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(Politico)   Just like in 2016, Trump is seeking to rev up his base by releasing a list of "good" judges he'll promise to appoint to the federal bench and the Supreme Court, but his base feels burned by his current picks and sounds like Roger Daltrey right now   ( divider line
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2020-07-27 11:26:55 AM  
Get the list. Save the list. It will be a good starting point after January 03, 2021.
I should buy more popcorn.
2020-07-27 5:41:10 PM  
Of course, he had nothing to do with the selection of any of these people or the ones who came before him.  But he'll take the credit for the work.

Unless they turn out to be decent or don't do his bidding.  Then someone gave him bad suggestions.
2020-07-27 5:51:30 PM  
Forget it knuckledraggers. The SCOTUS will never outlaw abortion because if it does, no republicans will ever get  elected again.
2020-07-27 8:47:36 PM  
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2020-07-27 8:48:19 PM  
I guess this shows just how much conservatives revere the Constitution.

"I don't give a fark what that old piece of parchment says, I want to make everyone live by MY rules!!!"
2020-07-27 8:49:09 PM  
Roger Daltrey?

Free Me - Roger Daltrey (The Who)
Youtube l8kiPB-6Cks
2020-07-27 8:49:15 PM  
I chortle heartily every time a MAGAt suggests the "base" is large enough to get that fat piece of sh•t elected again. Ho. Ha. Ho.
2020-07-27 8:50:40 PM  
Go for it, try and rally up the base just a tiny bit more, that's a bigly winning strategy.  During a pandemic, depression, and massive civil unrest, I'm sure there are tens of swayable voters who care about judges.
2020-07-27 8:50:43 PM  
That isn't HIS list. It's the Federalist Society's.

And those worthless farks are the ones who are beside themselves over Gorsuch and Roberts' latest rulings.
2020-07-27 8:51:44 PM  
God damn am I glad I moved to Canada.

We recall judges who show political bias here.

Apointing a judge should be a 75% vote at least. Not this 50%+1 BS.
2020-07-27 9:03:25 PM  

Clearly Canadian: God damn am I glad I moved to Canada.

We recall judges who show political bias here.

Apointing a judge should be a 75% vote at least. Not this 50%+1 BS.

Yeah, but Canadian politics haven't become nuclear hurricane batshiat insane like ours has. I can't imagine any SCOTUS nominee getting 75 votes in this environment.
2020-07-27 9:21:37 PM  
Gotta feeling 21s gonna be a good year
2020-07-27 10:12:08 PM  
My memory of his many lies is hazy, but didn't he release a list of Supreme Court picks in 2016 and promise he'd only appoint from that list, and then didn't do that?
2020-07-27 11:19:23 PM  

vudukungfu: Gotta feeling 21s gonna be a good year

Oh, bravo!
2020-07-28 7:04:28 AM  
I like headlines that make me think. Well done.
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