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(Fox 31 Denver)   Authorities are searching for a bull elk seen with a tire around his neck. They say the same elk was captured on camera a month ago with the same tire. When asked if it was a Goodyear, officials said, "Not for the elk"   ( divider line
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2020-08-11 10:15:17 PM  
It's the latest fashion trend

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2020-08-11 10:26:02 PM  
They aren't always the brightest of creatures. 
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2020-08-12 2:42:06 AM  
If gun owners was worth a damn they'd flood the area, armed with tranquilizer darts.
But, their POS. So they got theirs.
2020-08-12 2:45:18 AM  
Bet its TIRED from the extra weight its lugging around...hahha...uughhh...yeah...
2020-08-12 2:51:31 AM  
just sell me the tire he said to the dealer. i can mount and balance it myself.
2020-08-12 3:03:27 AM  
Well if they can't catch the elk, I hope they at least swap the tire out for a snow tire before winter. Winter comes early in those parts and that elk is in big trouble if he gets caught in a snow storm with a summer tire.
2020-08-12 3:22:07 AM  
Neck protection
2020-08-12 3:34:56 AM  

waxbeans: If gun owners was worth a damn they'd flood the area, armed with tranquilizer darts.
But, their POS. So they got theirs.

... unrelated but do you smell burnt toast right now?
2020-08-12 3:45:41 AM  
"Worst-case scenario is not only you could die but another bull elk because they are fighting," said Clay.

2020-08-12 4:38:26 AM  
If the elk was seen with a different tire he would be heading to Arizona. That's where a lot of retired elk go.
2020-08-12 4:53:36 AM  
My uncle told me there's a lot of elk hunts in Mexico.
2020-08-12 7:12:17 AM  
Goddam kids and their stupid ring toss challenge games.
That's your winner, right there.
2020-08-12 7:34:32 AM  
This guy must have done something to piss off the Elk National Congress to have been sentenced to a necklacing like that.
2020-08-12 7:56:44 AM  
I told him if he didn't lay off the sweets he'd get a spare tire...
2020-08-12 8:29:29 AM  
Guys at the Moose Lodge are going to mock him relentlessly.
2020-08-12 8:51:25 AM  
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2020-08-12 9:44:58 AM  
I read that headline as bulk elk, and I thought why wouldn't just one be enough.
2020-08-12 10:40:04 AM  
I like you Subby.
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