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(WFLA Tampa Bay)   Child spots Florida man walking around Burlington Coat Factory with privates exposed. Who goes shopping for a coat in Florida?   ( divider line
    More: Sick, Burlington Coat Factory, Police, 37-year-old Derek Hardison, Pinellas County deputies, Largo man, surveillance video walking, 11-year-old child, Pinellas County, Florida  
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2020-07-09 8:22:37 AM  
That's the biggest help me look on a perv I've ever seen.
2020-07-09 8:22:40 AM  
A Florida story on Fark without the Florida tag?  Is that legal?
2020-07-09 8:22:59 AM  
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2020-07-09 8:23:17 AM  
If he had been wearing a mask, he may not have been identified.

/gotta sell these idiots on mask-wearing somehow
2020-07-09 8:24:50 AM  
He was buying a flasher's coat I suppose.
2020-07-09 8:24:50 AM  
Well, if you don't have a coat, how can you expose yourself to little old ladies and kids?

Wait a minute....
2020-07-09 8:24:54 AM  
Maybe he was trying on raincoats?
2020-07-09 8:27:08 AM  
Who shops for toys at a coat factory?
2020-07-09 8:30:46 AM  
...and the man's name is Hardison. You can't make this shiat up. :P
2020-07-09 8:30:49 AM  
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2020-07-09 8:32:15 AM  
He's not a perv, he just chose not to wear his penis mask, which is his God given right as an American.
2020-07-09 8:37:11 AM  
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2020-07-09 8:40:23 AM  
Why was the kid looking for exposed privates?
2020-07-09 8:41:13 AM  
Some people said they heard that they were told that the guy had a doctor's note saying that he had sub tropical crotch rot and had to walk around pantless. Besides its against the constitution to make him wear pants.
2020-07-09 8:41:25 AM  
The suspect later showed up to an exam for which he had forgot to study.
2020-07-09 8:43:03 AM  

7th Son of a 7th Son: Why was the kid looking for exposed privates?

Don't judge.
2020-07-09 8:44:11 AM  
Just once I want to read one these "privates exposed" stories and learn that a military officer had taken his men (and women) to a bad neighborhood or seedy bar without sufficiently training them for or warning them what might happen in such a place. I'd especially like to see a story where the men (and women) take the officers to such a place where no one gives a damn about their ranks and the only thing that matters is their actual ability to handle themselves in a bad situation.
2020-07-09 8:45:45 AM  
Oh so now one can't walk around the toy section of a store with their junk out?
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It's like I don't even know this country anymore!
2020-07-09 8:51:53 AM  
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2020-07-09 9:13:48 AM  
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"It's July. Don't you think it's kinda hot for a long black leather coat?"
2020-07-09 9:18:24 AM  
What exposed Privates looks like
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/5 meters apart you idiots! You want one grenade to take you all out?? And get your asses on the ground!  Are you pretending to be trees?
//Can still hear my Drill Sergeant yelling that.
2020-07-09 9:20:50 AM  
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2020-07-09 10:06:48 AM  
They're more than great coats. (​qEm​H9LKs )
2020-07-09 10:37:45 AM  
Somehow this store (not this specific one, but the chain) came up in a conversation this last weekend.  I was informed they are no longer Burlington Coat Factory, but are just Burlington now (and have been for some time).
2020-07-09 11:48:47 AM  
It was so hot under the Covid mask. He unzipped his pants to cool off.
2020-07-09 1:27:36 PM  
I would like to know what that guy was thinking. Was he trying to let the demons out? Was he hoping to find a random glory hole? Was he trying to get arrested for three hots and a cot?
2020-07-09 2:55:43 PM  
The sign only said "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service." There was nothing about "No Pants."
2020-07-09 4:51:06 PM  

stuffy: It was so hot under the Covid mask. He unzipped his pants to cool off.

We sweat from there
2020-07-09 6:47:03 PM  
Hey. Subby, I was in Key West when the was temperature 68 degrees F.  Like here:  
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I saw some natives that were wearing down jackets. This captain was wearing a fur jacket.
2020-07-09 9:17:16 PM  
I'd expect that kind of behavior at Ollie's but not at Burlington.
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