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(CNN)   The people who stood by: The GOP senators who are enabling historic corruption in the Trump White House   ( divider line
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2020-07-15 11:24:58 AM  
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2020-07-15 11:35:28 AM  
"What should happen to the Republican Party? As a proud co-founder of the "they deserve to go out of business" faction, I maintain that Republicans' collective failure to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic, to stand up to a dangerously defective president and to adhere to some semblance of objective truth renders this crop of Republicans undeserving of the public's trust. Since a party is the sum-total of its elected officials and supporters, Republicans, from my perspective, should be disqualified from holding office until there is a new generation of Republicans untainted by support for Trump and willing to repudiate Trumpism."

2020-07-15 12:33:43 PM  
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2020-07-15 12:52:06 PM  
I wrote a letter to my representatives-- all of whom are Democrats.  Unfortunately for the effect of my letter but fortunately for about everything else:

Basically I outlined a proposal to get rid of Donald Trump:

1. Get enough GOP Senators who see Donald as a threat to their re-election
(You know they see the polls too, and the only thing that is keeping them tied to DT's coattails, with the exception of Russian Kopromat for a few, is the voting bloc of MAGA's he controls)

2. Demand Trump's immediate resignation, or else they would support a second impeachment conviction (On just about any charges, Mueller obstruction, emoluments clause violations, inaction on Russian bounties, etc etc,)

3. Write a broad pardon for Pence to sign upon Donald's resignation.

3. Threaten a dual impeachment for Pence and Trump with no pardon if he refuses.

If successful, no one needs to know the meeting ever occurred.  Tell Donald he's 100% free to tell the story he wants.  That it was because he was too tired of winning, that he was worried about his health, that his vast and lucrative business empire was just much more interesting--Anything he wants to say.

Whether or not Pence signs the pardon, or the GOP would actually go through with an impeachment threat is immaterial, as long as Donald believes it long enough to sign his resignation.
2020-07-15 2:52:46 PM  
Can Senators and Congresspeople be tried for abdication of duty?
2020-07-15 3:35:31 PM  
Is it just a list of all of them?
2020-07-15 3:37:56 PM  

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2020-07-15 3:38:28 PM  
They all need to be accountable.  Yes, that IS a massive job, considering the number of them.  However, as luck would have it, you have the PERFECT venue for the proceedings (once the virus has been "tamed"):​r​g,_Pennsylvania#:~:text=Nuremberg%20is​%20a%20census-designated%20place%20%28​CDP%29%20in%20Schuylkill,population%20​was%20434%20at%20the%202010%20census.%​20%5B1%5D
2020-07-15 3:38:29 PM  
The Venn diagram of Republicans and traitors is a circle.
2020-07-15 3:40:02 PM  

Epicedion: Is it just a list of all of them?

It's not really fair to just dismiss all the concern Susan Collins has shown during these 3 years like that.
2020-07-15 3:42:24 PM  
Of the Big 3 Trump Buddies during the Mueller investigation, only one testified against Trump. Flynn and Stone are free men, and Michael Cohen has been thrown to the wolves.

It's probably just coincidence.
2020-07-15 3:42:32 PM  

SpaceyCat: Can Senators and Congresspeople be tried for abdication of duty?

We won't know until we try.
2020-07-15 3:42:54 PM  

Kick The Chair: [Fark user image 425x425]

Kelly Loeffler's is up for grabs as a bonus 24th, while we're at it.

//trying to be optimistic this time around
///Come on, Stacy Abrams, keep doing what you're doing on getting out the vote
2020-07-15 3:44:15 PM  
Contributing to the delinquency of a president ought to be a crime.

Is aiding and abetting resisting arrest a crime?
2020-07-15 3:45:19 PM  

Kick The Chair: [Fark user image 425x425]

you know, niemoller forgot to say he wasn't a republican...
2020-07-15 3:45:21 PM  
It's all good and well to know their names... but they NEED CONSEQUENCES FOR THIS SHIAT THEY ARE PULLING.

Just because they were elected doesnt mean they shouldnt spend the rest of their lives in prison for conspiracy against democracy and the american people.
2020-07-15 3:46:13 PM  
At this stage, I'll be happy if Biden doesn't outright pardon Trump.
2020-07-15 3:46:16 PM  
May they all catch the 'rona and die miserably and alone after spreading it to all their friends and loved ones. Thoughts and Prayers.
2020-07-15 3:46:31 PM  
There are no good or decent or redeemable people who support trump*.  They need to be ruined; from trump*s family to elected representatives to appointees to voters; goddamn scum farks to the last

Ruin them.  Ruin them all.
2020-07-15 3:48:43 PM  

Kick The Chair: [Fark user image 425x425]

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2020-07-15 3:48:44 PM  
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2020-07-15 3:53:01 PM  
get it right subby:

The people who stood by put him in office: The GOP senators who are enabling historic corruption in the Trump White House.

That man is in there BECAUSE they put him in there. Their electoral votes are why he has the job in the first place . They said to all of us:
that guy is so totally qualified for the job
that guy can lead people like you don't understand
So either they are themselves UNQUALIFIED for the job of acting as filter to the public vote, if they can't spot an unqualified fraud any better than the masses of idiots that only get information from one TV channel.OR they are qualified for that and so know full well they are selling us al out for their own selfish PRIVATE interests.They are not just standing by as idle lumps, they active choose and actively support this person and this situation as it is can only be what they actively sought to make happen sense they have had more than a few opportunities to not be on this path they have willfully demanded to be on.
2020-07-15 4:00:13 PM  

Diogenes: "What should happen to the Republican Party?

GOP delenda est.
2020-07-15 4:02:36 PM  
Welp, they're all in on the treason, might as well go all in on the coup d'etat
2020-07-15 4:07:01 PM  
Fresh poll from Quinnipiac just released, Trump is in absolute free fall. We'll see how much longer they hang on.

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2020-07-15 4:22:53 PM  

SpaceyCat: Can Senators and Congresspeople be tried for abdication of duty?

Depends on what you mean.  The Constitution gives Congress the authority to investigate corruption in the Executive Branch, but does not require it.  That's part of the notion of the people getting the Democracy that they deserve.  The check on corruption is the election.  That's why fair elections are so dangerous to some parties.
2020-07-15 5:17:09 PM  
Touch wood, and I pray - I have enough time to to see history play out. See what happens, ultimately.

/or maybe history will be written by Trump & Co.
//Gawd, I hope not
2020-07-15 6:04:15 PM  
Can we bring back heads on pikes?
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