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(Slate)   Does online learning really benefit kindergartners?   ( divider line
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168 clicks; posted to Discussion » on 21 May 2020 at 9:40 AM (12 days ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-05-21 9:29:02 AM  
No, but if schools don't pretend that it does they'd have to start laying off kindergarten teachers. But remember your outrage over this the next time you're trying to get your precious 5-year-old to be quiet in the store and hand her your phone to preoccupy her with that loudly dinging game or some new episode of her favorite dinosaur adventure.
2020-05-21 10:58:29 AM  
No. But as it has been pointed out, it's free babysitting.
2020-05-21 12:34:20 PM  

Subtonic: No. But as it has been pointed out, it's free babysitting.

Not when it's on-line at home.
2020-05-21 12:56:22 PM  
Depends, what websites are you letting your Kindergartner visit?
2020-05-21 1:00:27 PM  
At least it's showing everyone how bad they are spending all day every day with their children.
2020-05-21 3:08:56 PM  
I'm not sure that it even helps my 4th grader.
2020-05-21 3:46:10 PM  
The daily check ins with the special education coordinator and para are helping my 2nd grader, and the "whole class gets together online" once a week is maaaaaayyyybe helping a little. But I'm not sure the rest of it is doing her any good.
2020-05-21 4:00:36 PM  

mfsst10: At least it's showing everyone how bad they are spending all day every day with their children.

HEY!  I resemble that incineration...
2020-05-21 4:35:13 PM  
Learning helps everyone. The question is whether it's actually happening.
2020-05-22 8:59:45 AM  
In the formal educational sense?  Nope.  But they will learn stuff just like they learn stuff from shows, cartoons, whatever - because they're little sponges at that age.  It's still useful - and way, wayyyyyyy more importantly than, "Will they retain this information?" it helps them retain the sense of structured learning.  Honestly, that's really what you're trying to teach kids that young.  Fark facts and dates and etc. - you're trying to teach them HOW to learn in a structured environment with others.  Online stuff will indeed help further that goal.

Sort of in the "dirty little secret" category for education as a profession.  At that age, you're not teaching them the kinds of things we think of as education.  You're teaching them how to not be psycho little bouncing off the walls heathens, and how to act and function in a learning environment.  When they're that young, education is all about the tools to make the tools to make the tools - not "What did you learn today, Sami?"

/yes, it's still education - important education too
//but a lot of parents lose their minds, they want little Anita to be doing "real learning!"
///news flash - in the majority of cases, you need to teach people HOW to learn before they're going to benefit from attempts at imparting "real learning."
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