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(LiveLeak)   Large pane of tempered glass won't fit in an elevator without some gymnastics that require letting go of the door open hold button. You know where this is going   ( divider line
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2020-05-18 6:29:50 AM  

RonRon893: CSB

The store I used to own had dozens of heavy tempered glass shelves where we displayed computers, laptops, monitors, etc.  I had about 40 more stored upstairs in the attic. They were about 1/2" thick and each shelf weighed about 30 lbs.

The floor of my store was completely covered with a rough dark ceramic tile. The tops of the tiles have hundreds of tiny grooves etched across them, making a very hardy floor that also looked nice.

Pro tip: Do not stack 5 or 6 panes of tempered glass on their edge on a ceramic floor. I carried the 6th pane down from the attic. I gingerly set it on its edge, stacked against the previous 5 I had set there, leaning against a wall.

Interesting fact about tempered glass... Ceramic is its Kryptonite. Just *touch* a piece of tempered glass with a piece of broken spark plug and see what happens. (Well ok, you might have to toss or tap it...)

I set the pane of glass down carefully but it wasn't quite lined up with the pane it was leaning against and me being anal about such things AND a lazy bastard, chose to just slide the pane the 2 or so inches to the right, rather than the apparently more intelligent lifting of the heavy glass pane, repositioning and setting lightly back down.

The moment the edge of that tempered glass so much as sensed that it was being slid across rough ceramic, the farking thing literally exploded, disintegratingall 5 panes behind it and leaving me with 180 lbs of tiny tempered glass shards from one end of my store to the other. It took WEEKS to get it cleaned up and months later, I'd still move a computer or a laptop and find more glass.

If you want to break into a car, smash a spark plug and throw a tiny piece of the white ceramic at one of the side windows. You can bounce a rock off those windows but a little 2 gram piece of broken ceramic will shatter it like a hammer.


Broken sparkplug fragments are called "ninja rocks" and are widely used by hoodlums for theft and vandalism. Kids get trained by going to a place with a lot of cars and busting windows out left and right. Junkyard operators sometimes use them to break windows if they need to get in a car without having the keys.

If you get caught with them they're considered a burglary tool. Some car shops actually try and dispose of them responsibly to avoid putting more out on the streets. People have a way of digging through the garbage at such places to see what they can find.
2020-05-18 7:18:56 AM  
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2020-05-18 8:44:06 AM  

jaylectricity: natazha: jaylectricity: The real question to me is why was that elevator able to move even though the door didn't close completely?

Once the bumpers are in, the doors will close.  If they required a perfect fit, people would have to readjust the doors way too often.

It doesn't need to be a perfect fit, but I think the glass which has to be at least 5mm would be large enough to keep the sensors from allowing movement. I mean +/- 5mm is a pretty good correction factor.

There is usually a light curtain as well, however since it's glass it might not have been able to detect it.
2020-05-18 11:19:07 AM  

Target Builder: Isn't there normally a freight elevator for exactly this type of thing?

CSB: Many years ago I worked commercial construction at the Chicago Board of Trade. The freight elevator was slightly larger than average and run by an elevator operator. We could fit most equipment and material (drywall, metal studs, etc.) inside the elevator but for some larger items we had to make "accommodations". When we had to move a large one piece mahogany conference table the operator opened the doors and then lowered the elevator so the top was level with our floor. We then stood on top of the elevator holding onto the table and rode on the top of the elevator to our floor. He ran the elevator slower then normal so we weren't shaking but we still had to watch as the huge counterweights would go rushing by and we could look down a 40 story shaft. Yup, this was a huge OSHA violation but was just sort of accepted as what had to be done. I must have done it about a dozen times.
2020-05-18 1:46:06 PM  

phishrace: I fix pinball machines, which come with tempered glass over the playfield. It can take an amazing amount of abuse without breaking. Yes, you can safely have sex on top of a pinball machine (just ask Jodie Foster). However it does have one weak area. The edges. When I remove a playfield glass, I never set it on any hard surface. Haven't broken one yet, knock on wood.


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And the moment when a sheet of tempered glass just lightly contacts an unfinished concrete floor.
2020-05-18 3:07:34 PM  

Any Pie Left: I'm going to go on a limb and say this was staged. Camera angle isn't quite what I would expect for an elevator security cam and it's missing time code and etc.  Glass normally would have had edges taped at least, and maybe some cardboard protection on the corners.  Sheet looks too big to maneuver regardless of Ross type pivoting. Finally, the behavior of the guys seems off to me.

Once again, China.

Then again, LiveLeak. I'm pretty sure 90% of their videos are staged.
2020-05-18 3:51:00 PM  
That was awesome.
2020-05-18 9:18:46 PM  

John Hopoate: chieromancer: While wearing flip flops and shower sandals.

Yep, no long sleeved leather glaziers gloves, no eye protection and no steel capped boots

Yeah, because it from a country where they think they can build a building in a week.
2020-05-19 12:39:14 AM  

chieromancer: While wearing flip flops and shower sandals.

At least they aren't blatantly trying to spread a disease through ignorance of social distancing needs, right?  That'd be even more foolish, right?
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