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(Some Guy)   Paris Hilton decides change-room lineups are too long, tries on multiple shirts (sans bra) amongst stunned, aroused onlookers in department store. "What? Like you haven't seen them already"   ( divider line
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66724 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Aug 2004 at 7:35 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-08-18 08:15:06 PM  
Dear Paris,
Get lost.
The Masses

P.S. And your little dog too!
2004-08-18 08:16:35 PM  
Well, I'm no 375 Lb. jackhole from Loserville, but I have to say...she's kind of gross. She's better than her sister, though, I'll give you that.

And I'm inclined to agree with IrishDrunk, dressing rooms are a waste of effort.
2004-08-18 08:19:37 PM  
God hates us.
2004-08-18 08:19:43 PM  
In a fascinating twist of threadjacking, this thread was made much more worthwhile thanks to that hilarious, "Are My Boobs Crooked?" video.

The old fat guy, who's eyes nearly roll back in his head, is priceless!
2004-08-18 08:20:25 PM  
If we are talking about size, let me be the first one to say:

Nothing to see here, move along.


2004-08-18 08:20:48 PM  
Remind me, why is this person famous?
2004-08-18 08:21:45 PM  
just doing my thing for WWSA (women without self-induced anorexia)
2004-08-18 08:21:51 PM  
I'd hit it, film it, then sell it.
2004-08-18 08:25:09 PM  
/wouldn't hit it if i was paid...yuck what a whore
2004-08-18 08:25:14 PM  
P: lease
A: llow us to
R: eturn to our
I: nvariably more interesting
S: tates of taste and decency,

H: aving
I: sisted for a
L: ooonnng time
T: hat we listen
O: n and on to your
N: ever ending bullcrap life

That is all

2004-08-18 08:28:04 PM  
Trifecta? You betcha!!!
2004-08-18 08:28:07 PM  
another side story. I used to date an 'actress' about 8 years ago that would do the same thing in the waiting area of the changing rooms (that corridor by the doors) and thought it was funny to call me in and ask my advise while she was either topless or in her undies - her excuse 'well you've seen them before' - with my reply being 'yes, but not with 10 other women in the same room'.

/don't date actresses or models.
2004-08-18 08:30:29 PM  
roryharrigan, that's farkin' hilarious

/will credit you when I forward that to my officemates
2004-08-18 08:30:37 PM  
And you thought Louis X1V was a drama queen.

All hail the American Aristocracy!
We shall buy whatever she agrees to sell us.

France surrenders, and inbreeds a special mini dog for the occasion.

/piss boy
2004-08-18 08:31:18 PM  
Paris who??
2004-08-18 08:33:01 PM  
I'd hit it, but I'd be afraid I'd break it. Then die of some horrible disease. So I guess I wouldn't. Yeah I would, but it would take a couple beers.
2004-08-18 08:34:55 PM  
Are people so hard up on celebrities to worship that they have to latch onto pseudo-celebs like the Hilton sisters? It's absolutely infuriating.

Of course I'd hit it till I'm raw (double bagged), but then that isn't saying much. Without the makeup, tanning salons, stylists, skanky clothes etc, most of you probably wouldn't give her a second glance.
2004-08-18 08:35:30 PM  
I've decided Paris Hilton is cool. None of you guys ever did anything like this before? Jesus, try and have a little fun before you dry up. I'll try not to violate the sanctity of the retail clothing establishment.
2004-08-18 08:38:07 PM  
/will make exception for wonderkitten
2004-08-18 08:40:28 PM  
Her tired little boobs
Once our fascination, yes?
Springtime freshness gone
2004-08-18 08:43:09 PM  
whoever said she is hotter than her sister, must love that carista flockhart, i need a cheeseburger look. since her sister aint much heavier, but she is much hotter. and less of a tramp.

paris is a dirty whore, end of story. look at me, my dog disappeared, it returned after i posted a sign with reward, starring in a night goggle vision porno, starring in the simple life 1&2(with her real sister nicole least they seem better suited to be siblings)

who the fark gives a shiat.....

/how is anything related to paris news?
2004-08-18 08:46:01 PM  
You all have to admit, it would have been a site to behold. Paris Hilton, an attractive, insanely rich woman, baring her little breasts for all in the store to see. Each of them is worth more money than I will likely even see in my lifetime.

Besides, I bet it was kind of hot.
2004-08-18 08:48:39 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-08-18 08:48:48 PM  
My vote is for a Fark that is ALL Paris, ALL the time.
2004-08-18 08:49:31 PM  
"Hey, Paris, get a room!"

You would think she could, being a Hilton and all.
2004-08-18 08:54:15 PM  
I'd hit it, assuming I had access to one of those full-body condoms they had in Naked Gun. And it was lined with lead.
2004-08-18 08:54:15 PM  
Now if we could get her to do this at my local Frys, I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone - shopping for the latest electronic doo-dad and seeing a pair of mama-chichis.
2004-08-18 08:54:40 PM  
Serious Dejavu going. This is two threads I've spotted in 5 minutes that I know I've seen before.
2004-08-18 08:55:36 PM  
I like her more and more every day.
2004-08-18 08:56:49 PM  
Sounds like that attention ho is out-skanking Britney Spears. One or the other is constantly in the news for...whatever it is they do.

They both need their own tags at this point. Drew, Britney & Paris tags, please?
2004-08-18 08:57:30 PM  
That's it, FARK needs a "TRASH" tag.
2004-08-18 08:58:46 PM  
Yes! Make a new tag. Something like:

Hot Ditz

2004-08-18 09:00:02 PM  

(new window)

2004-08-18 09:01:36 PM  
Not only would I hit it, I'd hit it until she got pregnant. Then I'd fight for custody and sue for child support.

/Why wasn't The Sun there?
2004-08-18 09:03:13 PM  
I suppose Paris is somewhat attractive...but I just don't go for the blonde, thin, tan look, but to anyone who would hit it, keep on truckin'!
2004-08-18 09:03:30 PM  
To add a bit more fuel to the fire

I'm in Northern Ireland and IM sick hearing about her. And not just online. She's always on T.V (and for some reason in the SHOWBIZ columns in mags) AND we get that Simple Life crap.

Must be hell for you american farkers (people who post here, not american fuc..never mind)

any other foreigners the same?
2004-08-18 09:09:49 PM  
Holy Chocolate Christ, am I ever sick of hearing about Paris Hilton's every move.

"Paris Hilton's dog is lost."
"Paris Hilton flashed her emaciated pancake breasts."
"Paris Hilton's dog is found."
"Paris Hilton rented a car."
"Paris Hilton brushed her teeth."
"Paris Hilton cut a fart."

I don't bear the woman any ill will, I'm just tired of hearing about her. The moon landing and the fall of the Berlin Wall didn't get as much coverage as Paris freakin' Hilton.
2004-08-18 09:11:21 PM  
why wasn't The Sun there?!?!?
2004-08-18 09:12:26 PM  
Man, the slogan is true today more than ever.

img.fark.netView Full Size
2004-08-18 09:14:48 PM  
2004-08-18 09:14:55 PM  
I'd hit it, with an indecency charge!
2004-08-18 09:19:13 PM  
Someone post that "attention whore" picture. Please.
2004-08-18 09:25:08 PM  
Yeah, I'd be down with a total ban on all PH related stories.
2004-08-18 09:25:11 PM  
I agree with jrdncastillo.


The more your pay attention to her, the longer her 15 minutes of fame will last.

It's just sad to see someone with so much money be so farking stupid.
2004-08-18 09:34:20 PM  
For ArbitraryConstant

[image from too old to be available]
2004-08-18 09:35:53 PM  
I would like to say...

Ive spent most of my time on staring at:

[image from too old to be available]

Id hit hilton with a concrete foundation, just out of principle... what do people see in her?

humans should be required to have intelligence and decency...

instead all they get is money

2004-08-18 09:37:33 PM  
I'd hit it, with an indecency charge!

I read that as "incendiary charge"
2004-08-18 09:40:34 PM  

Remind me, why is this person famous?

Because she did amatuer porn. No other reason.
2004-08-18 09:44:21 PM  
We need the obligitory "Loser Farker writes how ugly the babe is" pic right about now.

Me...I know I'd hit it. Again, and again....
2004-08-18 09:44:44 PM  
Attn Ho

Re: my off., we abbrev. evrythng.
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