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(Lifehacker)   Washing your face? You're doing it wrong   ( divider line
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362 clicks; posted to Discussion » and Main » on 13 Aug 2020 at 4:09 PM (6 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-08-13 2:35:59 PM  
Huh. Zero-th world problems.
2020-08-13 3:22:22 PM  
I have a confession to make.

All these years I've been thinking I was washing my face, I was actually waterboarding myself.

2020-08-13 4:28:50 PM  
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2020-08-13 4:32:20 PM  
Since I was a teen I do not use any cleanser on my face. Warm or cold water and a clean washcloth. Rarely I'll use something if I'm really grungy with motor oil or soot, but that don't happen very often. Since I started doing that any acne I had cleared up and stayed gone. I also hardly ever use shampoo, but I do keep my hair quite short.
2020-08-13 4:50:58 PM  
Subby slaps himself with a wet fish wrong.
2020-08-13 4:56:41 PM  
i don't wash my face.
2020-08-13 5:01:25 PM  
I have this thing called a towel which is quite useful for wet body parts.
2020-08-13 5:04:48 PM Full Size
2020-08-13 5:08:57 PM  
Life hack: Invest in a storage unit full of these....

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2020-08-13 5:33:15 PM  
It does make you feel cleaner.

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2020-08-13 6:33:00 PM  
i've been using the Huey Lewis method since the mid-80's
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2020-08-13 6:34:29 PM  
Rationale given for full face wash outside of the shower:

I still need a full sink washing (to scrub off waterproof eyeliner, say), so let's consider some other options.

That's stupid. Some waterproof eyeliner doesn't even come off with soap and water. Here's a life hack: you dissolve it with a little oil (jojoba, argan, or even coconut or baby oil). You're not supposed to "scrub" the skin around your eyes anyway.
2020-08-13 6:47:22 PM  
Anybody else read that as "wash your feces"?
2020-08-13 6:49:31 PM  
Do the folks at lifehacker get paid or do they just have a public humiliation kink?

2020-08-13 9:08:44 PM  

Billy Liar: Life hack: Invest in a storage unit full of these....

[ image 500x500]

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2020-08-14 1:37:16 AM  
In the shower:

Wash your hands with a non-deodorant, non-moisturizing soap, like Ivory or Kirk's castile.

When you've washed all the oils off your hands, use clean water in your hands to wash your face, and let the skin on your hands absorb the oils and dirt from your face.

Repeat as necessary.
2020-08-14 3:30:59 AM  
I figured out a long while back that for me that the less I do to my face with washing and whatnot, the less skin issues I have on my face. Scrubbing with something harsh seems to bring more harm than good.
2020-08-14 5:11:55 AM  
My cat washes my face.
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