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(Some Guy)   Meet Lordwarg. Okay, now you can forget about him   ( divider line
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4108 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jun 2020 at 11:35 PM (1 year ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-06-21 7:18:28 PM  
I'm neither Hipster nor edgy enough to look upon his visage.
2020-06-21 9:27:22 PM  
There's trying hard then there's trying way to hard like lordwarg.
2020-06-21 10:01:18 PM  
Lordwang is a better moniker.
2020-06-21 10:24:38 PM  

Garza and the Supermutants: Lordwang is a better moniker.

this is what I originally read it as.

the article was a bit of a surprise.
2020-06-21 11:40:24 PM  
Hey, be nice!

He's my babysitter - the kids love him!
2020-06-21 11:43:14 PM  

Garza and the Supermutants: Lordwang is a better moniker.

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That's lordwang!
2020-06-21 11:46:25 PM  
Why did I need to meet him, subby?  Is this your fetish, tricking innocent bystanders into reading articles and looking at pictures of weird dudes festooned with ridiculous jewelry?  That is some weird shiat that makes my femboy hooters kink seem quite tame in comparison.
2020-06-21 11:47:47 PM  
I wish my hobbies could veer away from trying to keep my family alive and putting my daughter through college, but stay fabulous, kept rent boy.
2020-06-21 11:50:40 PM  
"Meet Lordwarg"

I'll pass.
2020-06-22 12:00:05 AM  
Looking at... all that, all I can think of is remembering times where I've walked past a nail or something sticking out of a wall and snagged/torn a piece of my clothing.
2020-06-22 12:05:09 AM  
2020-06-22 12:13:05 AM  

solokumba: Who?

More like a "What" or a why.......
2020-06-22 12:18:18 AM  
He looks like the Hindu god of douchebags
2020-06-22 12:43:00 AM  
man, I miss acid.
2020-06-22 12:43:50 AM  
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I don't know much about Jean Paul Gaultier, but I know what I like.
2020-06-22 1:13:22 AM  
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Where did you get that overnight bag?
2020-06-22 1:21:41 AM  

leeksfromchichis: There's trying hard then there's trying way to hard like lordwarg.

That's the way my aging eyes read it first, too.

Lordwang Hitlerweed is the name of my Rob Zombie/Hot Tuna crossover band.
2020-06-22 1:25:37 AM  
That's going to be a fun day for an MRI technician...
2020-06-22 2:35:25 AM  
Nope to the nth
2020-06-22 3:46:42 AM  
I read the article expecting a spoiled trust fund hipster waste of life, came back pleasantly surprised. Will now proceed to follow subby's instructions and forget about Lordwarg.
2020-06-22 3:48:55 AM  
Kill it with disinfectant.
2020-06-22 5:47:26 AM Full Size

He is edgy but he is not 'fondling the hair of a unicorn sat on his lap' edgy.
2020-06-22 6:45:56 AM  
"I am not afraid to loose anything"...

Pet peeve.
2020-06-22 7:21:04 AM  
2020-06-22 9:09:13 AM  
Say what you will, but this guy is kinda my new fashion spirit animal.  Yeah, it's weird, but that's kinda the point of fashion as an art form, to push the boundaries of what we percieve as normal and to follow your own path.  You dont buy clothes because someone says it's in vogue or a must have, you buy them because they make you happy.  He may never have striking good looks, he may never be wealthy, but he's got style...that in itself is something truly special and its something money cant buy.
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/yes I am weird
//proudly so
///three because I must
JD [TotalFark] [OhFark]
2020-06-22 9:35:20 AM  
Lordwarg?.....The one with all the shiat in her face?

2020-06-22 9:56:56 AM  
the things people do for attention...
2020-06-22 11:59:52 AM  

wantingout: the things people do for attention...

they whore
2020-06-22 10:36:36 PM  
I don't know if our Photoshop crew could make this any more ridiculous. That would be hard to imagine. So consider that a challenge.
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