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(YouTube)   And here's what the Lincoln Project has to say about Biden and Harris   ( divider line
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2020-08-11 10:15:56 PM  

Gonz: Senator Harris landed the single most square punch to Biden's jaw of any Democrat, with her "that little girl was me" line. It was calculated to, quite frankly, knock him out of the race.

He wins the nomination, looks at that person, and says "that's my kind of Vice President".

That says a lot. First off, picture our current president acting that strong. But, second, think about how that confidence is going to project globally. Not a bully, just a guy who respects a smart fighter.

This. They should talk it up. Make their ticket an American unity platform against those who would sow division and hate. Then Trump/Pence will step forward and sown division and hate, proving the point.
2020-08-11 10:21:02 PM  

ABQGOD: Bob The Nob: Com-eh-la not Com-me-la?

"comma" like the punctuation mark, that's what helps me remember the correct pronunciation.

It's going to be "commie-la" in Trump's mouth. farking garbage man only knows how to spew hate and ad hominem.

I would have preferred someone without her L&O background, but hopefully she can fight for the victims of the justice system as strongly as she fought against them before.
2020-08-11 11:19:42 PM  

vrax: Night Train to Wakanda: Hickory-smoked: LOL

[Fark user image image 660x136]

Your cropping needs a little work.


[Fark user image image 204x30]

Thanks. It makes it so much clearer.
2020-08-11 11:21:11 PM  

LovesToSpooge: [Fark user image 590x288]

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2020-08-12 12:26:41 AM  

DoBeDoBeLurk: Do you not realize these Trump voters we're supposedly trying to woo can see you? Do you think they buy anything you or TLP are selling?

We know they're in the market for crazy.  Someone who will fall for Trump will fall for anything.  They're just waiting for someone to sell something new to them.
2020-08-12 2:13:23 AM  

johnny queso: HighOnCraic: johnny queso: PunkTiger: soopey: [Fark user image 850x315]

Fox news / fox business with this headline and supporting text. Everyone else says, huh?

"...lurch to the far left"?? This is barely centrist! Hell, Bernie was further left than Biden/Harris.

reagan was farther left than biden/harris

Ronald "9 Scariest Words" Reagan, who campaigned in Mississippi with Trent Lott and Strom Thurmond?


not saying he wasn't a corrupt, garbage human.
just that the right has been effective at shifting the center so far to the right that reagan today would be considered pink.

On immigration?  Definitely.  On everything else?  Not so much.
2020-08-12 2:26:49 AM  

Anenu: King Something: The enemy of my enemy is not my enemy.

The enemy of my enemy is my enemies enemy.

How about "The enemy of my enemy is a presently convenient ally, so long as it remains in our mutual interest to cooperate"?
2020-08-12 3:01:19 AM  
I am Tom Joad's Complete Lack of Surprise: The anemone of my antimony is my edimame.

Martian_Astronomer: The anomie of my entropy is my enemy's enema.

The enigma of my entity is my anime
2020-08-12 5:19:52 AM  

ivan: Subtonic: I wonder if anyone will mention we should be wary of TLP. That would be a bold and unique point to make.

Not sure if anyone made this observation before.

I don't know whether that point's been made, but I also think maybe it's worth entertaining the notion of a temporary alliance, much like we had with Stalin during the last war when we were united in our goal to defeat Hitler. IDK, just throwing it out there.

"If Hitler invaded Hell, I would at least make a favourable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons." -- Winston Churchill
2020-08-12 12:35:08 PM  

DoBeDoBeLurk: [ image 559x447]
I wonder how much of their money from Democratic donors they spent on that:​olitics/lincoln-project-donors/index.h​tml

And while you're over here explaining how the enemy of our enemy is our ally - but just for now! - do you think other Republicans haven't noticed TLP are allying with their enemy?:​/corner/who-funds-the-lincoln-project-​exactly-whom-you-expect/

What's really going to help sway Republican voters to our side is to tell everyone what great things TLP are doing for Democrats, give them large Democratic donations, totally destroy their cred with Republican voters, and remind people we're going to sell them out after the election because we know they're trash and we always knew it.

Do you not realize these Trump voters we're supposedly trying to woo can see you? Do you think they buy anything you or TLP are selling?

They're not promoting Republicans. They're consistently attacking Republicans, and promoting Democrats. And they aren't involved (nor would they really have much ability TO be involved if they wanted to) in the picking of Democratic candidates, they're just promoting the ones in the races where they're going after a Republican. As long as they continue to have their actions comply with their words, and those both align with our nations' interests, I'm happy to see them continue to work. The minute they are no longer holding to their word or becoming a problem rather than an asset I look forward to their retirement into complete irrelevance.

They would like to burn the current GOP to the ground (several of them literally having used those words) so it could some day be reformed as a healthier party for the nation. I actually support that goal, it would be a good thing for America. I just don't believe it will be possible for them, or anyone else. The GOP needs the tangled, fetid garden they've nurtured for years. They've encouraged and conditioned their voters to be their worst selves, while actively courting other terrible people like white supremacists. That's not just going to go away over night. That's damage that will be here lingering for multiple generations, and may never fully be resolved as there's always going to be some awful people in any given population. And the GOP NEEDS those people to vote for them if they want to win pretty much anywhere.

So the most likely way this plays out for LP is... the GOP is damaged, but remains its terrible self, just with diminished elected power. The LP will be persona non grata from the shiat merchants in the GOP. They also won't have a home in the Democratic party, ever. So... eventually, they will be just a curious footnote. That's pretty much the only way I see this working out for them in the long run. I just hope they're successful in their mission to help defeat Trump and crush the GOP before then.
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