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(The Hill)   Trump derails the third rail   ( divider line
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2020-08-12 3:34:07 PM  

fragMasterFlash: Don't whiz on the electric fence.

This and "log" are my favorite games/toys!
2020-08-12 3:42:15 PM  
i have been handing this article from Forbes out to some of my misguided Trumpanzee family members. Suffice to say, they have been pretty quiet with their typical MAGA bs since reading it......particularly the seniors.

Defund Social Security And Medicare? Trump's Dangerous Attack On America's Safety Net
Aug 10, 2020​en​/2020/08/10/defund-social-security-and​-medicare-trumps-dangerous-attack-on-a​mericas-safety-net

By taking executive action to suspend the collection of certain federal payroll taxes until the end of the year, President Trump opened a new front in his longtime battle against the two of the nation's premiere safety net programs, Social Security and Medicare. The question, however, isn't why he did it - the real issue is how much damage Trump is doing to America as we face a potentially unprecedented economic recession.
2020-08-12 3:47:17 PM  
2020-08-12 3:52:27 PM  

spongeboob: Didn't we already have this thread?​/If-Trump-wins-re-election-his-goal-wi​ll-be-ending-payroll-taxes-So-you-know​-defunding-Medicare-Social-Security-Wo​nder-if-many-of-his-supporters-would-b​e-hurt-by-that-wonder-if-it-would-be-w​orth-it-to-them-because-stigginit

2020-08-12 3:54:47 PM  
First there were "Third Way" Demcrats, now we have "Third Rail" Republicans.
2020-08-12 4:11:33 PM  
Gee, and we wonder how he managed to bankrupt a casino.
2020-08-12 4:25:03 PM  
FTFA: Proposing a major reform to Social Security shortly before an election traditionally has been seen as the political equivalent of touching the highly electrified rail that powers subway cars.

I know I got it! I got the concept
Youtube 1hvFlO0NuuE
2020-08-12 4:26:46 PM  

Percise1: Pretty much everything trump does these days is wizzing on the ground spike while trying to steal the copper wiring, without checking the other end, of course.
I can't imagine what his end game plan is, but if it is anything near what it is smelling like, it will end in gunfire.

[ image 351x250]

Yikes! Looks like if Ahnold and Troy Polamalu had a baby.
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