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(   Nursing home posts "We beat COVID 19" sign out front to lure in customers ... after 26 residents die from the virus   ( divider line
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TWX [TotalFark]
2020-07-04 3:33:09 PM  
9 votes:
My MIL is in an independent-living apartment at an assisted living facility.  Before my FIL died we had been looking at a different, closer, arguably better place to move them to.  After COVID and the federal government put some data up regarding it and nursing homes I looked up both of these places and several others, or I tried to at least.

It looks like these sorts of facilities are rules-lawyering their way out of reporting.  Where my MIL is, they are only reporting numbers on the two buildings in the back that have regular skilled-care, no data on the independent-living portion even though the residents have a central kitchen and dining room for meals, vans for being driven around, cleaning services, and alert-bracelets for if they need help.  Several other places in the area are similar, the numbers only reflect the units that have medical personnel making rounds and where the residents are also treated as patients.

The place we were looking to move them into isn't even listed even though they have only one tier of care, where upgrades in the sort of care residents require don't come with increases in price and where there's an on-site pharmacy and medicine dispensary to ensure residents get their meds.

If the sales lady for the unlisted place contacts us to pester again, I'm going to flat out ask her why they aren't even listed in the federal site.
2020-07-04 4:16:04 PM  
8 votes:
Pretty much a metaphor for America right now.
2020-07-04 1:40:34 PM  
8 votes:
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2020-07-04 5:28:52 PM  
6 votes:
My parents are at a place with a variety of options. They had a total of 30 cases, 3 of whom died. Everyone positive for Covid was immediately moved into their medical care building, isolated from the rest of the building by PAP and separate air circulation systems. The three that died were already on their way out anyway and were not put on dialysis or vents because of their standing medical directions.

All employees are tested weekly. Any resident who leaves the facility isolates and is tested twice after a week. If clear they can rejoin the community. My parents did this to visit with my sister's family in the adjoining neighborhood.

I'm thankful that they had a place like this to live in. It was not easy for my dad to make the call to move in but the facility has the facilities and resources to respond well to this.

I know that is not the case for everyone or even for most.

We need to up our game so more people can have a place like that in their older years.
2020-07-04 4:24:35 PM  
5 votes:

KY Jerry: The union didn't beat the confederacy without some losses

Curious how many men would've kept enlisting if they knew the numbers though?  Because the Union lost more.  Thankfully when war has to happen, many young men tend to not be forward thinkers.

Kind of wish we could've gotten to abolish slavery without the war.  Seems like there would've been a lot less bitter feelings that lead to KKK, and all the racism since.  However, slavery had to end, and there were people who were willing to kill just to keep other people locked up.  I had a history teacher who said that is how white people enslaved themselves.  How they didn't understand that if they freed the slaves, they too would've been free.
2020-07-04 4:17:38 PM  
4 votes:
In the same sense as feeding the leopard until it's too fat to hunt is "beating the leopard"
2020-07-04 3:46:55 PM  
4 votes:
Well, I guess their number of active cases is probably VERY low at the moment.

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2020-07-04 3:55:03 PM  
3 votes:
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2020-07-04 3:47:21 PM  
3 votes:

abhorrent1: Well they're technically correct. You may not agree with their method but it worked

Can't have a COVID-19 outbreak among your patients if they're already dead.

*taps forehead*
2020-07-04 3:08:39 PM  
3 votes:
Plenty of vacancies!
2020-07-04 4:09:39 PM  
2 votes:
Sure, in the same manner as Europe ''beating'' the Black Plague.
2020-07-04 3:40:41 PM  
2 votes:
Well they're technically correct. You may not agree with their method but it worked
2020-07-04 10:15:12 PM  
1 vote:

Begoggle: BolloxReader: Begoggle: BolloxReader: We need to up our game so more people can have a place like that in their older years.

That's not even within the realm of possibility within the next 50 years given America's politicians.

Does that mean it can't be worked toward? Or we shouldn't try?

It won't be worked toward. We won't try.
We won't even vote.

Ah, gotcha, just gonna lie down and try to enjoy what the GOP does to you, huh? Well then get out of the conversation if you have nothing to add but biatching and moaning. Go hang out wherever today's versions of Goths hang out to discuss the futility of life.

Just because you are depressed doesn't mean the rest of us don't give a damn.
2020-07-04 6:45:20 PM  
1 vote:
Yeah, were kinda boned with the obesity epidemic.  Think it's bad now with ventilators?  When the obesity epidemic becomes the diabetes epidemic then we have the renal failure epidemic we are going to be fighting for dialysis machines.  Dialysis costs roughly $100,000/year with complications.

The projections I've seen are that Medicare alone will eventually cost more than the global GDP, which of course isn't possible.  That doesn't even count Medicaid for nursing homes.

Want to make a difference in how the elderly are care for it the future?  Do healthy things and get your friends to do them too.
2020-07-04 6:20:08 PM  
1 vote:
If a facility is licensed by the state, they report to the state.  I've seen some of the numbers.  They are scary.

Even in "normal" times, the average stay in a skilled nursing facility is only about nine months.   There has been almost four months with only people "moving-out", and nobody moving-in.  Plus, moving out at a very high rate.  Yeah, there is plenty of vacancies.

/I think hearing loss is part to blame, people shout a lot in senior living facilities
// Lots of shouting equals lots of spread
2020-07-04 6:19:17 PM  
1 vote:

Begoggle: BolloxReader: We need to up our game so more people can have a place like that in their older years.

That's not even within the realm of possibility within the next 50 years given America's politicians.

Does that mean it can't be worked toward? Or we shouldn't try?

I have worked with seniors as an insurance agent, state certified as a partnership long term care insurance producer and certified by CMS for Medicare-related products. A lot of my weight problems came from that job. So many people who needed far more help than I could give them. Ice cream helped me deal.

I can't work in that world, I have no ability to build the wall necessary to not hear their voices at night when I'm trying to fall asleep. The roar of the truck engine and the APU help but not always.

We HAVE to do better. We HAVE to push for better end-of-life care. We HAVE to work to end predatory and abusive tactics and policies. We HAVE to push for better care and conditions for our parents. Eventually we will need them ourselves. Eventually our children will need them. They are us. We are them. Every race, every religion, every nationality. Every age.

There are always people who will be assholes and try to block anything positive from being done. But still we fight. Still we persist. Because the cause is just, it is right. Across the board. It doesn't matter if you are talking older people in assisted living or SNFs, or how police treat people, or how the criminal justice system in general is broken, or how we treat immigrants, or how we treat the destitute. All of it, really, is a manifestation of one issue. And we can't make that issue go away but we can push back against it, work to marginalize it and sideline it in policy discussions.

We have come so far. 110 years ago genocide was the express policy of our government. We are not naturally as high-minded a species as we pretend. Every day many of us we make a decision to be better than the other guy, to reach out and undo some small bit of the harm inflicted by others. We don't always get it right. But we still fight because it is worth it. If a politician local to you is a problem, take them out in an election, primary them if you have to. There are assholes in every crowd.

Make a stand. Together, if at all possible. God knows I'm not the kind who could win the election despite what Trump's skeleton closet looks like. But find someone to back. Support intentionally, not as a team sport. Sure there are times you have to think strategically but the more people in office making a stand the more successful they will be.

Yeah we have to vote for the candidates presented to us in November. Yeah, most of them probably won't be who I or you or anyone wants to see, but work for better next time. Work for better now. Identify those you want to back and push them toward victory as hard as you know how.
2020-07-04 5:35:54 PM  
1 vote:

BolloxReader: We need to up our game so more people can have a place like that in their older years.

That's not even within the realm of possibility within the next 50 years given America's politicians.
2020-07-04 5:34:22 PM  
1 vote:

Scorpitron is reduced to a thin red paste: Don't Lag Me Bro: Scorpitron is reduced to a thin red paste: Plenty of vacancies!

They've got to get new customers somehow. Their old ones aren't showing up anymore.

Thing about nursing homes. No repeat stays.

Well, there must be a few.

The residence where my Mother lives advertises for Winter inmates, who don't have to face up to the Canadian black ice, shovelling snow, salt and grit, and driving, etc, but can live in a cozy residence for the winter months. I don't know how many people buy into this plan, but it might be easier and more convenient than going to Florida for 4 to 8 months of the year. At least you are closer to people you know and love, should anything go wrong or should you belong to a very closely knit community and family, as most people do in the Atlantic Provinces.

Mind you, apart from one company in Nova Scotia with residences and homes across the Maritimes, there have been few or zero deaths in the four provinces, and fewer than in Maine among all four combined (with twice the total population of Maine, almost. Maine has had 105 deaths, NS has had 62, NB 2, NF 3 and PEI zero thus far. They have essentially reopened as a "bubble", but cautiously and with the will, the trust and the means to shut down again if need be.
2020-07-04 5:27:35 PM  
1 vote:
In Canada, 82% of the deaths have been connected with acute care homes (Old Folk's Homes, mainly). I hate to even imagine Florida at the moment, where a quarter of the population is vulnerable because of age and pre-existing health conditions, as are large parts of the population in California, Arizona, Maine, and West Virginia or Kentucky.

But think of the money HMOs and Insurance companies must be saving each day as the obese, asthmatic, COPD-riddled charity-prison poors and well-insured and over-insured middle and upper classes die.

Ka-Ching, just like in the "Great Wall of Mexico" SF story by John Sladek (1973).

Both the fictional and real Presidents, whichever is which, are based losely on famous Russian-Chinese mole, Richard M. Nixon. Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Only Nixon could go to China.
2020-07-04 4:10:45 PM  
1 vote:
Ah.  The Zapp Brannagin approach.

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2020-07-04 3:47:47 PM  
1 vote:
And by "COVID 19," we mean "patients"
2020-07-04 3:39:53 PM  
1 vote:
Cough cough coughin' on Heaven's door.
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