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(WMAQ)   Girl with explosive diarrhea craps herself after an Old Navy store refuses to allow her to use the bathroom (with pics)   ( nbc5.com) divider line
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2004-08-19 08:46:45 AM  
This could come in handy at times:

[image from images.ibsys.com too old to be available]
2004-08-19 08:48:24 AM  
That sounds like a shiatty illness.
2004-08-19 08:56:21 AM  
And of course, one of the things they did was contact a legislator.

"There ought to be a law!!"

No, there ought to be common sense. You can't legislate that.
2004-08-19 08:56:47 AM  
[image from images.ibsys.com too old to be available]
you know the store is evil when they use this filter. the store is a portal to hell. a poopy, poopy hell.
2004-08-19 08:57:14 AM  
i for one would love to go on tv and tell the world how i crapped myself too. she's going to be very popular in school this year.
2004-08-19 08:59:52 AM  
Exactly, doublesecretprobation. If I made brown babies in my pants while shopping for trendie cookie-cutter clothes, I sure as hell wouldn't publish that fact.
2004-08-19 09:04:23 AM  
if they wouldnt let me use the bathroom i would have just gone in the dressing room and shiat all over a bunch of cloths.

that'll learn 'em
2004-08-19 09:06:22 AM  
If she has Crohn's disease, the kids at school probably already know she has difficulties. It's a very painful condition and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. That Old Navy manager is an idiot. I'd refuse to go there if I ever shopped there in the first place.
2004-08-19 09:07:17 AM  
Crohns is very nasty, you should read up on it before making these generalizations. Friend of mine had a foot of her intestines removed because it was inflammed from Crohns.

I have IBS, which is a lot easier to deal with than Crohns, but i can feel that girls pain. There has been several times where ive went off and found the employees bathroom myself. Easier to ask forgiveness than permission, in that situation.

She should have just dropped trou and blew mud on the merchandise.
2004-08-19 09:07:33 AM  
as an often globtrotter on my scooter, and an avid shiatter, I can say with all my dignity that a public restroom is where ever you make one. Just carry tissue paper with you and all is forgiven.

© and don't forget to tip the dude with the aqua velva
2004-08-19 09:07:54 AM  
She has Kenny's full support.
2004-08-19 09:08:04 AM  
IBS is nothing to be embarassed about, infact Mountain Girl and I met at an IBS camp.
2004-08-19 09:09:52 AM  
ouch.. sorry 01SSJay. I should refresh more often...
2004-08-19 09:23:39 AM  
Dont sweat it - its a source of amusement for me most of the time. Nothing like being able to fart on command.

When you got something like that, you have to learn to laugh at it. Ive been on first dates and had to blow up a restaurant bathroom, come out pale, sweating, and shaking.
If you can play that off, you are golden.
2004-08-19 09:30:57 AM  
She likes to play with her poop with a paintbrush?

[image from images.ibsys.com too old to be available]
2004-08-19 09:39:44 AM  
Furious, Lisa Bain bought her daughter a change of clothes, left the store and immediately began calling Old Navy officials.

I'm speechless.
2004-08-19 09:43:41 AM  
Jeebus, that's just assinine. If I didn't have any taste in clothing, I'd shop there and then stop shopping there.
2004-08-19 10:02:41 AM  
It's almost a cliche at this point, but I blame the trial lawyers. The reason the dude made the "managerial" decision not to let her use the bathroom was, I'm sure, due to liability concerns.
2004-08-19 10:07:24 AM  
One should not cry over spilled booty juice.
2004-08-19 10:12:06 AM  
Poor girl.
2004-08-19 10:19:35 AM  
Store Manager: you're an asshat.

Kid's Mom: You've made your point. Shut up now.
2004-08-19 11:06:42 AM  
Customer: Excuse me, do these cargo pants make my ass look big?

Manager: No, but the fifteen pounds of human filth that you are carting around doesn't exactly have a slimming effect. Pardon me. Clean-up in aisle four.
2004-08-19 11:15:50 AM  
2004-08-19 11:22:13 AM  

Take a look at the following clarifying position issued by Old Navy after this incident resulted in a frenzy of criticism:

"As a direct result of this incident, we have clarified our policy on customer use of non-public restrooms ... If it's due to an emergency (a restroom) must be made available."

(puts down paper, looks up at you)

Now, I want you to think very long and very hard about that. The Old Navy legal department had to run this by some muckety-mucks in order to clarify what is common f*cking sense to any person whose intelligence is only slightly north of that of a bowl of fruit.

I cannot begin to describe for you, as an attorney, how the blind adherence to policy costs this country billions of dollars in stupid legal fees every year.

If I were in Old Navy's legal department, I would have saved my client some money by going down to the store, grabbing the manager by the collar, and giving the manager a slap and a big old "Are you kidding me?"

Stupid people cost money.
2004-08-19 11:49:16 AM  
Soemone ought to get her a pair of 'Oops, I Crapped My Pants'

2004-08-19 12:26:02 PM  
Furious, Lisa Bain bought her daughter a change of clothes, left the store and immediately began calling Old Navy officials.

I understand that it was a neccessity, but that would just absolutely suck to turn around and give money to the a-hole that just made your daughter crap her pants.
2004-08-19 12:53:14 PM  
[image from terpsboy.com too old to be available]
2004-08-19 01:02:35 PM  
A) IBS Sufferer for about 4 years now

B) Formerly Married to lady with Crohn's and Colitis

C) This was an unbelievably stupid managerial decision

D) The resulting statement made by Old Navy has not really changed their position at all. The manager can still decide that 'there's no such thing as a bathroom emergency', and you're back to square one.

E) You're surprised that a high-school girl is buying clothes at a mainstream conformist fashion outlet? Where the hell do you think Old Navy gets their money from?
2004-08-19 01:05:51 PM  
I usually give the option

"Well, you can either let me borrow your men's room, and assume I know how to use one, or go get a mop. I'd much rather have you clean my shiat out of the store carpet than have to do my laundry as soon as I get home."
2004-08-19 01:08:04 PM  
One last thing:

"I'm making a managerial decision and we don't have a public washroom"

If that doesn't justify a punch in the mouth, nothing does. I mean, it's a mom and daughter - what do you think she's going to be doing in the bathroom?
2004-08-19 01:42:10 PM  
LarsThorwald is my hero.
2004-08-19 01:54:25 PM  
Need to get dad involved.

"Honey, why don't you go find the bathroom while daddy beats the living shiat out of Mr. 'I'm making a managerial decision' here."
2004-08-19 02:18:13 PM  
Anyone suffering from Chron's Disease, or IBS should definitely check out the Mindbody Prescription by Dr. John Sarno. He is an NYU M.D. He treated my severe sciatica, and I was better in no time. His book talks about Chron's and IBS as well as back pain. Check it out. I swear by this book.
2004-08-19 03:04:53 PM  
I shouldn't be laughing... but this is hilarious... I still laugh at poop jokes....


Okay, now that I got that out my system.... snicker...

Old Navy sucks for doing that.... But you gotta admit.. the Slideshow story time thing they have going on is hilarious.
2004-08-19 03:23:55 PM  
Thanks, churchill, for clarifying with the appropriate bold tags what I was not commenting on in my previous post.
2004-08-19 03:54:53 PM  
Can we safely assume that Old Navy manager on his high horse is slightly anal retentive?
2004-08-19 03:59:52 PM  
She can shiat through a screen door at 50 yards and not touch a wire...
2004-08-19 04:01:53 PM  
I wonder if Tony Stewart has this ailment also.
2004-08-19 04:02:02 PM  
thank god there wasn't any monkeys...
2004-08-19 04:02:21 PM  
Are you all kidding me? If you have a condition like this, you HAVE to know where the nearest public restroom is. The manager didn't do anything wrong.
2004-08-19 04:02:40 PM  
Ah man this is bullshait
2004-08-19 04:03:15 PM  
Of all the headlines where the word "assplode" would be the most appropriate..... missed opportunity I say.
2004-08-19 04:03:16 PM  
So, they weren't involved? Its the first thing I think of when I see the words "explosive diahrea"

[image from allesamerika.com too old to be available]
2004-08-19 04:03:33 PM  
Is this more or less funny than organized monkey attacks. I'm having a hard time keeping track today.
2004-08-19 04:03:58 PM  
ditto peaceboy
2004-08-19 04:03:59 PM  
She heard the brown noise! Hope the asshole manager had to clean it up!
2004-08-19 04:04:34 PM  
Too bad Morgain Fairchild and George & Weezy and that old lady with the big glasses weren't there...

2004-08-19 04:04:38 PM  
I blame Morgan Fairchild.
2004-08-19 04:04:56 PM  
[image from images.ibsys.com too old to be available]

So I was sittin' thar gittin' all mai-yud and this manager was bein' uppity and (sniff) iss too late, Katie-Lou. She blew out her drawers right thar. I loves my teef.
2004-08-19 04:05:15 PM  
You know, If I shiat my pants in a store, I don't think I'd be calling a press conference.
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