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(Live Science)   If you've never gazed on the bald butt of a baby NOPE...   ( divider line
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4088 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Aug 2020 at 9:42 PM (7 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-08-11 6:30:03 PM  
How about a bald butt in The Great Outdoors?
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2020-08-11 6:56:04 PM  
Oh. My. God Charlotte. Look at her butt.
2020-08-11 9:44:36 PM  
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2020-08-11 9:45:52 PM  
My cat got stressed because I'm working from home so he got matted hair and now he has a shaved butt too!
2020-08-11 9:48:56 PM  
Poor girl.
2020-08-11 9:52:21 PM  
That is surprisingly butt-like.
2020-08-11 9:54:03 PM  
thanks subby. fark you
2020-08-11 9:55:49 PM  
That butt deserves a website.

/got nuthin
2020-08-11 9:57:58 PM  
The Three Stooges are scared of a wig
Youtube 3SUnRxeJ8nk
2020-08-11 10:15:55 PM  
Something else to add to my list of things I didn't expect to be doing this year.. "looking at a bald spider butt".
2020-08-11 10:28:22 PM  
Not surprising. That tarantula is Brazilian.
2020-08-11 10:39:07 PM  
Bald Butte
Youtube edXMpIOvnRY
2020-08-11 11:29:43 PM  
If you've never gazed upon the bald butt of a baby tarantula, now's your chance

It's a tarantula.  Their bellies are quite tasty roasted.  What kind of person NOPEs to just seeing a picture of one of them?  That's just an appetizer.
2020-08-12 12:34:55 AM  
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2020-08-12 1:28:02 AM  
Interesting fleshlight
2020-08-12 7:58:45 AM  
She's cute. If she's kicking hairs, she's a new world which means her bite is harmless (unless you happen to be severely allergic)

My b. vagans occasionally gets bald spot on her booty when she's in pre molt. Or when she kicks them because she decides to be a badass and fight her water dish. She's never even come close to biting me but she tries to fight water on the regular.
2020-08-12 8:55:06 AM  

WoolyManwich: How about a bald butt in The Great Outdoors?
[ image 480x360]

Nice! That was my first thought.
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2020-08-12 9:57:00 AM  
I am by no means a fan of the arachnid in general- though I've become far more humane in my treatment of them as I've gotten older- but that makes me sad for the poor thing.

Exotic animal trafficking pisses me right the f*ck off.
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