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(Fark)   How are you coping with this weird summer so far?   ( divider line
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2020-07-20 9:12:07 AM  
I did go to a beach last month without problems (Ocean City, MD and Rehoboth Beach, DE). Next week I will join my parents camping in Maryland sometime for a few days. That is the plan at least.
2020-07-20 9:13:57 AM  
As best as possible. I have an actual dinner date on Wednesday and we might even go inside a restaurant, though I'm pushing for a patio. My friend has increased the guest list for his wedding to 50 people. I think I've adapted to the way things are so it's turning out to be a pretty normal summer.

I'll miss the music festivals and concerts, though.
2020-07-20 9:20:06 AM  
I wear a mask everywhere and try to only go out for essentials. It looks like I'll be out of regular work for a while, so I'm trying to adjust. It's hard not getting out or being able to really plan to do things in the future. So, lots of naps, lots of weed, re-organizing the house, cleaning, reading, some gaming but not much. I did a lot of Christmas shopping online yesterday and ripped a whole bunch of CD's as I started re-organizing my music collection.

And I've been watching "comfort" movies; basically re-watching things I remember enjoying as a kid but hadn't seen for a while.
2020-07-20 9:35:26 AM  
I'm not coping. I'm going from day to day, stuck in the house, trying to keep from going insane. Barely hanging on. How you doin?

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2020-07-20 9:50:00 AM  
I'm in Harris county Texas and work for a small software vendor that insists we show up to work even though I spend 99% of my time behind my keyboard/screen.  It has been a farking nightmare but wouldn't be *as* bad if I didn't have a 10-year old at home.
2020-07-20 9:55:02 AM  
I'm only going to work and going to Gordon's Food Service here in Ohio once a week.  No vacations, no  parties, except the 4th of July where we had my wife's family over (her parents, both brothers, her sister, and wives/husbands, and my two nieces).  I stayed away from everyone.

For me, this has been wonderful.  So much is getting done at my house, and I'm not going anywhere every weekend.  I love it.  My wife and kids, not so much, but this has been the best summer I have ever head, except for the people getting sick and dying.
2020-07-20 9:57:36 AM  
Honestly, not much changed for us. My wife and son work for companies considered "essential", so they haven't missed a shift. I WFH for my clients, only having to do an occasional Zoom. I've never gone into full panic mode for the virus, but I do the practical mitigation things (mask inside buildings and such). I recently was tested for the virus and came up negative, but of course that is only good for today, so..
2020-07-20 9:59:21 AM  
As well as can be expected.  I've worked from home for the last six years, so the pandemic hasn't changed that.  Having my daughter and wife home all day every day, though -- well, that's probably been the biggest challenge for me.
2020-07-20 10:03:46 AM  
Fairly well.

I've been working from home 2 days a week for about 16 years now, so the shift to working from home 5 days a week wasn't all that big a deal.   Well, for most of it 4 days a week, because I had to get rid of some excess vacation, so I took Fridays off until the First of July.
2020-07-20 10:05:33 AM  
I'm wearing a mask pretty much everywhere, except alone in my actual office, at home, or my pre-dawn exercise walk. I carry the mask everywhere, just in case. I am actually doing a little work travel, by car only, and getting almost all take-out or curbside, or stuff from grocery stores. I did eat inside one place a couple of weeks ago, but I was the only customer inside.
2020-07-20 10:09:58 AM  
Booze and plenty of it.
2020-07-20 10:13:29 AM  

darkhorse23: I'm not coping. I'm going from day to day, stuck in the house, trying to keep from going insane. Barely hanging on. How you doin?

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I feel your pain. I got through the anger phase. Daily trips to a close, undiscovered rocky beach on Puget Sound with my dog help. Sending you lots of salty air peace vibes.
2020-07-20 10:17:16 AM  

Subtonic: Booze and plenty of it.

I keep cutting my lawn. And three of my neighbors' lawns. You can f*cking putt on that shiat. I stare at my lawn. And drink. And my wife lays it on me pretty regular. I'm f*cking hungover and it's gonna be 100 degrees in the shade today. No farking way I'm coming back to work after lunch. None.
2020-07-20 10:18:28 AM  
Basement projects with my pup.

So far I've rebuilt an old set of Advent speakers from the early 70s First cleaned up the cabinet (0000 steel wool and denatured alcohol do quite a job), re-foamed the woofer, replaced the fabric over the frame, crossover caps were still fine..

Cleaning up my grandparents old dresser (re-shellacking the top, cleaning up the rest)...

Just started making a Bluetooth speaker out of a 1929 Atwater Kent type E speaker. Cleaning the housing up now...then I'll figure out how to best install a pair of 4-5" full range speakers and a Bluetooth amp behind it. Have a vintage style power cord already...
2020-07-20 10:22:13 AM  
Phillies/Yanks at 6:05. Die hard Phils fan. Wife grew up in Yankee territory (NE Penn.) and knows the game like a mofo.

Something to DO, gottdammit
2020-07-20 10:23:13 AM  
I don't really in-person interact with anyone.  Anywhere.  We have groceries delivered.  Curbside pickup anything else needed.  My alcohol consumption has gone up significantly which worries me somewhat.  Working from home and actually more productive than usual - even though my company announced no more 401k matching and a wage/promotion freeze.  My 1st grader starts school in a couple of weeks in a red-state virus-is-a-hoax school district, so I am terrified of that. No haircut since February.

We do a weekly/semimonthly extended family Zoom gamenight, which ironically means I'm seeing my cousins and siblings a lot more than usual.

Oh, yeah, did I mention I found a few more half siblings too?  Fun stuff.  Nice folks.  Thanks, dad, I guess.  What interesting lives we live.
2020-07-20 10:25:00 AM  
Its Jully already, what the hell happened??
2020-07-20 10:30:59 AM  
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2020-07-20 10:43:42 AM  
I hate working from home.  Everything is electronic and I miss being able to hold paperwork in my hand.  (I just turned 60, old school).  I hate Teams, my boss calls me all the time and interrupts whatever I am working on.  I hate that people are posting stuff on Teams and then it alerts every time someone does a smile emoji or a thumbs up emoji.

I hate thinking that this might go on for years.  https://www.scientificamerica​​icle/bad-news-about-the-pandemic-were-​not-getting-back-to-normal-any-time-so​on/

I hate hearing lawn mowers.  I hate it being 90 degrees.  I hate not going out to eat with friends once in awhile.  I hate knowing that if I get Covid, I probably won't survive.  I hate knowing that if my 80+ parents get it, they probably won't survive.  I hate worrying about my 16 year old niece (I have legal custody of her, her parents are deceased) having no relatives if my parents and I die.

I hate worrying that all the small (and large) businesses might not make it.  I worry about all the unemployed people.  I worry about people who will lose their houses.  (Don't get me started about the state of racism in America)


I love lunchtime naps.  I love spending more time with my cat.  I love not getting up so early.  I love not having to do that stupid drive to work every day.  I love seeing gold finches at the feeder.  I love the big dragon flies that showed up all of a sudden.  I love working in my garden and forgetting about everything else.  I love the people who wear masks.  I love the protesters.  I love the good cops.  I do have a lot of things that I am grateful for.
2020-07-20 10:44:15 AM  
Jerking it to cartoon babes
2020-07-20 10:45:09 AM  
Amazon, video games and air conditioning.  Working from home is great as an empty-nester.  Car maintenance and gasoline expenses are almost nil.  I've saved $6,500 since March, and that's after the erstwhile Mrs. Moriarty got her cut.  Other than worry that my adult son who had childhood asthma is high-risk, and no success in gaining any momentum at daily exercise, life is pretty good.
2020-07-20 10:52:26 AM  
Well I would be headed to Comicon this week so its pretty depressing since its the first time in 4 years Im not going.

We did get up to our cabin for a long weekend and that was nice except we couldn't BBQ outside or have our usual campfire and smores in the yard due to fire restrictions.

I hate working from home. My kids are tired of being trapped in the house and not seeing friends.

Im also sad Im not getting an exchange student and going back to school shopping with the kids.
2020-07-20 11:13:34 AM  
Just "working." I got a decent raise a few weeks ago and HR is set to start biatching at me soon because I've reached my vacation limit, but what am I going to do, take a "day off" to stare at the same four walls I've already been staring at since March? I already think weekends are too long and usually put in an afternoon on Saturday or Sunday.

I'm starting to wonder if the world is real. All my "coworkers" are just voices on the phone or words on a screen. When I leave my apartment all I see is strangers. All the strangers live in another world where there's no disease. Nothing's happening.

The words and photos on my computer screen purporting to be my training partners at the gym are practicing together, gearing up for fights this weekend and next month, and leaving me behind to get fat and slow. I'm running at the park and lifting at home to stave it off, but why? Will I ever play a sport with anyone again? Will anyone ever see me again? Why not just decay? Am I trying to live longer? How horrifying.

So yeah, subby, same ol', same ol'. Summer. Good times.
2020-07-20 11:15:51 AM  
Watching too much news.  Part of that is a lack of baseball.
2020-07-20 11:29:50 AM  
I'm doing reasonably well, but I'm a home body and introvert.  I love working from home.  There is time for things, no rushing, no crowds, less noise on the streets.

I would like a pool, a big ole blue easy set redneck above ground pool.  But I say that every year and don't get one because it would mess up my lawn.

I feel for you guys who are unhappy with the slower pace of life.  Hang in there.
2020-07-20 11:35:10 AM  
Busy planning more permanent closings of operational units.  Temporary furloughs to become layoffs.  And when I run out of units to close, I'll be let go too.  Thanks Trump!
2020-07-20 11:40:59 AM  

OdradekRex: Busy planning more permanent closings of operational units.  Temporary furloughs to become layoffs.  And when I run out of units to close, I'll be let go too.  Thanks Trump!

Good luck.

I might lose my job if this wears on.  I stay in the moment though and let the rest go.  I also tend to live below my means so I should be ok.  Should, but who really knows?
2020-07-20 11:54:48 AM  
Going to flashback a few years.  To give context, I had just finished off years of paying off some massive debt I racked up being unemployed for a total of 15 months from July 2002 to January 2006 (was doing temp/contract work when I found anything at all).  Ultimately I took a 33% pay cut from my prior position just to get back to work.  So with that in mind, I had this recurring dream a few years back.  I'm packing my house to move and someone there helping me asks how I'm feeling about the move, asks if I'm excited?  I say that I'm looking forward to the change.  Things seem like they are looking up.  And then there's a massive explosion and I see a mushroom cloud.  Then I wake up.

I've moved out of my house and am preparing it to sell now.  Will be moving somewhere cheaper than Denver, but every damn day I worry about something truly apocalyptic.  In short.

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Mostly I focus on what's in my control.  I do my job.  I am hiring people to do work on my house to prep for the move.  Hoping to keep money moving through the economy.  I wear my damn mask when out and I do the activities I use to unwind, like play video games, walk my dog and ride my bike.
2020-07-20 11:55:16 AM  
  I still go to work three days a week.  I am the youngest (at 53) of the four individuals I work with and two of them having health compromised family members.  I telework the other two days.  I wish I could say that I have used this time to better myself, lose weight, and quit drinking, but I just do not have the motivation to do so.  My wife and go out when needed and wear masks everywhere except while in the car.  We are doing our best to support our favorite local businesses by doing curbside pick up.  I just finished painting and updating our basement bedroom and all it did was remind me how much I hate painting.

I also realize how lucky we in the midst of all of this.  My wife and I are both employed, we have a good house with an acre of property that we are able to get outside and do things.  We check on our neighbors and help them if needed, as they do with us.  I do not know if I could survive this mentally if I had to be confined to an apartment.  I probably would have eaten a bullet by now.
2020-07-20 1:52:51 PM  
It hasn't been easy. My wife got furloughed for 3 weeks starting at the beginning of this month. Fortunately we will actually be almost exactly even thanks to the bonus being paid out to unemployment, but it made me glad I haven't had any disruptions at work and was able to save up enough to cover our expenses solo for a month.

I asked my work for a raise, and was told I was selfish for doing so, despite my salary being well below market rate. I guess we'll find out how selfish I am soon.

Someone above mentioned old movies as a comfort hobby, we've been doing that too; lots of older musicals like Mary Poppins, Annie, Chicago, and now Hamilton a couple times since it got released.

I scheduled a playdate with my parents. My mom has cancer, so she hasn't left the house since February. In 2 weeks we're gonna get tested, then go and play golf with my dad. Golf has been something of a miracle, it's low pace, outdoors, and you can be away from folks. The driving range and a single round of golf have kept me from total despair.
2020-07-20 2:26:58 PM  
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2020-07-20 2:46:27 PM  
I moved last week and am still unpacking, it's a great distraction. Otherwise, out only for essentials, keep in touch with people in three different ways by phone/computer.
2020-07-20 2:57:41 PM  
Later this week, I'm planning to take a few days off work to attend the now-virtual San Diego Comic Con.  I had never considered going before, since the typical experience is to spend far more time waiting in lines to see cool things than actually seeing cool things, but that shouldn't be a problem with an online event.

I had also been planning a trip to New Zealand for this year's World Science Fiction Convention, but that event has also moved online, and New Zealand is still completely closed to tourists.  Fortunately, I was able to get refunds on nearly all of my travel bookings.

If nothing else, it will be nice to be able to cook my own meals whenever I want, instead of having to deal with overpriced snack bars and/or walking several blocks to find a real restaurant.
2020-07-20 3:29:36 PM  
Still working full time as a pharmacy tech. Random drugs are going on backorder here and there (inhalers, then sertraline, now lisinopril). Had someone with issues scream at another customer for being less than six feet away before getting in a tug-of-war with my coworker and stealing her prescriptions.

I expect it to just ramp up as we start giving immunizations again, more drugs are in short supply, and November draws near.
2020-07-20 3:31:33 PM  
Oh yeah. My liver hates me.
2020-07-20 5:39:13 PM  
Buying my (working class) dream car has been the highlight of the summer.   Outside of that, thankful to be gainfully employed, and to have functioning AC.  But I haven't done anything noteworthy, or went anywhere.  I go out for groceries and alcohol, and that's it.

I was just telling my better half that 4 or 5 months in, going to a restaurant that doesn't have a drive-thru is starting to feel like something that isn't ever going to be part of typical life again.   Strange times.
2020-07-20 5:52:05 PM  
A lot of hiking, yardwork and gin.
2020-07-20 10:24:29 PM  
Working from home.

Also, a lot of weed.
2020-07-21 3:57:25 AM  
Working from home and lots of outdoor activities.  Hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking.

Otherwise I'd go kookoobirds.

Unfortunately it's getting hot and rainy here. It will be clear all work day and then at 4:45 I hear thunder.
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