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(The Takeout)   How ants-on-a-log became yummy-snacks-on-a-plate   ( divider line
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2020-06-08 11:04:55 AM  
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2020-06-08 11:13:57 AM  
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2020-06-08 11:50:00 AM  
It's interesting how some plants start out being used for certain parts and then most of the plant is now used.
2020-06-08 12:05:52 PM  
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2020-06-08 12:13:33 PM  
My son and I were visiting friends and he was introduced to this vile concoction.

When his friend's Dad asked him how he liked them, he replied,

"Well, they are a little bit terrible."
2020-06-08 12:26:13 PM  
Don't roll the log over, don't roll the log over.
2020-06-08 12:28:50 PM  
Just the name alone is disgusting.

Who wants to eat ants?  We're not aardvarks.
2020-06-08 12:40:24 PM  
We always called them bumps on a log when I was growing up
2020-06-08 1:09:07 PM  
Never heard of it.  But then I'm in Canada.  Peanut butter on celery ribs was a thing.  Not a thing I ever wanted to eat, but a thing nonetheless.  I only ever put cheese on celery.  Or sometimes just salt.
2020-06-08 1:14:12 PM  
You should try "ants climbing up a tree" in a chinese restaurant. Violently fiery...
2020-06-08 1:42:40 PM  
Nothing But Trouble (1991) Dinner Scene
Youtube Apjvf9YNzEM
2020-06-08 2:48:58 PM  
I prefer my ants climbing a tree

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Mmmm... Numbingly good
2020-06-08 2:50:58 PM  

skiinstructor: You should try "ants climbing up a tree" in a chinese restaurant. Violently fiery...

Preferably a Chinese restaurant specializing in Sichuanese food
2020-06-08 3:56:11 PM  
The purpose of celery is that it will fill your stomach without giving you any more carbs or fat to have to burn. I keep a tupperware full of raw carrots and celery to snack on, because it's either that or something incompatible with my diet.
2020-06-08 4:20:10 PM  

schrepjm: [Fark user image 425x318]

Once, while in high school, I had dinner at a friend's house. The kid's dad was known for making some great food, so I was excited. The man made us spaghetti and meatballs. Homemade everything, even the noodles. So, pretty great, right? I cut open what I though was a ravioli and a pile of effin raisins comes spilling out all over. I looked at the chef and he said something about the raisins and how they compliment the sauce. It was a very traumatic experience. I farking hate raisins!

As my sister once said, "Why would you do that to a grape?"
2020-06-08 5:42:27 PM  
They replaced the raisins and celery with real food?
2020-06-08 6:32:31 PM  

FrancoFile: Just the name alone is disgusting.

Who wants to eat ants?  We're not aardvarks.


The Flintstones · Meet Weirdly Gruesome
Youtube AG8hVWk3mUk
2020-06-09 12:28:00 AM  
... or as I like to call them: "leper-grapes".
2020-06-09 10:08:45 AM  
I never had this growing up, I saw so many people eating it I thought it must be good, I always wondered what it tasted like. We did not have celery in our house (I don't know why) , when I finally tried it, it was probably one of the worst things I ever tasted. celery and peanut butter are vile together. it was then that I realized how much other peoples parents must have hated them.
2020-06-09 11:39:10 AM  
I like ants on a log and still eat them every once in a while, but I don't know when or why I started in the first place. I refused to eat peanut butter as a kid and didn't start eating it well into my teens. I definitely never had it at home. Another mystery.
2020-06-09 2:18:15 PM  

CFitzsimmons: As my sister once said, "Why would you do that to a grape?"

It's what happens when grapes pick the wrong Grail.
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