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(9 News)   So you think wearing a mask is a violation of your rights? Let's ask a constitutional lawyer and see   ( divider line
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8052 clicks; posted to Main » and Politics » on 22 May 2020 at 8:59 PM (8 days ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-05-23 3:49:40 PM  

dittybopper: Meh.  Ask more than one.  In fact, ask 9 of them, and you'll get 12 different opinions.  That's kind of the problem.  Outside of some very basic stuff, constitutional law has been farked up the ass by lawyers for about 230 years now.  It's a short document written in plain, non-legalese English.  A person of average intelligence can easily understand what it says.  It shouldn't require years of advanced study.

So, person of average intelligence, what does the phrase "A well-regulated militia" mean to you with regard to the 2nd Amendment?  The Heller decision didn't say a word about that part of the 2nd, and I'd wager almost every SCOTUS justice** is of average intelligence.

/Oxford commas are a biatch.
//** Not sure Justice Kegstand McFratbro.
2020-05-23 5:47:14 PM  

Mrtraveler01: desertgeek: DrewCurtisJr: Keith Dudemeister: Take a second and really ponder the depth of idiocy it takes to be this offended about wearing a mask during a global pandemic.

Only a few months ago the "experts" were telling us that wearing a mask during a global pandemic was ineffective. If it was really that simple why the change?

Because no one knew enough about the virus to come to any conclusions. Now, we know more and can update the knowledge, such as the CDC saying today that it's less likely than previously believed that one can get the virus through surfaces. That's how science works: you update your information based on solid evidence.

Part of me really thinks they said that because they were trying go stop people from hoarding the N95 masks leaving very little for the hospitals.

The fact our supply chain for PPEs was strained at that point

This is exactly why they were pushing social distancing instead of masks at that point.  They said so.  They knew there would be a run on masks just as surely as there was a run on toilet paper.  It's why they still say that N95 is for medical professionals and surgical and DIY are for the public.
2020-05-23 6:39:30 PM  
I just don't understand what the big issue is with wearing the mask. I actually like wearing mine. It makes a lot of sense to me-obviously it's not 100% protective but if I cough or sneeze or if I'm around someone who does, mine and their droplets are more contained than if we weren't wearing them. Everything is slightly more sanitary.  I have a collection of reusable ones with fabrics representing my favorite fandoms etc. and I've seen a lot of people out and about with equally interesting ones for their teams or favorite band or whatever. You can buy them online for under $10 or make them yourself out of a repurposed shirt. It just seems like such a petty, ridiculous thing to get outraged over.
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