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2020-07-01 8:42:16 AM  
Newhart Finale
Youtube ZgdUWXf8jJk

It was so much easier to keep a secret in those days.
2020-07-01 8:45:58 AM  
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2020-07-01 8:49:17 AM  
"Now, get the hell out of our galaxy!"

"Come on, Ace, we've got work to do."

"Yeah Buffy, what are we gonna do now?"

"Who's to say my fantasies won't come true, just this once?"
2020-07-01 9:38:05 AM  
Ivanova and the "I am Death Incarnate."
2020-07-01 9:38:24 AM  
Chicken pot chicken pot chicken pot pie!
2020-07-01 9:43:05 AM  
bostonguy: "Who's to say my fantasies won't come true, just this once?"

That one hits like a truck. It's a bittersweet ending, you see a happy future, but this thing that brought you happiness will no longer continue. I think it is dwarfed by "Where do you think we are right now?" as a singular moment, however.
2020-07-01 9:44:53 AM  

Myrdinn: Ivanova and the "I am Death Incarnate."

Especially because [SPOILER].
2020-07-01 9:52:43 AM  
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2020-07-01 9:56:11 AM  
Too many to list. I will list a few of my favorites.

The Simpsons - His dinner's getting all cold and eaten
Youtube PfAvzdUrC_Y
2020-07-01 9:58:46 AM  
The Simpsons - Barney drinks six beers at once
Youtube KwuRe73x1vk
2020-07-01 9:59:27 AM  
South Park Cartman is pissed
Youtube dmuvLd5w-sU
2020-07-01 10:00:17 AM  
South Park Funniest Scene Fat Camp "Hello Camper!"
Youtube 6Fb-3i_POk8
2020-07-01 10:00:42 AM  
Eric Cartman at the Death Camp
Youtube 5KpLd2MPsDs
2020-07-01 10:02:04 AM  
ALF Blows up the Kitchen
Youtube eU0sYYwhMJk
2020-07-01 10:02:21 AM  

Babylon 5 Vir answers Mr Morden
Youtube 25_5aBnMHwA

...followed later on by this:

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2020-07-01 10:04:09 AM  
The ultimate sin....

Cartman eating KFC
Youtube onf-C9o7Vgw
2020-07-01 10:05:31 AM  
Beavis & Butthead best chords ever
Youtube u3ND-9DYUhM
2020-07-01 10:06:28 AM  
Im disabled scene from the IT Crowd
Youtube 49MnzqB28qQ
2020-07-01 10:07:35 AM  
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2020-07-01 10:08:43 AM  

Random Celebrity Insult Generator: [YouTube video: Im disabled scene from the IT Crowd]

I see you and raise you
i.pinimg.comView Full Size
2020-07-01 10:09:19 AM  

Ktonos: This...

[YouTube video: Babylon 5 Vir answers Mr Morden]

...followed later on by this:

[Fark user image image 210x193]

Oh hell yes,
2020-07-01 10:09:38 AM  
Winchester's touching moment - M*A*S*H Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen (1983) MASH
Youtube vmcQt0fdftw
Winchester has the best arc from the entire show, hands down.
2020-07-01 10:09:42 AM  
Basically anytime Laura San Giacomo wore a tight sweater on Just Shoot Me

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2020-07-01 10:11:40 AM  
Nick Yemana - Barney Miller
Youtube IiCoLlHaVck

mooshi mooshi
2020-07-01 10:19:50 AM  
IT Crowd Bytes - Jen's encounter with the Japanese
Youtube VZrp7mAmeRI
2020-07-01 10:42:10 AM  
Game of Thrones: Red Wedding Reactions Compilation
Youtube 78juOpTM3tE

For an OOF moment.
2020-07-01 10:42:37 AM  
Dragnet Clapper Caper with Jack Webb & Johnny Carson
Youtube jgYbogp1Ha0
2020-07-01 10:43:29 AM  
Carol Burnett Show outtakes - Tim Conway's Elephant Story
Youtube 3qqE_WmagjY
2020-07-01 10:44:40 AM  

NeoCortex42: [ image 850x478]

I must not have gotten that far in the series yet, so now I'm wondering what the hell is happening.
2020-07-01 11:11:38 AM  
Cartman on Church's Fried Chicken
Youtube Wj3-H1TtEUQ
2020-07-01 11:12:35 AM  
The X Company episode Walk With the Devil is phenomenal start to finish, but the end gets me every time. When they unfold the note wrapped in the sabotaged torpedo

We are with you
2020-07-01 11:13:54 AM  
The IT Crowd - Fire at a Sea Parks
Youtube qy_BKKnHgas
2020-07-01 11:19:12 AM  
Star Trek - S01E28 "The City on the Edge of Forever" (1967)
Youtube 91Jp94cY6Xc
2020-07-01 11:19:37 AM  
Thus was a hell of a way to start a new show.
Brockmire | 'The Meltdown (Extended)' Official Clip | IFC
Youtube fOf6bOc6ehk
2020-07-01 11:45:09 AM  
Now, say my name...


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2020-07-01 12:04:51 PM  
The M*A*S*H episode where Hawkeye and Trapper school the racist soldier about "the right color of blood"
2020-07-01 12:05:53 PM  
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2020-07-01 12:07:03 PM  
Annie Potts' speech about giving kids condoms in the Designing Women episode Killing All The Right People
2020-07-01 12:07:28 PM  
or this:
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2020-07-01 12:24:14 PM  
Kramer-"I'm out."
2020-07-01 12:28:11 PM  
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Put it out in the cornfield son.

Best Twilight Zone episode.  Scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.
2020-07-01 12:36:55 PM  
Laugh for Chuckles
Youtube TJny78bpsgo
2020-07-01 12:39:42 PM  
One Small Step
Youtube na0scpoRBO0

I did see it on TV. Does that count?
2020-07-01 12:46:53 PM  
Babylon 5 has already been covered nicely, so how about some TNG?

ST TNG "The Defector" - Picard OWNS Tomalak
Youtube OOXT22Ghouw

"What shall it be, Tomalak?"
"You'll still not survive our assault."
"You will not survive ours.  Shall we die together?"
2020-07-01 12:47:07 PM  

damageddude: [YouTube video: Newhart Finale]
It was so much easier to keep a secret in those days.

From Newhart TOS, Howard Borden's "... Cook 'em?"
2020-07-01 12:57:52 PM  

crzybtch: Best Twilight Zone episode. Scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.

From my favorite TZ episode:  "IT'S A COOKBOOK!"
2020-07-01 1:04:33 PM  
The Fonz jumps the shark
Youtube sdQHRQ-8xLA
2020-07-01 1:37:31 PM  
There's isn't a clip of it on youtube... but It's the season-ending shot on NBC's "Crime Story", when Detective Torello Confronts a confident and victorious-seeming Ray Luca in his casino club. Ray has let power and ambition and excess drive him over the edge or reason, leading him to rape the girlfriend of his most loyal lieutenant, who, upon hearing the news, turns states' evidence on his boss.  Torello and US Attorney Abrahms come to arrest Ray Luca.

Luca tells Tortello:

"I'm too fast, I'm too smart, for you wing tip bozos to ever beat me.  You got nothin'. So get out of my place."

"What I got, Ray, is 210 pounds, wears a haircut from outer soace, and has a drivers' license that reads: Paul. Taglia." (tosses cuffs on the table)"... put 'em, on, Ray."
2020-07-01 1:39:52 PM  
"You don't."
Scully and Clyde Bruckman
Youtube DRuO2K8jNUE
2020-07-01 1:47:13 PM  

Farking Clown Shoes: [Fark user image image 500x207]

[Fark user image image 268x268]
[Fark user image image 480x270]

One of my favourites of all time.
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