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(Sci Tech Daily)   How Venus and Mars can teach us about the past and future of Earth. However, when asked about Paul McCartney & Wings, neither planet responded to questions, though one was heard to mutter something about "unpaid royalties"   ( divider line
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323 clicks; posted to Geek » on 08 Aug 2020 at 11:02 AM (6 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-08-08 11:13:16 AM  
We should do another drop on Venus.
Make it a joint international venture, to include the atmosphere entry system.

And a global University challenge to see which school can make a vessel
the size of a Plano tub
survive the exposure the longest to capture video and other data before instrument failure.
2020-08-08 11:53:10 AM  
21 24 gear up
Youtube j73gYxsxRrs
2020-08-08 11:54:04 AM  
I hear they're alright tonight.
2020-08-08 12:09:48 PM  

bingethinker: I hear they're alright tonight.

Listen to what the man said..
2020-08-08 1:51:43 PM  

RolandTGunner: bingethinker: I hear they're alright tonight.

Listen to what the man said..

And treat her gently.

/one of my desert island albums
2020-08-08 2:57:48 PM  
Well, there was that one asshole in the 90s that made millions off of simple misunderstandings.
2020-08-08 3:15:23 PM  
Venus - Never a cold pizza
Mars - Always a cold pizza
Earth - You pays your money....
2020-08-08 5:45:08 PM  
They've been after this guy since 1914.
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2020-08-08 7:41:07 PM  
We got goddamn lucky getting hit and forming a moon large enough to keep our core, mantle, and plate tectonics going via gravitational tides.

I'm no scientist but that seems to be the underlying common denominator: Mars and Venus don't have a moon large enough to keep the planet churning. Venus is raw and just blows up whenever it gets too hot inside and Mars just froze over.

Got *damn* lucky.
2020-08-08 10:17:27 PM  
Given enough time, Venus and Earth would end up like Mars.  Though the sun will destroy both well before enough time passes.

If the sun were eternal in it's current state, eventually it would blow away the atmospheres of both planets.  The action is merely delayed by their larger gravity, and magnetic field in Earth's case.  That magnetic field wouldn't last forever, the core will inevitably cool.  Sure the Moon helps out, but even the Moon would eventually go its own way as it slowly spirals outward.  Of course, once it does manage to break free the Earth would be in a huge load of shiat because there will be a large body in roughly the same orbit and not gravitationally bound in any meaningful way to it anymore, which means a collision is likely at some point, which given the mass of the Moon would likely mean complete destruction of the Earth's crust.
2020-08-09 12:49:16 PM  

IDisME: They've been after this guy since 1914.
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If you're a fan, does that make you a Holster?
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