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(Iran Focus)   Iranian judge orders 16 year old girl hanged for her "sharp tongue"   ( divider line
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2004-08-21 6:05:03 PM  
Ah, the religion of work again.
2004-08-21 6:06:30 PM  
Yay religion!
2004-08-21 6:24:19 PM  

Just more proof that only a real man can accept a real woman, and apparently we have a complete idiology on this planet, millions strong, who are less than real men.

What a bunch of evolutionary losers, and Godspeed to the subject of this article.
2004-08-21 6:25:39 PM  
Would any feminists/women's studies majors like to post some Amazon or web links for those of us who want to maybe investigate the plight of Muslim women a little deeper? Not to mention where a farker could donate money to fund food, help and education for women in the 'liberated' countries.

I know I would appreciate it.

As an aside, I would highly recommend looking up the writings of Susan Muadhi, a Muslim Feminist who I was lucky enough to befriend in college. She writes extensively about the topic.
2004-08-21 6:49:39 PM  
**cue music**

Bringing the world closer to sufficient parking for all, one day at a time...
2004-08-21 7:00:23 PM  
2004-08-21 7:00:24 PM  
Modern Islam seems to be at the point Christianity was during the 'holy' inquisition.
2004-08-21 7:09:01 PM  
Muslim Feminist
Haha. I'll add that to my list of favorite oxymorons. Thanks

2004-08-21 7:12:17 PM  
Yeah! Ha ha! Right alongside rational Christian and fundamentalist intellectual.

Hoo, what fun we have...
2004-08-21 7:19:03 PM  
The Shoveler

Yes, she's an independent, well-educated Muslim woman who is trying to effect change from within the system. She does this by trying to educate others about the affairs of Muslim women and the advances made in the last century.

I would recommend you read her work. She'a a very gifted writer.
2004-08-21 7:23:02 PM  
Sorry, I just checked and I spelled her name wrong - it's spelled "Muaddi".
2004-08-21 7:33:30 PM  
Modern Islam seems to be at the point Christianity was during the 'holy' inquisition.
Very true. The Inquisition was the Vatican's panicked response to the emerging European Rennaisance and the fanatical orthodoxy preached by the Sunni Wahabbists and Iranian Shi'ites is a response to the growing influence of Western secular modernity. Unfortunately for all of us, that is where the similarity ends: an internal Islamic Reformation is less likely as there is no tradition of separation between the secular and the spiritual, no "Give unto Ceasar" passage in the Koran: Man has no right to make laws, only Allah.

Less likely, but not impossible: it is interesting to note that, aside from Israel and maybe pre-civil-war Lebanon, Iraq was the most secular and prosperous nation in the Middle East, before the Ba'athists seized power in the 1960's.
2004-08-21 7:44:14 PM  
Ah, the sort of justice system that Christian fundamentalists can only wistfully dream of...
2004-08-21 7:51:45 PM  
What was her crime by the way? The article forgets to mention it. I seriously doubt that she did anything serious, but the tone of this article was so hateful that it discredited itself.
2004-08-21 7:52:10 PM  
Really? How so? I'm a agnostic and no fan of organized religion, but I don't think that at all, why do you?
2004-08-21 7:56:05 PM  
SpinyNorman: hum no quite. The inquisition was created to fight against heresies, who's crime was mainly not to subject themselves to the authority of the pope.
2004-08-21 7:59:46 PM  
^^^ That was for , btw.


Her name was Ateqeh Sahaleh:

the teenage victim did not have any lawyer and efforts by her family to recruit a lawyer was to no avail. Ateqeh personally defended herself. She told the religious judge, Haji Rezaii, that he should punish the main perpetrators of moral corruption not the victims.
"Moral corruption" is what rape victims are often charged with under Islamic Law where "adultery" can be punishable by death. This is the risk a rape victim faces: a man can only be tried for rape if there are (4?) male Muslim witnesses to testify against him, otherwise the victim is admitting adultery.
2004-08-21 8:02:26 PM  
Well, that post got all farked up.
2004-08-21 8:04:14 PM  
I saw that in the article before, and I've also heard that you can be stoned for being raped in some countries, but this does not mean that it was what happened in this case. I'll google hunt.
2004-08-21 8:04:31 PM  
Fundamentalist Christian =

literal interpretation of the Bible =

Deut 21:18-21 =

"18 If a man has a stubborn and unruly son who will not listen to his father or mother, and will not obey them even though they chastise him, 19 his father and mother shall have him apprehended and brought out to the elders at the gate of his home city, 20 where they shall say to those city elders, 'This son of ours is a stubborn and unruly fellow who will not listen to us; he is a glutton and a drunkard.' 21 Then all his fellow citizens shall stone him to death. Thus shall you purge the evil from your midst, and all Israel, on hearing of it, shall fear."

Not saying I agree with it, but I can see how the argument is made that Christian Fundamentalists would get off on the courts getting all Biblical on someone.
2004-08-21 8:15:58 PM  

I don't think you'll find any Christian or Jewish sect of any importance or influence that believes the Books of Moses are anything other than the History of the People of Israel. The only part of the Old Testament that is considered the "inerrant Word of God" would be the Ten Commandments. Most practicing Christians and Jews (including Fundementalists, Conservatives and Orthodox) understand that that was a different time and place. Whack-jobs like David Koresh don't count.
2004-08-21 8:21:36 PM  
sounds to me like she was raped and wanted justice served against her rapists and was vocal about the fact that if she was going to be charged then so should the rapists themselves.

/reading between the lines.
2004-08-21 8:23:38 PM  
2004-08-21 07:44:14 PM TheProtong [TotalFark]

Ah, the sort of justice system that Christian fundamentalists can only wistfully dream of...

You cant be serious... can you?

*shakes head and walks away*
2004-08-21 8:50:31 PM  

Funny you should mention David Koresh. Actually, he pretty much ignored all of the Old Testament, and most of the New. The only books of any real importance to him were the prophetic books (Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Revelations). He was especially fond of Revelations, and his apocalyptic interpretations of them were what really snagged in his followers. For some good articles on it, I recommend Armageddon in Waco, a collection of essays on the event.

RE: Fundamentalists

Yeah, I know that no church advocates the stoning of "unruly sons", but for evangelical and fundamentalist Christians, the inerrancy and literal interpretation of the Bible is a HUGE deal for them. Look up ANY religious anti-homosexual website, and I guarantee that they will quote Leviticus 18:22 and cite it as their justification for their hatred (despite that "Hate the sin, love the sinner" thing).

The problem is that there are three types of law in the Old Testament. "Civil law included things like stoning homosexuals; these laws are no longer in effect because we have our own civil laws. Ceremonial law included things like ritual sacrifice; Christ fulfilled and abolished these. Moral law is supposed to be absolute and unchanging; we may no longer kill homosexuals, but they're still going to hell!

Conveniently, what category any given passage falls under is completely open to interpretation..."
2004-08-21 9:03:30 PM  

Yeah, that post was more than a little glib, however I will stand behind there being more than a few fundamentalists right here in the U.S. who are really wishing for law to be driven by literal interpretation of scripture.

This article that was submitted earlier today is just one of many examples.
2004-08-21 10:09:28 PM  
There's something really chilly about these picture I posted.

Something that tells you that this poor woman never got a chance to freedom. She never lived.
2004-08-21 10:14:23 PM  
...and Godspeed to the subject of this article.

I think Allahspeed is more apropos.
2004-08-21 10:27:11 PM  
Another example of why religion is evil.
2004-08-21 10:43:15 PM  

I agree with you about the pictures. They haunted me, however the now seem to have been removed. Farq violation I guess (depiction of someone being killed). This kind of shiat (article, not pic removal) makes me crazy. Blind, literal adherence to interpretation of religious scripture should have ended centuries ago.
2004-08-21 10:49:52 PM  

Dernit, I was going to post that. :( Anyways, there are still many people who claim the Bible is infallible. However, most of them don't seem to have read it. I guess Americans are too lazy to read the good book, easier to quote what they heard on Sunday service.
2004-08-21 11:22:30 PM  

I can still see them for some reason... I could see why they would be removed, though.

The article is available here, warning, pictures woman being executed.
2004-08-21 11:23:48 PM  
2004-08-22 12:10:52 AM  
Guess her tounge wasn't sharp enough to cut the noose off.

/Would be hanged in Iran for "sharp internet posts"
2004-08-22 12:20:50 AM  
I love how a story about a hanging in Iran turns into a Christian bash-fest. Oh, wait. It's Fark.
2004-08-22 12:22:39 AM  
...."Very true. The Inquisition was the Vatican's panicked response to the emerging"

vatican? Christianity?

what do catholics have to do with Christianity.

Please, get it right.

Christians follow Christ - catholics follow mary.
2004-08-22 12:24:14 AM  
Headline is only half the story. She's already been executed. The judge sounds like a vindictive prick. What kind of pathetic excuse for a human being goes after a 16 year old girl like that?
2004-08-22 12:24:42 AM  
what do catholics have to do with Christianity.

oooooh boy.

there's one in every crowd, isn't there?
2004-08-22 12:25:16 AM  
Ahhh Iran and the US, two countries willing to execute adolescent teenagers.
2004-08-22 12:25:20 AM  
So a 16 year old rape victim is hanged?

Muslim government disgusts me. I hope I live to see all those asshole fanatics killed. So many mid-east peoples want to live in peace and freedom...
2004-08-22 12:26:06 AM  
sounds to me like she was raped and wanted justice served against her rapists and was vocal about the fact that if she was going to be charged then so should the rapists themselves.

/reading between the lines.

That's what I thought as well, Bill_Wick's_Friend.

, in stating that Catholics follow Mary, I hope you are being sarcastic. Because yowza, if you aren't, that is one of the most misinformed and ridiculous statements I have read on Fark in a bit of a while...

/Catholic family
2004-08-22 12:26:14 AM  
Well, I guess I wouldn't have reached 16 either had I been born in Iran...

I know this is horribly innappropriate but it reminds me of that SNL sketch with Shanen Dougherty and Mike Meyers where they were parodying the Salem Witch Trials. Instead of being accused of witchery they accused Dougherty of "biatchery"...

/burn the b(w)itch!
2004-08-22 12:28:30 AM  
Christians follow Christ - catholics follow mary.

You don't know any actual Catholics, do you?
2004-08-22 12:28:49 AM  
I can understand why people say what happens in someone elses country is none of our business, but to stand around knowing this is happening on that scale...

/supports war in iraq, just wishes it was for the right reasons
2004-08-22 12:28:56 AM  
At least they didn't use, (GASP) "The Comfy Chair"!
2004-08-22 12:29:18 AM  
The fact of the matter is that fundamentalist christians do not run the justice system in the U.S. No matter what they believe, they can't impose penalties through the courts. Laws are passed by legislatures, not mullahs.
2004-08-22 12:29:19 AM  
fundamentalism, whether the christian, muslim, or jewish variety, is the greatest single threat to peace and prosperity in this world

i oppose fundamentalism on spiritual and moral grounds

anything i do to shut down brainwashing factories is effort taken to save the world from the hell of propagandized violent sheep working in "the will of god"... read: "the will of the dubious geopolitical agenda of a charismatic megalomaniac"

Those who can make you believe absurdities
can make you commit atrocities.

i am not an atheist, atheists make me vomit with their arrogance

what i am is a very spiritual person, hoping to save souls from the machine of soul killing that is organized religion

do you get love from a whorehouse? no, you get sex. getting your spirituality from a church or a mosque or a temple is exactly the same absurdity.

death to christianity

death to islam

death to judaism

for the sake of peace and prosperity in this world



intolerant antifamily planning antigay christian bigotry (for a religion formed in the spirit of a man whose greatest legacy was the lesson of compassion and tolerance in the face of evil, the institutions that bear the name of jesus christ today are the exact opposite: soapboxes for the dissemination of hate and intolerance of against gays, single women, scientific advancement, family planning, etc.)

these are the enemies of peace in this world, these are the proponents of suffering: christianity, islam, and judaism

destroy them, before they destroy us

it is moral and spiritual to oppose organized religion whenever and wherever you can in life, it is the right thing to do, for the sake of peace and prosperity in this world

i dream of a world free of organized religion

my dream is not foolish, my dream is hope for those suffering under the yoke of intolerance and bigotry cloaked in the name of organized religion

do you everything you can in your life to destroy organized religion, for the sake of mankind
2004-08-22 12:29:27 AM  
Sounds like a good idea to me.
2004-08-22 12:30:41 AM  
I am quite sure this will incite as flame war..but...

We Americans are better and more advanced than these animals. It's just a fact. Enough of the "let them decide for themselves" and "who are we to say..."

I'm not saying this justifies the Iraq invasion...but it's a layer to consider.

(and I realize that this story concerns Iran and not Iraq...but still.)
2004-08-22 12:31:32 AM  
before the Ba'athists seized power in the 1960's.

Rubber Saddam, you're the one!
You make Baath time lots of fun!
Rubber Saddam, I'm awfully fond of yoooooouuuuuuuu...

catholics follow mary.

Alcoholics follow the beer truck.

/Thank you very much, please try the veal
2004-08-22 12:31:50 AM  
Seriously, I'd love it if we (possibly with international assistance) liberate Iran and Saudi Arabia the way we did Iraq. Only, rather than trying the government officials ourselves, we should just toss 'em to the mob, let them sit thought the sort of trials they used to mete out. IHMO, there's no better weapon against tyranny than a tyrant's head on a pike. Ayatolla-kabob, anyone?
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