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(The Hill)   Trump presser: The beatings will continue   ( divider line
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2020-08-12 6:18:20 PM  

King Something: FOOTBALL!!!

let 'em play. so they don't stand around the field doing nothing.
2020-08-12 6:18:22 PM  
Apparently you can copy and paste any random gibberish and it sounds no worse than the gibberish he's vomiting up right now. Try it, it's fun:

We were very strong. We had the greatest economy in the history of our country, we had the greatest economy in the history of the world. And therapeutics, likewise, we're doing extremely well. Cures, we're doing well. I think those two words really blend in with each other. And it's also -- the nice part is, we have four companies -- I guess you could even say seven or eight companies -- that are doing, some similar and some very different, on the vaccine front, and some similar and some somewhat different on the therapeutic front. I hope that the lockdown governors -- I don't know why they continue to lock down. And I hope they also use our National Guard. Call me, we'll be ready for them so fast their heads will spin.

What we're announcing today is a tremendous tribute to equality. We had the most people working in the history of our country, almost 160 million people. We were never even close to that. I think even before today, our polls were -- the polls that I've seen and the polls that we do were looking very good. I'm a big environmentalist. We have the cleanest air, the cleanest water we've ever had. Our body was so powerful that we could actually close our country, save millions of lives, stop people very early on from China from coming in -- because we stopped early, at the end of January, very early, people coming from China who were infected coming into our country. We'll have the greatest -- we'll go back to having the greatest economy anywhere in the world; nothing close. But it's a gift from China, and a very bad gift, I will tell you that.

They knew it was a problem. But they didn't stop it cold from coming to the United States, Europe and the rest of the world. Somebody has to ask these questions, and we'll get down to the answer. But the ink wasn't dry on that deal when the -- when the plague floated in. What's going on? A plague is floating in from China. What's going on? V is wonderful. A V is this, that we're talking about, will it be a V, a U, an L, they had no idea. I think it was probably the greatest miscalculation in the history of business shows -- history of business shows, talking about Wall Street. And that's OK.

You're getting closer together. Even you, I noticed you're starting to get much closer together. It looks much better, I must say. You're not all the way there yet, but you'll be there soon.
This isn't a terrible recession. I don't even mention the 'D' word. I don't talk about the 'D' word. I don't want to talk about it because every time somebody even mentions it -- I don't like the 'D' word. It'll all work out. It'll all work out.

Hopefully George is looking down right now and saying, 'There's a great thing that's happening for our country.' This is a great day for him, it's a great day for everybody. This is a great day for everybody. And this time, the greatest comeback in American history -- today is probably, if you think of it, the greatest comeback in American history.  I was watching our great vice president today being interviewed on CNBC -- he did a phenomenal job -- and he made a statement.

I've had 144 all-time high stock markets during a 3.5-year period. I have a good -- I've always done well with numbers. But I had a feel for it. It's very tough, very contagious, very mean to certain people.
They were saying, 'Oh, you should use admirals.' I said, 'I did.' 'You should use generals.' I said, 'I did. I used them both.' It's complex -- very complex machinery, computerized all over the place, and very expensive." The cupboards were empty. The previous administration left us empty cupboards. We may have some embers or some ashes, or we may have some flames coming, but we'll put them out. We'll stomp them out.

People are -- people are driving. I may have to buy one of those things; drive around town. Maybe I'll drive back to New York with our first lady in a trailer. I think I'm going to buy an RV and travel from now on in an RV with our first lady. I don't think anybody would mind that.
So I say, 'Thank goodness I'm in perfect shape. Thank goodness. Said it a long time ago based on knowledge -- based on knowledge. I'm -- I'm meeting with these geniuses -- based on knowledge. I said a long time ago -- I said 'by the end of the year.' I think it's going to be a lot sooner than that. We did all of these numbers and all of this greatness -- we have the greatest economy we've ever had. Nobody has done more in three and a half years than this administration has done. Nobody has come close to doing the things we've done.

We have sadists, we have thieves, we have a lot of bad people. You are something.
2020-08-12 6:18:32 PM  

Sergeant Angle: What's Trevor's last name you moron!

Trevor, uh, Glass!

Trevor Glass!
2020-08-12 6:18:40 PM  
"I talked to lots of players with names. Players named Trevor. Players. Players called coach"
Ladies and gentlemen the president of the United States
2020-08-12 6:18:40 PM  
He's got nothing to campaign on.
2020-08-12 6:18:41 PM  

cameroncrazy1984: Abox: Trump clearly thinks reading from a paper on the podium is better than a teleprompter.

He probably can't see the teleprompter

I've been saying that for a while...they way he squints at it he almost certainly needs glasses that he probably thinks show weakness.
2020-08-12 6:18:41 PM  

HallsOfMandos: Coach O?

Coach O.  Coacho. Coachamunga. Coachismo. Coachamany.
2020-08-12 6:18:42 PM  
He doesn't know what student athletes do when they're not playing sports?  I can believe that.
2020-08-12 6:18:43 PM  

Abox: Trump clearly thinks reading from a paper on the podium is better than a teleprompter.

Could be worse - could be an entire binder, tabbed by subject, full of pre-chewed bullshiat, as presented by Kayleigh "Binder Tab Barbie" McEnany... Full Size
2020-08-12 6:18:44 PM  

bobug: I'm watching the Biden/Harris recording, instead. Wow. I couldn't remember what it was like to listen to a politician speak and not want to break my monitor. Hell, I miss Snekretary, and you KNOW that was one rat bastard.

in 2005 if you told me I'd see a president who made bush seem like a rhodes scholar I would have bet you my 401k.

well, jokes on you, since my 401k is basically empty anyways.
2020-08-12 6:18:44 PM  
Again, College Football players if you want this shiat to stop, just start kneeling. They care more about if you kneel than if you live.
2020-08-12 6:18:46 PM  

JustToLetYouKnowFriend: Anyone else feel the the press pool will fail us again today and ask softballs only?

That's pretty much all they do except the women, they occasionally tear him a new one.
2020-08-12 6:18:47 PM  
words hard
2020-08-12 6:19:11 PM  

Vacation Bible School: "Mr President, explain what the payroll tax is and what it does. Show your work for the rest of the class. Here's a sharpie."


Ask him Questions to test his competency...

Mr. President, can you name any 5 amendment from bill of rights? Any 5.
2020-08-12 6:19:32 PM  
"No symptoms whatsoever"

Well, except for the lasting heart damage...
2020-08-12 6:19:35 PM  
strong immune systems lol
2020-08-12 6:19:41 PM  
2020-08-12 6:19:46 PM  
99.95 % of all fayt-ILITIES
2020-08-12 6:19:51 PM  
2020-08-12 6:19:56 PM  
How does he think this is helping him win voters?
2020-08-12 6:19:58 PM  
2020-08-12 6:20:02 PM  
Oh, thanbk you to everyone watching and reporting. I am very grateful not to have to hear that #$&*## #$%*$%, @#*&#%%#, *%$#())%$$'s voice.
2020-08-12 6:20:02 PM  
What is the wrinkled tangerine going on about today?
2020-08-12 6:20:02 PM  
2020-08-12 6:20:03 PM  
2020-08-12 6:20:04 PM  
2020-08-12 6:20:04 PM  
2020-08-12 6:20:14 PM  
2020-08-12 6:20:18 PM  
Fate till it tees
2020-08-12 6:20:19 PM  

2020-08-12 6:20:20 PM  
That 1%, don't worry about it, your kids are a rounding error
2020-08-12 6:20:21 PM  
Fatal titties?
2020-08-12 6:20:23 PM  
2020-08-12 6:20:25 PM  
Anyone who says 99 or something like 99.5 is MAKING shiat UP
2020-08-12 6:20:25 PM  
2020-08-12 6:20:29 PM  

soopey: What is the wrinkled tangerine going on about today?

2020-08-12 6:20:30 PM  
Fatility, twice.
2020-08-12 6:20:36 PM  
Tell that to the parents of those children.
2020-08-12 6:20:46 PM  
fatal titties.
2020-08-12 6:20:47 PM  
Oh look more disinformation.

160,000 and counting. All at the feet of right wing trash.
2020-08-12 6:20:53 PM  
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2020-08-12 6:20:54 PM  
2020-08-12 6:20:54 PM  
someone please unleash the Mortal Kombat memes..........
2020-08-12 6:20:57 PM  

JustToLetYouKnowFriend: Anyone who says 99 or something like 99.5 is MAKING shiat UP

They always do
2020-08-12 6:21:02 PM  
So, every school that's opened so far has had to close back down after just a few days.

But yeah, we can open them up safely!
2020-08-12 6:21:09 PM  
The flu has killed nearly 4 times as many people over the past 5 years combined as covid has this year
2020-08-12 6:21:11 PM  
2020-08-12 6:21:27 PM  

soopey: Fatility, twice.

He really likes Fatilities
2020-08-12 6:21:29 PM  
Fat Ol' Tiddies
2020-08-12 6:21:37 PM  

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