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(Fark)   Do you or anyone you know have ever had an exotic pet? Was it difficult and/or expensive to care for it?   ( divider line
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2020-06-25 7:00:02 AM  

You better farking believe it.

What the hell did you expect?
2020-06-25 7:04:18 AM  
like a llama or an emu?
2020-06-25 7:09:16 AM  
I had a hamster once.

/it seemed pretty exotic for a seven year old
2020-06-25 7:47:25 AM  
Define "exotic"-
Reptiles, yes. Generally pretty easy to care for.
Tigers and shiat, no. Even I'm not that stupid.
2020-06-25 8:12:40 AM  
I had a bird once.

Don't have a bird.

/very messy critters
2020-06-25 8:14:27 AM  
I grew up with neighbors that kept raccoons.  Nasty critters.  The raccoons were pretty friendly though.
2020-06-25 8:32:04 AM  
A neighbor lady had a squirrel named Butternut. It later escaped and presumably killed by a predator. Also she had exotic birds where one was a cockatoo that tried to bite you at every opportunity it got, and a monk parakeet that escaped and presumably died.
2020-06-25 9:28:33 AM  
4 parrots. All used. Expensive to own and difficult to keep sane. Roomba is my savior.

Do not get pet birds.
2020-06-25 10:14:18 AM  
I now have a 3 gal vivarium filled with preying mantis. Cute little buggers. I also have flightless fruit flies I'm raising to feed them. It's so fun to watch them rip their little heads off. I already have some favorites, Little Grabby, General Mantis, and the Mandelbelorean.
Eventually they'll be outside pets but I might keep one or two inside.
2020-06-25 10:15:33 AM  
My uncle has a Llama named Dolly.

She pretty much takes care of herself. And all of the other animals. Do not, under any circumstances, approach a strange solo llama in a field with other animals. That's a guard llama and will F you right in the A if it doesn't know you.
2020-06-25 10:20:12 AM  
I had a savannah monitor for a while.  It was relatively low maintenance but it was mean as hell and a powerful creature.  Feeding it was ok but just generally handling it for cleaning his enclosure and such wasn't too fun as it was in all respects a wild animal with big claws, sharp teeth, and tail like a bullwhip.
2020-06-25 10:30:05 AM  
Auntie had a boa constrictor that wouldn't constrict... that is, it would not eat live or dead prey, so she had to feed it a liquid food prep by oral syringe like every two weeks.
2020-06-25 10:31:21 AM  
Buddy had a crocodile for a while. It kept getting bigger and bigger until one day he dumped it off in the swamp. Probably died when winter rolled around.
2020-06-25 10:32:04 AM  
I grew up with all sorts of animals. My dad is an endangered species specialist for the federal government, so yeah...

Pets: American Toad, Fire-Bellied Toad, Grey Treefrog, Green Treefrog, Northern Slimy Salamander, Box Turtle, Snapping Turtle, Corn Snake

Temporary residents either being relocated or rehabilitated: Copperheads, Musk Turtle, Opossum, Flying Squirrel, Grey Squirrel...
2020-06-25 10:34:56 AM  
Don't get any pet that hasn't actually been domesticated or isn't already incredibly lazy.

Just get a dog, or a cat.
2020-06-25 10:37:51 AM  

FlyingFarmer: 4 parrots. All used. Expensive to own and difficult to keep sane. Roomba is my savior.

Do not get pet birds.

Amazingly, there ARE other pet birds besides parrots. Kind of a crap conclusion to draw, there.
2020-06-25 10:45:30 AM  

ManifestDestiny: FlyingFarmer: 4 parrots. All used. Expensive to own and difficult to keep sane. Roomba is my savior.

Do not get pet birds.

Amazingly, there ARE other pet birds besides parrots. Kind of a crap conclusion to draw, there.

I don't think that any birds should be kept as pets. You're entitled to your opinion, as am I.
2020-06-25 10:56:00 AM  
My friend has a house full of critters. She has a bearded dragon, which looks cool, but is a lot of work. She has a cage of cockroaches next to it; she's raising cockroaches to feed the dragon.

That would be the point where I drew the damn line, but not my house, not my problem...
2020-06-25 11:03:42 AM  
5 ferrets at one time. Ferrets require a lot of attention, maintenance and ferret-proofing but are a ton-of-fun. They also steal and hide everything.
2020-06-25 11:25:45 AM  
When I was a teenager my friend kept pet snakes(nonpoisonous) His mom wouldnt allow him to keep mice to feed them We kept the mice at my house until one got out and my mother had a fit After that he gave them to the pet store
2020-06-25 11:35:57 AM  

BeotchPudding: 5 ferrets at one time. Ferrets require a lot of attention, maintenance and ferret-proofing but are a ton-of-fun. They also steal and hide everything.

One of my friends when I was little had two ferrets, a siamese cat, and some pet rats. Eventually the ferrets got to the rats and killed them. And then another day the cat killed the ferrets.
2020-06-25 11:40:25 AM  
My cousin had two big exotic parrots.   Normally they are pricey birds, but these were 'free' - she's part of a rescue group - takes birds their owners can't care for anymore.

/ if you count their veterinary care, even 'free' exotics are hella expensive
2020-06-25 11:42:47 AM  
My gradeschool friend had a tarantula, in an empty aquarium in his bedroom. When I spent the night I would insist we sleep on the couches downstairs, and NOT in his room.
2020-06-25 11:44:14 AM  
I had a chipmunk as a kid. I was too young for it. My parents always got me stuff I wasn't ready for like chemistry sets and music lessons.

Anyway, I'd come home from school and look at him in his cage. That was about it. I could stick food in there. Somebody must have cleaned the cage. He would get out, and in his cute way, leave a trail of food to wherever he was setting up shop, usually downstairs under the sofa. He did that twice that I remember.

He couldn't have been around more than a month or two before folks gave him to somebody else. Maybe they let him loose. I'd take him out in the hills and let him be a chipmunk myself. I figure if an animal doesn't voluntarily live with you then it shouldn't be there.
2020-06-25 11:49:44 AM  

FlyingFarmer: 4 parrots. All used. Expensive to own and difficult to keep sane. Roomba is my savior.

Do not get pet birds.

One summer during college, I housesat for someone who had a parrot. She was wacky, the house was wacky, and that parrot was batshiat insane. I have a lot of CSBs from that summer, several directly the result of that parrot... including having to explain to the deputy that yes, in fact, the parrot actually did manage to set off the house alarm.
2020-06-25 12:10:12 PM  
I had some pretty exotic fish for a while. Cost a bomb, both in time and money, totally worthwhile.

then.... a child.
pretty pricey in upkeep. Also, you can't dump them at the pound, so I had to move to another country.

/ a child is for life, not just for christmas
// he has an unfortunate birthday
/// twenty 6 he's old enough to care for himself.
2020-06-25 12:16:44 PM  
I had a redhead.  For 22 years.  She was overall about a 6 on the "terrible" scale, but off the farking charts in terms of expensive.

//never again
2020-06-25 12:38:57 PM  
I had a Brazilian, she was an amazing person did not fit the stereotype of being a party animal but had the other "assets"

As for the other creatures I kept in cages, Tarantulas and a bull frog. Raised the Bullfrog from a tadpole and fed them both the random crickets and other bugs I found in my yard.

One weird story related to that was i bought the Tarantula a baby mouse as a treat but he didn't eat it, I felt bad for it and tried to feed it but failed put it back in the Tarantula cage and the crikets ate it.
2020-06-25 12:39:57 PM  
Would you consider Chinchillas exotic?

We had two.  They lived to about 20 years old, and finally succumbed to old age this year.

I'd say they were no more expensive to care for than a cat or dog, but there are a few things you need to be aware of with regard to their diet (nothing onerous or expensive, just know what to give them and what not to give them).  You also need to know to NOT GET THEM WET!

They clean themselves by taking 'dust baths'.  Their fur is so dense that if they get wet, the lower parts of the fur never really dry out, and they sort of - mildew.

The dust they roll in to 'bathe' is very fine, and will get on stuff in whatever room it's in.

Chinchillas are *very* delightful pets.  They come from a high, cold, environment in the Andes.  Some species have been hunted to extinction.  They are nocturnal, and have opposable thumbs.  They love to chew on things, esp. cables.  Cat 5 network cable, USB cables, video cables - power cables!

Chinchillas are the 'gas giants' of small mammals.  As Jupiter and Saturn have relatively small cores surrounded by huge atmospheres, so Chinchillas have relatively small bodies surrounded by a huge amount of fur.  A Chinchilla that looks like it's a little bigger than a softball might have a body that's only about an inch and a half across.  Therefore, if your enclosure isn't tight enough, they will go straight through it like a liquid metal T-1000 Terminator going through prison bars.  (This has shocked the hell out of Mom at one point, and panicked one of the cats, who went screaming off yelling that the Dust Bunnies were attacking.)

Chinchillas live nicely on hay, and love Applewood twigs and occasional calcium chews.  A rare raisin or pistachio is well received, but do NOT feed them those frequently.

They are also very smart.  Ours were practically 'Pinky and the Brain'.  They loved to watch TV, especially Nickelodeon, Disney Kids, and the World Series of Poker.

Sherry would often lie on the floor and let them climb up on her.  Very friendly, and we miss them very badly.

(Personally, I always thought Pikachu was based on a Chinchilla.)

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2020-06-25 12:45:33 PM  
Not really super exotic but we had a hedgehog which at the time was classified as an exotic pet in terms of finding a vet when he started dying of wobbly hedgehog syndrome.  As for how it went, see the previous statement.

Great little pets though, friendly, easy to take care of, and cute as hell. Too bad about the neurological disease.
2020-06-25 12:55:09 PM  
We live in Florida and when we were younger my dealer cousin had a "pet" alligator. It was small a first, but they grow fast, and it began to outgrow the terrarium as it hit six feet.

He was wasted one night and passed out on the couch. When he woke up the next morning none of the dogs were making any sounds, and when he went to stand up he realizes the gator is laying down right below him, watching, waiting.

Had it not had his three dogs for a snack... I doubt he'd be here.

In true Florida fashion he managed to lure it outside, before he called animal control to deal with it, while cowering inside the house.

The dogs didn't deserve it. I wish he had been eaten instead.
2020-06-25 1:04:46 PM  
Someone at the Holiday Inn my Mom worked at, put a baby Aligator in the aquarium/waterfall/habitat they had in the Lobby. They were going to kill it after it ate all the fish so Mom brought it home. We named it Alley-Oop and he was a fine little guy. He was about six inches long and he would gently take raw hamburger from our hands. Before the next time my Mom left my Dad she gave Alley-Oop to an exotic animal place on the outskirts of town. He was about a foot and a half long then. He wasn't too much trouble.
2020-06-25 2:09:24 PM  

Marcus Aurelius: I grew up with neighbors that kept raccoons.  Nasty critters.  The raccoons were pretty friendly though.

We had a couple of raccoons that we had rescued/rehabilitated when I was a small child. I used to sleep with one wrapped around my head, but mom made me stop that when I got a bad case of fleas.

I think she didn't want me to spread it to the pets.
2020-06-25 2:11:39 PM  
The most exotic pet I ever owned was a guinea pig.  Loudest and most expensive was a Burmese cat who kept having problems with her teeth.  My friend's dad was the biology teacher for the local elementary school.   So they had all kinds of pets that were relatively rare in the 1980s:  Scarlet macaw, 2 cockatoos, some parakeets, a box tortoise, multiple salt and freshwater aquariums with all kinds of fish in them, a chinchilla at one point, a python, and 2 guinea pigs at another point.  Many of the birds had learned to imitate the landline ringing or other common sounds in the house.  You had to listen carefully when the phone rang or someone's name was called, because it could be the birds farking with you or a real event.
2020-06-25 2:22:04 PM  
Paging Carol F*cking Baskins to thread 10860176
2020-06-25 2:35:50 PM  
My grandpa had a couple of Emus.  They just wandered onto his property one day and never left.  We tried to find their owner but no one would claim them.  It's not like they're native to Michigan, so you'd have thought that would have been pretty easy.  One of them didn't live very long, but the other lived about 12 years or so on my grandpa's farm.  It was a pretty cool pet.
2020-06-25 4:21:23 PM  

Marcus Aurelius: I had a bird once.

Don't have a bird.

/very messy critters

Dorothy Parker famously named hers "Onan"
because it "spilled its seed upon the ground".
2020-06-25 4:26:35 PM  
Had a science teacher in junior high that kept a couple boa constrictors in the classroom (glass "cage") which was kind of neat - one was 8', one was 10' (well, as much as snakes have feet, anyway)
2020-06-25 4:59:51 PM  
When I was a teenager me and three friends had an apartment.  One of my friends worked at a pet store.  A Savannah Monitor went missing in the store and had been gone for months.  Suddenly it turned up and the owner didn't want to sell it so he said my friend could have it.  That thing would crawl into bed with you while you were asleep for the body heat so you'd wake up with this three foot lizard snuggled up to you.  They have a pretty gnarly set of teeth but I don't recall anyone ever getting bit.  It didn't have a "cage" so it just wandered around the apartment.  At the time it didn't seem like anything abnormal to a few teenagers but thinking back it does seem a little weird.

He(I'm guessing he was a he) was about this size...

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2020-06-25 5:20:07 PM  
I've had several dachshunds. They're from Germany, so...very exotic.
Stubborn, clever, stubborn, and affectionate.
2020-06-25 6:14:04 PM  

envirovore: Paging Carol F*cking Baskins to thread 10860176

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2020-06-25 7:52:44 PM  
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2020-06-25 8:28:34 PM  

Marcus Aurelius: I had a bird once.

Don't have a bird.

/very messy critters

Just plan accordingly. Don't put a bird in a carpeted room. Preferably, you pick a tiled room with a floor drain. Birds are wonderful pets, but you have to be a responsible pet owner. You don't just cram it in a corner and call it good.
2020-06-25 8:30:00 PM  
My friends have an Axolotl.  I squeed when I first saw it.

/Evolutionary Biology geek
//I had ferrets.  Do they count as exotic?
2020-06-25 8:34:20 PM  

Billy Liar: Had a science teacher in junior high that kept a couple boa constrictors in the classroom (glass "cage") which was kind of neat - one was 8', one was 10' (well, as much as snakes have feet, anyway)

Had a science teacher in 6th grade, and then again in 8th who had:
An anaconda
A python or two
A boa constrictor or two
A caiman (Basically a mini alligator)
And an alligator.

The alligator was pretty freaking chill, except for the one day he was walking around the room after we came back from lunch. He sat under the table and hissed at everyone, and we left it at that. The teacher came back in the room and put Jaws back in his bathtub, and that was that.

The anaconda wasn't eating, so once or twice people from the San Diego Zoo came out, threw a couple of rats in a blender, filled a big ass syringe with said rats (No needle on this syringe, of course), and force fed the anaconda. If this happened during class time, the class got to watch. Sadly, the two times they cam when I had him the first time, I never got to see this. Eventually he traded the anaconda for the last animal in the list:

A rattlesnake.

The rattler only lasted a week or two, because even with a Plexiglas cage that he couldn't break, some people were just too freaked out, so he got rid of it.

Such a cool science class!
2020-06-25 9:15:05 PM  
Two pair of ferrets. They were delightful pets, as friendly as dogs, but as independent as cats. Easy to care for, lots of fun to play with, and don't need anything beyond a cage, water bottle, food dish and a hammock to snooze in. They don't live much beyond 7 years, being susceptible to cancer due to inbreeding. Make sure you don't have any geared furniture, like recliners, because they will find a way to get in there and hurt themselves. The only downside to owning ferrets is that you have to bathe them weekly to avoid a certain muskiness, and the revenge poops they'll do on your nice clean floor after their baths.
2020-06-25 10:33:56 PM  
Jeese, to list about half of them and not even include the number of them, I've had rats, snapping turtles, monitors, iguanas, so. many. snakes., chinchillas, regular turtles, box turtles, boiled turtles, broiled turtles, baked turtles, sauted turtles, turtle kabobs, turtle creole, turtle gumbo, pan fried turtle, deep fried turtle, stir fried turtle...

None were expensive per se.  But they were all a pain.  They're a pain to feed.  They're a pain to prepare the food (preparing the food is why they're not expensive).  They're a pain to clean the cages.  And at the end of the day you have an animal that is cool to look at, but if it wasn't raised by hand from birth it's going to hate you and not love you.

A dog, a cat, hell even a bird can show love and affection.  Exotic pets suck.

/The chinchillas and rats WERE sweet and loving.  But not worth it.
2020-06-26 4:28:42 AM  
A friend of mine had a pet monkey. The family kept it in a cage, where I am sure it was bored out of its mind. Anyway, the monkey would fling its poo out of the cage, so the family eventually got rid of it.
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