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(The Hill)   Trump presser: The beatings will continue   ( divider line
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2319 clicks; posted to Discussion » and Politics » on 12 Aug 2020 at 5:33 PM (10 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-08-12 6:46:55 PM  
"I didn't watch.. but I saw a minute of his, and a minute of her speech"

Then, you were watching?
2020-08-12 6:46:56 PM  
lol he thinks he can ... sow discord between biden and his pick?
2020-08-12 6:46:58 PM  

Sergeant Angle: fluffy_pope: this is like watching a drunk do his taxes.

Except that is a lot more fun than watching trump.

are you kidding? watching him squirm like a slug under a magnifying glass is loads of fun.
2020-08-12 6:46:59 PM  
Believe the woman... wow
2020-08-12 6:47:08 PM  

Dog started barking.
2020-08-12 6:47:08 PM  

theteacher: OldRod: OAN!

WTF?  Googling takes you to Antifa?  LOL

It's the opposite. Googling antifa takes you to  where you can donate $5 to get this ASSHOLE OFF THE TV!

I hit a capchta thingie and bailed. Not gonna do that!
2020-08-12 6:47:15 PM  
I love how trumps inability to handle criticism is coloring what he saying about Harris as Biden's VP.
2020-08-12 6:47:31 PM  
he is such a mother fracker.
2020-08-12 6:47:39 PM  
2020-08-12 6:47:41 PM  
Harris said mean things about Biden, but Trump totally won't run ads pointing this out
2020-08-12 6:47:46 PM  
Pennsylvania is a big frakking state!
2020-08-12 6:47:48 PM  
No frackin way
2020-08-12 6:47:49 PM  
2020-08-12 6:47:50 PM  
Fewer earthquakes!!
2020-08-12 6:47:53 PM  
No new fracking.

Which is good. As is no fracking at all.
2020-08-12 6:48:01 PM  
"that's a big fracking state!"
2020-08-12 6:48:03 PM  
Unless they're cupping his balls, Trump hates women.  Except for Ivanka.  But she cups his balls.
2020-08-12 6:48:03 PM  
And you're a big Fracking idiot
2020-08-12 6:48:11 PM  
Notice how the other day Trump says "I don't care about poll numbers" and now he's "Look at how her poll numbers went down before she left the race."
2020-08-12 6:48:15 PM  

OldRod: A wiseguy question?

What was the question?
2020-08-12 6:48:18 PM  
"Crooked Hillary"
2020-08-12 6:48:21 PM  
Correct, no fossil fuels. I will absolutely tell that to Texas, sure.
2020-08-12 6:48:22 PM  
Let's be clear: Trump thinks the worst thing that a woman can do is be "mean" to man.
2020-08-12 6:48:24 PM  
"Crooked Hillary"
2020-08-12 6:48:31 PM  
2020-08-12 6:48:37 PM  
That's a big fracking state!

Holy shiat balls... Lol.

/PA resident.
2020-08-12 6:48:53 PM  
People love fracking

Mm, thirsty, let me just Yaaaahhhh!
i.redd.itView Full Size
2020-08-12 6:48:56 PM  
regulation cuts lol
2020-08-12 6:48:58 PM  

blondambition: OldRod: A wiseguy question?

What was the question?

Based on his answer... I have no clue.  Something about the virus I think
2020-08-12 6:49:07 PM  
he's lost again
2020-08-12 6:49:08 PM  
"It's almost a duplication what happened before"

He must mean the Russian efforts to fark with our election.
2020-08-12 6:49:09 PM  
Texas is evolving.  They have more wind power than any other state.  Nothing will happen over night moron.
2020-08-12 6:49:14 PM  
thank goodness he's reminding us of the outcome of an election from 3 frackin' years ago.  I had forgotten how useless that information was.
2020-08-12 6:49:28 PM  
We did it! We took down antifa! But go to to get this jackass off the air!

Fark user imageView Full Size
2020-08-12 6:49:30 PM  
Lots of energy.

Fark user imageView Full Size
2020-08-12 6:49:34 PM  


Registry Expiration: 2021-04-24 12:35:10 UTC
Created: 2002-04-24 12:35:11 UTC
Someone with a time machine!

I have seen a number of these. I didn't note the registrar but I think they are faked. I'm sure they can obscure the creation date easily.
2020-08-12 6:49:36 PM  
I'll repeat...
Fark user imageView Full Size
2020-08-12 6:49:41 PM  
Bragging about police endorsements

At a time when there's worldwide protests against police brutality
2020-08-12 6:49:50 PM  

Vacation Bible School: "I didn't watch but I'm going to ramble about it in great detail for 26 minutes..."

Trump definitely doesn't have to get to the gym.
2020-08-12 6:49:50 PM  

blondambition: OldRod: A wiseguy question?

What was the question?

Comments about the Federal Reserve chiefs in Boston and Dallas saying that there is no economic recovery because there is no containment.
2020-08-12 6:49:57 PM  
"he said things {stares down at notes for 3-4 seconds...} that were so bad, so stupid, so foolish"

"we have a new military with the best people in the world. we never had anything like it"
2020-08-12 6:50:01 PM  
If this guy was a drunk rambling at the end of a bar, I'd walk over, pick him up and throw him out the door.
2020-08-12 6:50:15 PM  
The military was depleted when he came in
2020-08-12 6:50:39 PM  
He said bad things, such things.  None that he quote, mind you.  His shtick gets annoying.
2020-08-12 6:50:41 PM  
starbaseatlanta.comView Full Size
2020-08-12 6:50:44 PM  
"she went down in a terrible way"
2020-08-12 6:50:44 PM  
2020-08-12 6:50:57 PM  

Sergeant Angle: If this guy was a drunk rambling at the end of a bar, I'd walk over, pick him up and throw him out the door.

He weighs close to 400 pounds. Do it without help and you'll get a hernia.
2020-08-12 6:50:57 PM  

King Something: The military was depleted when he came in

They didn't have guns until he came riding in on a bald eagle.
2020-08-12 6:51:21 PM  
This is really funny.  "How do you feel about that?" old man rambles for 10 minutes about nothing.  He is not well.
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