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(Gizmodo)   Two words: Penguin Jenkem   ( divider line
    More: Strange, Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Nitrous oxide, Antarctica, influx of penguins leads, Nitrogen, South Georgia Island, Natural gas  
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2020-05-15 3:41:47 PM  
"Accidently got high"

Two words

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2020-05-15 3:54:17 PM  
Shoot, a fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that penguin feces.
How do the penguins wrap it in banana peels and smoke it though?
2020-05-15 4:06:15 PM  
Peeeeennnguuuin JEEEEENNNNKEM!
2020-05-15 5:38:49 PM  
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2020-05-15 5:46:04 PM  
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2020-05-15 5:49:59 PM  
Jenkem - It's no laughing matter.
2020-05-15 5:52:11 PM  
Pingu's Lavatory Story
Youtube c5hKmMTMjjU
2020-05-15 5:53:13 PM  
Penguin Jenga? I'm guessing that penguins don't stack very well.
2020-05-15 5:55:38 PM  
Sounds like a crappy way to get high.
2020-05-15 6:07:27 PM  
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2020-05-15 6:09:45 PM  
Next time tell your dentist you want the penguin poop.
2020-05-15 6:12:23 PM  
Penguin? I thought laughing gas was more The Joker's thing....
2020-05-15 6:15:53 PM  
If mu job was to spend several hours picking up animal poop I'd probably see this as a job perk.
2020-05-15 6:22:01 PM  
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2020-05-15 6:34:19 PM  
I gotta get me a penguin
2020-05-15 6:41:02 PM  
It's clear we've only just begun to adequately make use of what the natural world has to offer. A few generations of penguin breeding, and we might have a fish-fueled laughing gas factory. Some tinkering with genes and we could have who knows what from horses, land or sea, possums, and who knows what else? The future is wide open.
2020-05-15 6:46:47 PM  
That's the good shiat
2020-05-15 6:56:46 PM  
Like, Jinkies!
2020-05-15 7:13:15 PM  
Happy to see some people down with the mugwump jism.
2020-05-15 7:37:22 PM  
If huffing penguin shiat is wrong, I don't want to be right.
2020-05-15 8:57:20 PM  
Oh ho ho!  Too fancy to sniff regular old swamp gas now, are we?
2020-05-15 10:56:18 PM  
This good info.  Brb I know Brookfield zoo is closed, but that means nobody is watching.
2020-05-16 1:00:08 AM  
Does goose shiat work, even a little bit?  Cuz I know several fairways and greens covered in it.
2020-05-16 9:13:07 AM  
What is, "the money shot in midget porn", Alex?
2020-05-16 11:50:07 AM  
Wop wop wop wop.
2020-05-16 12:52:59 PM  
Ok, so that explains ...

Lyle Lovett: Penguins
Youtube U4ZAaPYimfM
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