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(Open Secrets)   Good thing the taxpayers are undoubtedly on the hook for this B.S. (one way or another) - tag for the fact that this article is from May 5th   ( divider line
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2020-07-17 12:12:24 PM  
Well, everybody's just after Donnie because he's such a rebel, aka a farkin' criminal.
2020-07-17 4:58:16 PM  
You expect me to believe that Trump is paying lawyers?
2020-07-17 8:44:32 PM  
Hoover was a better President.
2020-07-17 8:58:49 PM  
march march chant chant
rhetoric rhetoric rant rant

It is cheaper to pay lawyer bills for lawsuits and small claims, than it is to be a customer who pays for products and services and licensing. This is how the private sector works: by breaking the law and driving companies and contractors into bankruptcy, and the last man standing is the winner. Then, those very same private businesses, get government contracts and freak out when the government tries to make them adhere to laws. They overcharge government and then blame government procurement for the taxpayer ripoffs. When big companies follow the law, they do so by collaborating with their social caste equals, rather than by following regulations and honouring contracts.

Trump is doing the same business as the private sector has been since the multinationals of the 1980s created tax havens, contracts that require arbitration instead of lawsuits, and transnational tribunals to litigate and protect them from smaller businesses, and from normal citizens (human persons instead of corporate persons).

Everyone who has argued time and again that the private sector is efficient, are Trump's enablers and his lifelong supporters. The private sector, under Bush, and with GOP statehouses in the 90s, had practiced regulatory capture to make this kind of corruption a way of American life. This is the normal, typical, way of American life, even without a Trump White House.

I could draw the direct connections to society's COVID implosions. But that would make this a very long rant, indeed. And there are posters here in the Pol tabs that prefer to say I make no sense with my posts, than to admit that their current disaster has been decades in the making, including military and police contractors following normal business practices, the direct downloading/abandonment of corporate costs onto Black and Hispanic American communities, unquestioned patriarchy in the income levels of all Americans... And all of it wrapped up in two messages: 1) That the private sector is efficient against the friction of regulation; 2) and now the new message that Donald Trump is as unique and new a snowflake as he claims he is.

"Systemic" means "all of us," even me, who doesn't live in the USA, but shops at American owned stores whenever I go to the mall, who watches American tv shows whenever I watch tv, spreading the messages about efficiency and law. (My own government is often portrayed as responding to dominant US cultural messages on its own CBC - so, systemic). Trump is systemic, not unique. But Trump does in public what statehouses have to hide. Surely a sign of "something" systemic being past the point of no return; but what?

/sorry for the long screed
//not that sorry
///nobody's reading down hear
2020-07-17 8:59:36 PM  
FTA: The Trump campaign has also used its legal team to go after individuals making unofficial pro-Trump merchandise and rogue PACs that pledge to support the president's reelection bid. These companies and political groups are harming the Trump campaign's bottom line by siphoning off potential donations from Trump supporters.

I love this, this is like a quadruple win.  The campaign is spending time and money on it, his own supporters are getting shut down, and he's decreasing his own merch availability.
2020-07-17 11:10:45 PM  

Yeast No 7: Hoover was a better President.

Skroob was a better president.
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