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(The Hollywood Reporter)   Georgia reveals Covid-19 protocols for filming so we can get that Walking Dead season finale   ( divider line
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315 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 23 May 2020 at 5:05 AM (7 days ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-05-23 5:52:36 AM  
Well, that's not remotely ominous...
2020-05-23 6:04:54 AM  
Is the protocol run and hide from anyone with Covid and kill them with a headshot if they get too close?
2020-05-23 6:25:36 AM  
I thought they had completed filming the finale but just had to insert CGI deer.
2020-05-23 8:40:12 AM  
Filming is over. They are waiting on post production
7 days ago  
Everybody should know that nobody's dumb ass should get caught by a slow rotting zombie, or be within 6 feet, at the least.
Also, no excuse for having a group of them just attack you in the woods all the sudden
6 days ago  

GardenWeasel: Filming is over. They are waiting on post production

Never mind Walking Dead, they were in the middle of filming the Loki series when the shutdown happened.

It wasn't supposed to air until next year, who knows how long it's been delayed now. Life is kicking our arses enough as is, just gimme some more of Hiddleston's Loki asap, damnit!!
6 days ago  
I'll take part 2 of La Jiggy Jar Jar Doo please. Carl Poppa.
6 days ago  
Have they got any protocols for hiding the fact that you never see 2 people in the same shot?
6 days ago  
I'm just here for the Coral memes.
6 days ago  
It's Georgia so... Call it a hoax, lick everyone's eyeballs patriotically, and praise Jesus?
6 days ago  
I thought Hollywood was boycotting Georgia because of trans-hate reasons.
6 days ago  

CaptainFatass: I thought Hollywood was boycotting Georgia because of trans-hate reasons.

Its Hollywood, so words mean nothing except money, that one speaks volumes.
6 days ago  

CaptainFatass: I thought Hollywood was boycotting Georgia because of trans-hate reasons.

Tyler Perry Studios is still running.  He is a good guy overall, a few weeks back he paid for the groceries of several thousand senior citizens shopping at Kroger.

But he strikes me as kind of religious, so it would sadly not surprise me if he had a giant blind spot in his heart for LGBTQ rights.

Also this may mean we are heading g into a world where the only new content is Tyler Perry Studios garbage
6 days ago  
Of course, the Conservative anti-union "right to work" state of Georgia is one of the first to try to re-open.

The only thing everyone forgets about the film industry is nothing happens without insurance.   No insurance company in the world would insure a big star.
6 days ago  
I'm in the industry. Our unions are still trying to determine the best post-pandemic production working conditions, but to keep everyone truly safe would require the kind of headcount and sanitization that would make things very expensive.

The most salient idea so far is quarantining the cast and crew for the duration of the shoot, which will prevent day players - most of which are cast - from working on other shows out of fear of spreading germs. Plus, who the eff wants to leave their family without trips home every other weekend?

The insurance piece is a concern, but it only means they pay higher premiums.

Plus, at least in the US, we're in the middle of our outbreak, with a second wave on the way with all the premature openings and flu klux klan rallies, only to be followed by flu season and a potential third wave.

VFX wizards stitching footage together a la "Orphan Black" might be the way to go for actors. Crew will wear PPE and self-drive everywhere.

It's still too early to tell, and I'm hoping my unemployment gets extended.
6 days ago  

CaptainFatass: I thought Hollywood was boycotting Georgia because of trans-hate reasons.

Georgia withdrew their bathroom bill, or voted it down, after pressure from AMC and individual actors.
5 days ago  
Don't forget Family Feud. I hear that If Steve Harvey doesn't film 16 hours of shows a day, every day, GSN is going to take him out like Biggie Smalls. That channel might be made for 70-year old women, but those people are gangsta.

/Game Show Clan ain't nuthin ta fark wit
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