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(YouTube)   Last week: Kellogg's is releasing green onion flavored Chex in South Korea. Today: Dear heavens me, the commercial   ( divider line
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714 clicks; posted to Food » on 05 Jul 2020 at 9:35 PM (4 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-07-05 6:32:07 PM  
Might have made sense to license the song from Booker T. & the MG's for this.
2020-07-05 6:34:20 PM  
finally, they did it. i'm in you son of a biatch
2020-07-05 6:39:40 PM  
Aside: US 'Family Size' cereal boxes are now taller but narrower and thinner to such a degree, they are barely able to stand up.
2020-07-05 6:40:44 PM  
dailyhaha.comView Full Size

Backstory here. This makes it all the more hilarious.

But honestly - can you imagine the chex mix you could make?  Holy shiat, I WANT SOME.  If I get that job in Washington, I'm stopping at every f*cking Korean grocery from Vancouver to Seattle to try to find it.
2020-07-05 6:58:17 PM  
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2020-07-05 7:03:08 PM  
Actually, I would use that in a snack mix.
2020-07-05 7:16:44 PM  
Koreans in particular really, really are into their food.

//makes sense, their food is damn good
2020-07-05 7:17:07 PM  
I'll settle for bringing Onion Bagels back to any major supplier...
2020-07-05 7:43:39 PM  
If those don't come to the States, we actually will revolt for realsies.
2020-07-05 7:47:33 PM  
Yeah, I'll try it.

I had Vanilla Chex once... tasted like vanilla ice cream to me.
2020-07-05 8:25:38 PM  
Oddly enough, they have perfectly encapsulated what I expect everyday life to be like in Seoul.

/Someday I'd love to visit, but I really don't have the wardrobe or dancing skills.
2020-07-05 8:32:03 PM  
I'll have some
2020-07-05 9:02:11 PM  
Oh yum!
2020-07-05 9:44:10 PM  
Those are abnormally large green onions.  Is it a different species of allium?
2020-07-05 9:47:50 PM  
Load a powder shaker up with it and go to town

thatfitfam.comView Full Size
2020-07-05 10:26:23 PM  
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2020-07-05 10:31:20 PM  
The video was embedded in last week's article, but I watched it a second time.

I'll say it again: green onion has awesome flavor, once cooked slightly to remove the bite.

I would not complain if it made its way across the Pacific.
2020-07-05 10:48:09 PM  

scumm: Koreans in particular really, really are into their food.

//makes sense, their food is damn good

A friend of mine told me the following about his time in South Korea:

At breakfast, they talk about what they're going to have for lunch. At lunch, they talk about what they're going to make for dinner. At dinner, they talk about what's for breakfast the next day.
2020-07-05 11:49:34 PM  
I've been watching some Korean shows on Netflix. "My Horrible Boss" was quite good, although, I certainly hope that actual Korea isn't like this. It was pretty funny and the premise was good. The others have been so so. Skipped to the end on some. They seem to mix cartoon shots in with the drama/comedy.
2020-07-06 12:11:56 AM  
they were twirling those green onions

Leek Spin
Youtube 1wnE4vF9CQ4
2020-07-06 12:36:58 AM  
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2020-07-06 1:53:35 AM  

HairBolus: they were twirling those green onions


That's not like meat spin, is it?
2020-07-06 1:58:38 AM  
Yeah these would make bomb chex mix.
TBC [TotalFark] [OhFark]
2020-07-06 2:38:04 AM  
Yup. Need these.
2020-07-06 5:02:34 AM  
I Tried Korea's GREEN ONION Chex So You Don't Have To (16 Years in the Making - 파맛첵스)
Youtube vX8WPLrFiQ0

Posted this earlier as a headline ... 2:40 says it all.

Fascinating that people took a stupid product vote seriously. You would think Americans would be ones who would care more about a cereal flavor vote tally than political vote.
2020-07-06 5:04:29 AM  
Booker T & the M G 's - Green Onions (Original / HQ audio)
Youtube _bpS-cOBK6Q

Also, my late father has a request ...
2020-07-06 6:41:57 AM  
I'll stick with shredded wheat please...
2020-07-06 1:04:19 PM  
why are the developers giving their new, yum-looking product a New Orleans funeral procession at the :45 mark?
honestly, out of that whole ad, this is my question.
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