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(Ultimate Classic Rock)   William Shatner almost hosted Family Feud but the Treaty of Algeron forbade it   ( divider line
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825 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 23 Jun 2020 at 6:13 PM (10 days ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-06-23 6:22:53 PM  
I thought Geoff Edwards turned down Family Feud first.
2020-06-23 6:39:55 PM  

2020-06-23 7:12:04 PM  
It would've lasted one season with Shatner.
2020-06-23 7:20:03 PM  

borg: It would've lasted one season with Shatner.

I mean it lasted 2-3 years with Louie Anderson, so it absolutely could've done more with Shatner.
2020-06-23 7:27:31 PM  
Who plays Damon Killian in that timeline?
2020-06-23 7:33:25 PM  

Olympic Trolling Judge: Who plays Damon Killian in that timeline?

Gene Rayburn?
2020-06-23 7:36:18 PM  
Some 20 years ago Shatner did an album (Has Been?) that had Common People as the lead track.  Common People is a 10 out of 10, the rest of the album would be an 8 out of 10.  Seriously, that was a damned good album, you should check it out.

Bill doing Family Feud?  Yeah, that would have been cancelled 2-3 shows in.  I just don't see him as a good MC for that show.
2020-06-23 7:38:27 PM  

borg: It would've lasted one season with Shatner.

Couldn't have been any worse then when he did Iron Chef USA...

William Shatner Game 2001 Iron Chef USA
Youtube bJAWjtktv0w

/ It just didn't have the charm of the original or the later Iron Chef America.
2020-06-23 8:04:19 PM  
William Shatner has a good screen face, but he's really, really, really bad with people, being a douchebag, so I don't see that as having potentially survived for very long.
2020-06-23 9:48:31 PM  

DrunkenGator: Olympic Trolling Judge: Who plays Damon Killian in that timeline?

Gene Rayburn?

I did forget the caveat: In that timeline, Ben Richards isn't played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, but by Frank Stallone

Schwarzenegger was busy filming Over The Top after Sylvester Stallone had a bizarre accident that left all the muscles in his right arm torn due to some bet he made with Terry Funk and Scott Norton.  He was never the same.
2020-06-23 10:52:23 PM  
hosting opportunity missed...Treaty of Algeron... i'll send flowers.
7thgrade lit. ftw!
2020-06-24 12:22:15 AM  
The William Shatner of the last 20 years could probably pull it off but 1970s-Shatner hadn't learned to laugh at himself yet and would have been a horrible host for anything 'fun'.
/The timeline may not be perfect but at least we got Newkirk Dawson.
2020-06-24 10:35:49 AM  
Wait, wasn't Shatner caught in the Nexus during the time the Treaty was signed?  I think he was busy making breakfast for his horse and riding his fiancée
2020-06-24 1:59:37 PM  
We asked 100 people "Name your favorite role played by Ricardo Montalban."

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