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(AZ Family)   Who do you cheer for when a drunk driver hits a man accused of running from the scene of an assault?   ( divider line
    More: Strange, Crime, short time, Scottsdale police, crime scene, Transport, Walking, 32-year-old Yessenia Garcia, short distance  
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2020-05-26 1:03:13 AM  
The Cops, EMTs and Tow driver.
2020-05-26 1:48:28 AM  
The car
2020-05-26 1:49:28 AM  
Is this one of those weird linear logic questions?

R. Kelly.

I have no clue.
2020-05-26 2:12:42 AM  
2020-05-26 2:25:12 AM  
I'm reminded of that scene from the movie "Go".

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2020-05-26 3:42:27 AM  
Well the reason we hate drunk drivers is because their actions kill or maim innocent people. In this case the person wasn't innocent so cheer for the drunk.
2020-05-26 4:37:24 AM  
Clearest case of a win-win situation.
2020-05-26 4:38:31 AM  
The assault victim?
2020-05-26 4:41:39 AM  
And I think to myself
What a farrrrrrrrrked up world
Awwwww yeeeeeeah
2020-05-26 4:44:21 AM  
Cheer for them both. Unless the assaulter assaulted the drunk and she was running him down.

Is she hot? Send her my way ... I could use a drinking buddy. Need to hide the wife and keys though.
2020-05-26 5:00:37 AM  
Did anyone shoot the hostage?
2020-05-26 5:17:51 AM  
Come to Jesus moment.
2020-05-26 5:28:47 AM  
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2020-05-26 5:29:42 AM  

swahnhennessy: Come to Jesus moment.

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2020-05-26 5:43:53 AM  
I've got to know what spurred the fight. But the running away doesn't look good for the assault suspect, and not watching for traffic (while in the bar district) does speak to his state of mind...
2020-05-26 6:28:54 AM  
Who do I cheer for? Me. Somehow or other, in my role as a taxpayer, I'll get the bill.
2020-05-26 6:35:43 AM  
In before "I'd like to party with her"/"bathe her and bring her to my chambers* "

/*another word for basement
2020-05-26 7:08:01 AM  
The DA.
2020-05-26 7:13:53 AM  
Thanks puffy999.  I was not familiar with Joan Cornella but now I'm fan.  His humor is dark...I mean like the Cowboy in Lebowski says:  "darker than a steer's tookus on a moonless prairie night."
2020-05-26 7:24:07 AM  
Accused, not convicted
2020-05-26 7:32:17 AM  

puffy999: [ image 595x842]
[ image 679x960]
[ image 850x1177]

[ image 595x842]

[ image 595x842]

It's way too early (and I'm way too hungover) to make sense of those comics.  So here's a gif of a lawn tractor running over innocent blades of grass...
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Gif shamelessly stolen from Insemination Monkey during an NNL.
2020-05-26 7:34:16 AM  
The for profit prison industry, they're the real winner here...

Wait, no! That's not right!
2020-05-26 7:41:08 AM  
You root for the ultimate underdog :
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2020-05-26 10:05:06 AM  

169th Cousin: The Cops, EMTs and Tow driver.

Giant Meteor 2020
2020-05-26 10:13:13 AM  
Well, who had the right of way?
2020-05-26 10:28:41 AM  
By the looks of it, she'd clean up well enough.

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Her name though, Yesseinia, sounds an awful lot like Yersinia, the bacteria that caused the Plague.

Thanks, but no thanks.
2020-05-26 11:32:40 AM  
She looks a bit like Eartha Kitt.
2020-05-26 12:11:49 PM  

169th Cousin: The Cops, EMTs and Tow driver.

I was coming to say Karma but I'd like to change my answer to yours.
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