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(Twitter)   Do as the San Diego Zoo says and caption this angry potato   ( divider line
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1988 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 May 2020 at 12:00 PM (2 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-05-17 4:27:44 PM  
Original Tweet:

2020-05-17 4:42:07 PM  
"These are not my dentures!"
2020-05-17 4:43:49 PM  
"I want to speak to the manager!"
2020-05-17 4:57:25 PM  
I will eat your soul!!
2020-05-17 4:59:30 PM  
2020-05-17 5:33:40 PM  
"Call me a potato again. Call me a potato one more time, I dare you, I double dare you motherfarker."
2020-05-17 6:01:47 PM  
"Stuff a sock in it, Karen!"
2020-05-17 6:17:35 PM  
"The sun'll come ouuuuuuut tomorrow ... "
2020-05-17 6:39:45 PM  
2020-05-17 9:56:44 PM  
"I've got hydroxychloroquine! I'm gonna be fine!"
2020-05-18 7:57:48 AM  
Why did the Chargers have to leave?!?
2020-05-18 12:02:53 PM  
"I don't get it.  Why would you say my tongue looks like a tiny p3nis?"
2020-05-18 12:06:25 PM  
Shove that tree where the sun don't shine -- I'm a hyrax, not a lorax.
2020-05-18 12:07:17 PM  
Which part of 6 feet away do you not understand?
2020-05-18 12:14:58 PM  
"'"Zoo Safari Park'? It'll always be the Wild Animal Park to me."
2020-05-18 12:19:00 PM  
"You can't make me wear a mask!"
2020-05-18 12:19:13 PM  
What are we gonna do tonight, Brown?

The same thing we do every night, Stinky. Try to take over the world...
2020-05-18 12:19:58 PM  
It's po-TAH-to!
2020-05-18 12:23:09 PM  
Hey you say that again and Imma gonna have my cousin elephant come get you.
2020-05-18 12:24:48 PM  
" Why did the dolphins eat all of the fish and then suddenly just leave?"
2020-05-18 12:30:12 PM  
"What about her emails?!"

"...Harold, you're embarrassing me."

/now with voting
2020-05-18 12:38:06 PM  
Obamagate! Fake News! Biggest crime ever. It wasn't me!

The call of the rock con-ney is heard in the ruins of Babylon! It is a haunt of owls.
2020-05-18 12:51:46 PM  
I hate peanut butter day

/and the mobile site
2020-05-18 12:52:10 PM  
2020-05-18 12:57:38 PM  
2020-05-18 2:17:27 PM  
"Will someone please pull this friggin tapeworm out of my mouth?"
2020-05-18 2:43:55 PM  
"Henry - did you take out the trash?  And mow the dirt?  Henry!  I told you, the Hyenas are coming over for entrails and we can't have the place looking like a zoo.  Are you going to sit there and watch the rocks all day?  Hen Reeee!  Are you listening to me?"
2020-05-18 2:48:44 PM  
"Dude, you beefed."
2020-05-18 2:57:24 PM  
Stop trying to use my teeth as a staple remover !
2020-05-18 3:22:07 PM  
♫♪And you may tell yourself,
"This is not my beautiful house!"
And you may tell yourself,
"This is not my beautiful wife!"♪♫
2020-05-18 4:02:44 PM  
Drax the Destroyer: "Hello to you too!"
2020-05-18 6:26:09 PM  
2020-05-18 9:10:41 PM  
"For the last time, I'm a Hyrax, NOT a Hydrox. Do I look like a f*cking cookie to you?"
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