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(Daily Mail)   I repeat, do not put things in your penis. Especially 5 foot long cables. Bonus, 5 years ago   ( divider line
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2566 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Jun 2020 at 11:50 AM (3 days ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2 days ago  

Merltech: some_beer_drinker: why is it always dudes in china who do this?

Men outnumber women in china, so men have to get their kicks on somehow.

And the Chinese government cracks down on porn.
2 days ago  

HawgWild: lindalouwho: You should tell us stories more often, you really know how to paint a picture!

I just felt like this was an opportunity to get as many people on Fark as I possibly could to think about my penis.

sounds like a short subject so sure, proceed.

NewportBarGuy: Is it still ok to put glass jars in my anus?

Of course.


And isn't it called Soundng? Putting metal rods up your penis, I mean,
2 days ago  
Daily Mail? I now doubt the existence of small boys, cables and China
2 days ago  

1derful: If i could put a five foot long cable inside my pens, this is not the corner of the internet you'd find me hanging out.

That would be a neat trick to stick a 5 foot cable inside a pen.
2 days ago  
In the current age of Covid, I'm putting together an online VR house of medical horrors for Halloween.

Don't miss out on the 'Fistula hallway', ride the 'prolapsed vagina slide', virtual boxing on an elephantiasis heavy bag...
See the post surgical pics of cancer of the labia (hint surgeon is holding the labes up and spreading them, hustler style, with his face showing threw the gaps).

I'll post a link when it's closer.

Further suggestions? Particularly interested in horrors from medical professionals.

Piercings gone wrong?
Untreated STI your dick and pussy pics?

I'm looking to keep the 'finished the tour' % at 0.
2 days ago  

HawgWild: Gather 'round, children. Ol' HawgWild has a Cool Story, Bro for ya.

I decided to get screened for STDs with a new significant other.  Had no idea that the test would include sticking an unlubed cotton swab into my pee hole and up to my bladder.  I was sore for a week.  Now I'm content to just wear a condom.
/in a sense you were lucky.  Usually by the time diverticulitis causes that much damage you also get sepsis.
2 days ago  

some_beer_drinker: why is it always dudes in china who do this?

Because it's the Daily Mail, and the yellow peril is SCARY LOOK WHAT THEY DO LOOK AT THEM OMGZ VOTE BNP!
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