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(Kotaku)   Nintendo has removed Mario's nipples. Mama Mia   ( divider line
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1697 clicks; posted to Fandom » on 14 Aug 2020 at 9:05 AM (1 year ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-08-14 8:31:28 AM  
Archie Andrews unavailable for comment.
2020-08-14 9:17:00 AM  
I have nipples too Fokker, can you milk me?
2020-08-14 9:17:01 AM  
Then there are people whose nipples are too small and need to be fixed.

/sfw? I use adblock/noscript there
2020-08-14 9:23:04 AM  
Luigi probably put them up to it
2020-08-14 9:24:38 AM  
No nipples = not a mammal ∴ Mario is a Lizard Person.

Study it out, sheeple.
2020-08-14 9:24:56 AM  
How are we going to get Mario milk?
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2020-08-14 9:37:39 AM  
Don't we have a [Boobies] tag?
2020-08-14 9:38:40 AM  

iron de havilland: No nipples = not a mammal ∴ Mario is a Lizard Person.

Study it out, sheeple.

Son of a biatch!

Yoshi was Mario this whole time :0

I need to sit down
2020-08-14 9:38:59 AM  
2020-08-14 9:40:45 AM  
How will he feed his young?
2020-08-14 9:42:27 AM im looking at the pictures in the article (i know, who does that right?) and theres obviously a half circle of nipple barely visible under his chin on the close side.

they didnt remove his nipples - they made his proportions bizarre like a bobblehead.  tiny pencil chest and giant low hanging head with no neck.
2020-08-14 10:03:10 AM  
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2020-08-14 10:14:53 AM  
annnnnnd now I have Mario's nipples in my head.

/come onnnnn, giant meteor.
2020-08-14 10:43:04 AM  
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2020-08-14 11:02:15 AM  
I wonder if it's because one of the major Mario Odyssey speed run categories is Nipple% and some Bowdlerizing jackass at Nintendo got offended.
2020-08-14 11:15:36 AM  
However Peaches is still peachy.
2020-08-14 11:23:11 AM  

Nimbull: However Peaches is still peachy.

Wet Ass Peach
2020-08-14 11:32:51 AM  

Abe Vigoda's Ghost: [Fark user image image 300x336]

Cannot. Unsee. Damn you.
2020-08-14 11:38:01 AM  
Long-running characters run through multiple designs and designers, including some that don't give them nipples. News at 11.

If they had removed the nipples from an active resource, that would be different, but they didn't.
2020-08-14 12:06:19 PM  
For all the running and jumping Mario does, he should have a Superman chest.
2020-08-14 12:33:15 PM  
There is no way a plumber can work without nipples. None.
2020-08-14 2:55:00 PM  

Abe Vigoda's Ghost: [Fark user image 300x336]

That's ridiculous and stupid.

/he's a middle-aged Italian plumber - trust me he's gonna have wayyyyyyy  bigger boobs than that
2020-08-14 3:25:17 PM  
I contend you can see his nipples in this art, it's just under his chin
2020-08-14 3:50:59 PM  
It is the result of a screw up during a very serious heart surgery, insensitive-mitter.
2020-08-14 4:22:14 PM  
If they wanted to accurately portray an Italian plumber, you wouldn't be able to see his nipples through the mat of chest hair anyway...
2020-08-14 7:41:50 PM  
Someone thought way too hard about Marios nipples
2020-08-15 7:28:42 AM  
Is this right?

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