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(Edmonton Journal)   Mr. Chi Pig, artist, heroin connoisseur, and frontman to the legendary Canadian punk band SNFU dies at 57   ( divider line
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2020-07-17 4:27:29 PM  
Dude lived life on his own terms. Utter pro in the music business, utter pro in the substance abuse business. Managed to see him on his last tour through Edmonton and was completely blown away. RIP.
2020-07-17 4:37:07 PM  
SNFU - ...and No One Else Wanted to Play (Full Album)
Youtube d1nXjw_XB5k
2020-07-17 5:05:31 PM  
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RIP brother
2020-07-17 5:14:55 PM  
"Shut Nicely Fark Up"?
2020-07-17 5:15:47 PM  
Hundreds of 30-year old SNFU hoddies are being pulled out of backs of closets and boxes in the basement across western Canada as we speak.
2020-07-17 5:20:33 PM  
That sucks. I saw them at New City and was hooked ever since.
2020-07-17 5:41:14 PM  

LewDux: "Shut Nicely Fark Up"?

Society's No farking Use
2020-07-17 6:37:13 PM  
So the band dropped this today in response.
S.N.F.U - Cement Mixer (to all my beautiful friends)
Youtube QVT6EgHo8vE
2020-07-17 6:48:32 PM  
This is a bummer.
2020-07-17 6:51:33 PM  

JasonOfOrillia: So the band dropped this today in response.
[YouTube video: S.N.F.U - Cement Mixer (to all my beautiful friends)]

2020-07-17 7:01:53 PM  
SNFU I Forget
Youtube u5p4gseDpAw

Here's a good song about his mom with Alzheimer's.
pixhost.icuView Full Size

It was in this rad Canadian skate/snowboarding video from 96.
2020-07-17 7:12:46 PM  
He lived in my city and was in between homes frequently.

I wish I listened to more SNFU, but I know how important they were to music. He'll be missed as a great Edmontonian soul
2020-07-17 7:50:41 PM  

JasonOfOrillia: So the band dropped this today in response.
[YouTube video: S.N.F.U - Cement Mixer (to all my beautiful friends)]

That was a kick in the head and heart.
2020-07-17 8:00:37 PM  
This sucks. Then again, 57 is like 85 in punker years.
2020-07-17 8:15:39 PM  
OMG I saw them a few times in Edmonton when I was in my 80's punk phase. Remember Chi doing a backflip on stage while holding a note. Was a small hall, other band was Psychadelicatessen... the name is the only other thing I remember from that night.Too many talented folks crossing over this week.
2020-07-17 9:30:57 PM  

JasonOfOrillia: So the band dropped this today in response.

That made me cry
2020-07-17 10:52:54 PM  
Always loved this song.
SNFU - Painful Reminder
Youtube lxvq-ZsKN-8
2020-07-17 11:00:07 PM  
Grew up in western Canada, was alwasy fond of these guys.
2020-07-17 11:09:32 PM  
What a bummer. I must have first seen SNFU 25 years ago. Always a memorable show. RIP Mr Pig. The Canadian punk scene is better off because of you.
2020-07-18 1:30:07 AM  

dallylamma: LewDux: "Shut Nicely Fark Up"?

Society's No farking Use

How rude
2020-07-18 7:30:11 AM  
I remember seeing SNFU at the students union building in Regina. Chi came out in a dress wearing a plastic blonde wig and proceeded to dump two black garbage bags full of puffed wheat into the mosh pit. It was so hard to breathe but farking hilarious.

2020-07-18 1:11:32 PM  
heroin is gross.
2020-07-18 1:35:52 PM  

My buddy and I made a trip to Vancouver to see Faith No More at The Rage back in 1997 just a few months before they broke up. We waited outside the tour bus with two others to meet our heroes and they each trickled out to the bus one by one so we got to chat with each of them. Mike Patton came out last and he was with Chi Pig arms around each other's shoulders chatting it up. Patton got on the bus and Chi Pig was walking the same way we were back to the hotel and we cheered at Chi something like "Yay Edmonton" since the SNFU liner notes would thank "Edmontonians in general" but he just grumbled something at us. Can't blame him, but he did seem like he was already down the path of destruction that lead him to this demise.

Chi was interviewed for the documentary of The Smalls reunion tour 5 or 6 years ago and he looked like absolute shiat, all his teeth gone, couldn't really answer the questions, and had clear delusions of grandeur.

Don't do drugs, kids.
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