AM  

cyberspacedout: Michael Jackson started in his father's brothers' band at 6 years old.

He was the band.  And that reminds me of the white boys attempt to copy their popularity.

The Osmonds ~ One Bad Apple (1971)
Youtube Q3Ax1yA9q74
2020-08-23 12:48:58 AM  
Of my regular rotation:

Early bird: Chris Thile and Nickel Creek.  They were like 10 year olds when they started playing festivals.  Also saw Chris win an (adult) mandolin contest at like 11.  Bluegrass has this instrumental contest tradition, typically judged blind, and so regularly people who have been playing professionally for 30 years come in and get their asses handed to them by a pre-teen Alison Krauss or Mark O'Connor.

Late bloomer: The late Dave Carter - still revered as a songwriter in the folkie-folk circles.  Got a math degree, spent years as a programmer, didn't release anything until he was 45, died at 49 after three amazing albums.
2020-08-23 12:49:14 AM  
Then there's these brothers.  But I thought Taylor was a giggidy giggidy girl.

Hanson - MMMBop (Official Video)
Youtube NHozn0YXAeE
2020-08-23 12:54:48 AM  
Michael Schenker was 11 when he played his first gig with his brother Rudolf, and the Scorpions.
2020-08-23 1:20:28 AM  
Rollin' & Tumblin'
Youtube GxOruGZn8z0

R. L. Burnside played music all his life, but didn't record a studio album until he was 55, and wasn't widely known until he was in his 60s
2020-08-23 1:33:08 AM  
R.L. Burnside: See My Jumper Hanging On the Line (1978)
Youtube K_DOnKJ232M
More Burnside
2020-08-23 1:50:02 AM  
The Hackney brothers recorded a killer proto-punk album in 1975, but because they wouldn't compromise on the band name, their record label refused to release it. In 2009, someone found the old master tape, and it was finally released, 34 years after recording. One of the brothers didn't live to see their success.

Death - Rock'n'Roll Victim
Youtube 7sFMDL22bxc

/ Play it loud.
// But not while driving. That gets expensive.
2020-08-23 2:13:02 AM  

AintNoAmoeba: [YouTube video: Rollin' & Tumblin']
R. L. Burnside played music all his life, but didn't record a studio album until he was 55, and wasn't widely known until he was in his 60s

I got to see him twice. I'm not sure if he knew where he was, but that old man rocked.
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