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(Some Guy)   What is everyone's favorite type of tea and why? Subby is going to try and transition off of diet soft drinks and on to tea   ( divider line
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2020-05-19 7:34:03 PM  
Diet soft drinks get a bad rap, I lost a lot of weight a long time ago when I transitioned from full sugar soda.  Also, if you drink enough of them, you won't have to be embalmed.  I'm good with standard Lipton Iced Tea.
2020-05-19 7:35:35 PM  
my favorite tea is beer
2020-05-19 7:37:45 PM  
For hot tea, Earl Grey with a small spoon of honey..
Cold: Lipton tea, made as "sun tea"...I don't know what the sun does..But it makes it special..
2020-05-19 7:38:37 PM  
Arizona iced tea Arnold Palmer zero calorie. All other tea I've had is either bitter garbage or hot water.
2020-05-19 7:38:46 PM  
Green tea is very light and refreshing.
2020-05-19 7:40:19 PM  
May I be of service?
2020-05-19 7:45:39 PM  
Hot teas:  English Breakfast or Earl Grey.  Steeped for 30-45 seconds, stir in a tablespoon of whipping cream.  No sweeteners needed.

Iced tea: Luzianne decaf, no sugars or artificial sweeteners needed there either.
2020-05-19 7:49:38 PM  
My yearly trek to the Harney and Sons tea room is unfortunately on hold, so I can't tell you my favorite for this year, but last year I had a Black Currant iced tea that I really enjoyed. I also liked their Assam. I also tried some of their stranger ones, like smoke tea, which I couldn't quite get a taste for.

Always worth looking at
2020-05-19 8:06:27 PM  
theeastindiacompany.comView Full Size
2020-05-19 8:06:49 PM  
Green tea in the morning.

Kava tea in the evening.

Haven't had soda since August of last year. It's a good move.
2020-05-19 8:19:36 PM  
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2020-05-19 8:25:57 PM  
Not a huge fan of hot tea. Love cold tea but have no ice maker ☹
2020-05-19 8:32:32 PM  
My go-to brand is Tetley ... hot or cold.
2020-05-19 8:33:04 PM  

NateAsbestos: Not a huge fan of hot tea. Love cold tea but have no ice maker ☹

You can get a tabletop unit that'll make a little over two pounds of ice an hour for well under $100.  I picked one up a few years back because our LG fridge's ice maker is in the skinny front door and barely makes enough to keep up with just two adults in the summer.
2020-05-19 8:35:28 PM  
2020-05-19 8:37:59 PM  
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2020-05-19 8:42:57 PM  
Harney & Sons White Christmas. Hints of vanilla and peppermint. It's supposed to be seasonal, but I like it year round.

They also do a quite good Blood Orange - make sure not to use milk with that. It will curdle.
2020-05-19 8:44:07 PM  
Might as well post a link to their website. They have a wide selection, have a dig.
2020-05-19 8:44:16 PM  

Or if tea is required, whatever dark tea is up in the cupboard
2020-05-19 8:49:03 PM  
Long Island Iced.
2020-05-19 8:50:22 PM  
Spiced Chai is always my fav. I make it with soy milk for an iced latte in the morning. This brand is nom nom nom.
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2020-05-19 8:52:42 PM  
Just keep it simple:
Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

I suggest looking into loose leaf tea. Simple to do and so much better. I really like Adagio as my place to get the stuff. Been happy with them for years.
2020-05-19 9:00:12 PM  
Tea is horrid. Stick to pop.
2020-05-19 9:15:49 PM  
Kenilworth Estate is always reliable.  Brew in a coffee press with fresh roiling boiling water.  Add a little sugar and milk.
2020-05-19 9:27:08 PM  
I've always been a fan of Constant Comment by Bigelow

/I love that orange spice flavor
2020-05-19 9:29:46 PM  
Pffft. Tossers. Now THIS is a proper brew:
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2020-05-19 9:47:44 PM  
I like Davidson's loose teas, all available on amazon.  For mornings, I like a big, fat, malty Assam tea, and Davidson's is a good middle-of-the-road option.  If you want the strong Indian stuff, the real deal, look up Tea India CTC Assam on amazon.  Other times, Earl Grey from Davidsons - it's STRONG on the bergamot, which I like.  They have a great Gunpowder Green as well.  I didn't care for their chai, but to each his own.

If you want tea bags, I like Bigelow Constant Comment, Stash Orange Spice and Earl Grey, and - believe it or not - Great Value (Wal-Mart's house brand) English Breakfast.  For iced tea, you can't beat Luzianne.  Tazo Wild Sweet Orange is a great herbal option.

It depends what you want.  I currently have 5 loose and 6 bag teas in the pantry, and I drink them all.  Loves me some tea.
2020-05-19 9:49:20 PM  
Darjeeling First Flush
2020-05-19 10:26:39 PM  
One cuppa English breakfast tea every am, one Earl Grey every Jeopardy at 4:30 pm.  Light milk, touch of sugar.

*two sippy lip smacks*

2020-05-19 10:28:10 PM  

bingethinker: Green tea is very light and refreshing.

Not my cup of tea but have enjoyed more than once!
2020-05-19 11:03:19 PM  
For my late night caffeine-free tea fix, I've been enjoying Steven Smith's Peppermint Leaves Tea

Actually pretty much anything that company puts out is fantastic.  If you're an Earl Grey fan, give their Lord Bergamot a try.
2020-05-19 11:06:58 PM  
2020-05-19 11:13:20 PM  
I pretty much quit drinking carbonated drinks after the birth of my second child in February 2013 unless they're made with real cane sugar.  I may have averaged 6 a year since then if that.  My go to tea is a green tea.​e​a-Lemon-Ginseng/dp/B07X3QGHZQ

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I usually get it for $1 at Aldi as opposed to $3 on Amazon.  My backup tea is a Cinnamon Spice Herbal tea I get from Kroger.

Fark user imageView Full Size

I'm not a tea snob.  Beer is an altogether different thing.
2020-05-19 11:41:34 PM  
Get yourself a Sampler of mixed teas and try them. It will help you make an informed choice, They also send instructions so you can brew the perfect cup or pot of tea. If you like something a little exotic and want to add sugar try the Rose Black. If you want something exotic and don't want to add sugar try the Cherry Rose Kyoto Sencha green tea. We like the glass teapot, microwavable, dishwasher safe, no funny taste. As of a couple of weeks ago, they are a little slower than normal but they are shipping and had everything we ordered in stock. Sometimes they offer free samples as well, watch for those.
Most of all enjoy your tea adventure. 

/Rooibos is Not tea. Not drinkable either.
//Blooming teas are romantic, pretty, and flavorless.
2020-05-19 11:50:03 PM  
I like both hot and cold tea. I sometimes buy loose tea, but most of the time, I buy tea bags. Favorite brands are Twinings, Stash, Bigelow, Tazo, and Yogi. Some of the varieties of tea I enjoy: white, green, black, oolong, Earl Grey, chai, Darjeeling, rooibos, jasmine, and hibiscus ("pee tea" -- good for debloating), I also like bottled and canned tea. Favorite: Arizona Diet Green Tea (I'm drinking some right now). Buy the big jug for best value. I also like Arizona Diet Blueberry Green Tea, Teas' Tea, Gold Peak, Pure Leaf, and Honest Tea.
2020-05-20 1:14:17 AM  
I ,well, *we* are a big fan of PG Tips. I also buy some Tetleys "British Blend" and "Classic" and whatever the brand is that Vons sells as "organic green tea" .

Sometimes I also get Irish Breakfast tea, from Twinnings .
2020-05-20 1:16:51 AM  
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2020-05-20 1:22:09 AM  
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2020-05-20 1:27:20 AM  

Mr. Shabooboo: For hot tea, Earl Grey with a small spoon of honey..
Cold: Lipton tea, made as "sun tea"...I don't know what the sun does..But it makes it special..

Hot Lipton tea bags = Literal garbage.

Cold Lipton sun tea with lemon slices = Absolutely delightful.

My usual is hot green tea. No milk or sugar.

Lots of great teas out there. Go with loose leaf whenever possible. Buy a teapot or a metal filter that sits on top of the cup.

I keep tea pitchers in the fridge at all times with green tea, oolong or mugicha. Pictures of lemon water are great too for a thirst quencher. Especially with summer coming.
2020-05-20 1:30:13 AM  
My palate is pretty unrefined, doubly so for tea. I drink a lot of bottled iced tea, since it is supposed to be better for me than soda and it is easily transportable and fits in the fridge at work. For this I usually get either Straight Up Tea Unsweetened or Pure Leaf Unsweetened bottled ice tea. In the evening, sometimes I'll mix a shot of bourbon into one of those.

For hot tea, I tend to like herbal teas, particularly mint tea. I'll drink just about any tea, if I can add plenty of milk and sweetener. For pleasant tasting herbal teas, the added milk and sweetener is necessary.

When someone gets sick with a sore throat, my family uses this tea mixed with honey.

Fark user imageView Full Size

Makes a sore throat much more manageable.

/tea, or as I call it "dirty leaf soakings"
//I am probably a complete tea philistine
///as I am on many subjects
/\/for instance, only a philistine would do that to an innocent bourbon
2020-05-20 1:32:55 AM  
For pleasant tasting herbal teas, the added milk and sweetener is unnecessary.

<sigh> Fixed that.
2020-05-20 1:45:37 AM  
It's a tie. Sometimes i want a nice warm cup of chai. Others, it's

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2020-05-20 1:51:37 AM  

NateAsbestos: Not a huge fan of hot tea. Love cold tea but have no ice maker ☹

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2020-05-20 2:37:19 AM  
Plain English Breakfast, Orange Pekoe, or peppermint or cinnamon herbal "teas" (actually herbal infusions). No suger in the herbal stuff.

I make pitchers of iced tea using two regular teabags and two peppermint, with one spoon of brown sugar. Delicious in the summer heat (it's 95 degrees at 9:30 am where I am, so...)

However, if you're trying to kick a diet soda habit, you might want to go for club soda. Some people really miss the fizz. Most supermarkets also sell their own brands of flavored club soda that don't have much sugar.
2020-05-20 2:42:07 AM  
I think I have about 10 types of tea in my cupboard:
Chinese Tie Guanyin Oolong   -   high quality brown tea, easy to drink.
Chinese Pu Erh aged tea.        -   bit of an acquired taste, but healthy. If you like smoky peaty scotch, you'll like this
Chinese white tea. - young tea, very delicate, goes good with food.
Strong black tea   -  to mix with my homemade Chai mix
Harrod's no.42 Earl Grey
Japanese Oolong tea - great for ice tea in the summer
Japanese Barley  tea - great for ice tea in the summer
Chinese Jasmine tea - good light tea to go with spicy food
Mate - not really tea, gives you an interesting kick
Rooibos - not really tea, but a nice and healthy drink
2020-05-20 2:47:18 AM  
For hot tea Tanzanian. I think the most common brand is "African Pride." It's got a nice flavor and smell. But best of all it doesn't stew. You can brew it strong enough to lift brick, and it won't become bitter.
2020-05-20 4:11:50 AM  
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A Seattle tradition and my favorite. A unique flavor.
2020-05-20 4:32:17 AM  

Polezni Durak: [Fark user image 246x335]

A friend of mine once gifted me a bottle of Auchentoshan Three Cask as a housewarming gift.  I opened it and we each had a taste.  Tasty stuff.

He came back a week later to discover it gone.

If you're a single malt whisky drinker, try Lapsang Souchong tea.  It's cured using wood smoke, tastes a little peaty, and smells like a campfire.  And it's my new favorite tea.

/especially since I'm a recovering alchoholic
//my sobriety is not strong enough yet to visit Scotland
2020-05-20 5:09:01 AM  
images-na.ssl-images-amazon.comView Full Size

Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Black Tea


images-na.ssl-images-amazon.comView Full Size

Bigelow's spiced black chai tea or vanilla chai tea
2020-05-20 5:10:17 AM  
Mandarin Silk from Art of Tea is a good oolong blend.  I drink a ton of Davidson's chamomile or peppermint.
For green teas I like a good Dragon Well or jasmine since it smells nice.  A Moroccan mint tea is tasty.
Rishi teas have all been pretty good as well.
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