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(North Jersey)   Woman survives a one mile trip through the Passaic drainage system after flash flooding. Ick   ( divider line
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2020-07-08 9:17:58 AM  
Could have been worse...
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2020-07-08 1:57:39 PM  
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ZAZ [TotalFark]
2020-07-08 2:53:47 PM  
She survived the ordeal after being "shot out" into the Passaic River, a result authorities referred to as "miraculous."

This should be a deleted scene from Being John Malkovich: between being ejected from Malkovich and landing in New Jersey, a mile long sewer ride.
2020-07-08 2:55:33 PM  
I had to have my Passaic drained once.

I felt much better afterwards.

So did the elderly Serbian woman who was stuck there.
2020-07-08 2:57:05 PM  
I'll take PTSD for $400, Alex.

/caveat, Alex HAS to have a moustache, otherwise it's not the same
//like #1 without the beard
///join me in humming the jeopardy theme song
2020-07-08 3:00:40 PM  
But was her day better than spending all day on the Pol tab?
/Asking for a friend.
//OK, ya got me. I don't have any friends.
2020-07-08 3:00:55 PM  
Drainage is better than sewage.

The more you know
2020-07-08 3:01:10 PM  
She's a tiny person?
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2020-07-08 3:01:39 PM  
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2020-07-08 3:03:47 PM  
I thought that was a standard NJ rite of passage.
2020-07-08 3:05:36 PM  
She should pay for the rescue cost by doing PSAs about the possible consequences of  driving through flood water.
2020-07-08 3:13:53 PM  

EyeHaveRisen: Drainage is better than sewage.

The more you know

Yes, but not by a lot. This is New Jersey after all.
2020-07-08 3:20:19 PM  
did anyone mention andy?
2020-07-08 3:25:17 PM  
When they pulled her out, did she want to go back and do it again?
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2020-07-08 3:52:28 PM  
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Did she float?
2020-07-08 3:53:26 PM  
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Doopity do.
2020-07-08 3:56:42 PM  
This is why they teach the dead-man's float technique but submersion in raw sewage is next level
2020-07-08 4:01:06 PM  
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2020-07-08 4:09:05 PM  

abhorrent1: [Fark user image image 442x248]


Not to anyone who read this thread within the past hour.
2020-07-08 4:15:14 PM  
I'm amazed that she came out the other end unscathed.  She managed to somehow miss everything that might've been lodged in an underground drainage pipe, with no light, for a mile?  And didn't land on anything damaging after getting shot out the end?  Lady, go buy a lottery ticket.
2020-07-08 4:18:17 PM  
Not to mention, TFA said the water in the pipe moves at 30 MPH.  Two minutes to travel a mile at that speed.  And for that entire two minutes, the pipe was never full enough for long enough to drown her.  Seems like damn near a miracle to me.
2020-07-08 4:32:13 PM  
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2020-07-08 4:41:25 PM  
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2020-07-08 4:46:53 PM  
I didn't know that ride was free if you were a Doordash contractor.
2020-07-08 4:56:22 PM  

RedVentrue: I thought that was a standard NJ rite of passage.

Only if the sewer pipe looks like this:

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2020-07-08 5:25:00 PM  
Sick Class V first D!!!
2020-07-08 5:56:25 PM  
So much for saving a little time by going through the water instead of going around.

She's going to need a new car now and how much do you want to bet the city bills her for removing her old one from the drainage system.

/why yes I *am* a bundle of sunshine
//you just didn't notice because of the clouds in the way
///it's like raaaaAAAAIIIaaaaain when you're already late
2020-07-08 6:21:20 PM  

EyeHaveRisen: Drainage is better than sewage.

The more you know

They're both cleaner, and faster than the subway.
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