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2020-05-14 5:40:48 AM  
I don't have any funny stories. School was an absolute and utter nightmare.
2020-05-14 7:00:09 AM  
When I was just learning subtraction we used to take these fast facts quizzes, how many problems you could solve in a minute.

One of the problems was supposed to be 17-9, but due to a printing error it was 7-9, the teacher said everyone who assumed the error and wrote 8 got credit, but I wrote -2 and got marked wrong because we hadn't learned about negative numbers yet.
2020-05-14 7:38:29 AM  
Good radicalisation: "A teacher once gave me a grade or comment I disagreed with. Looking back, I now realise that this absurd outcome is evidence of how our institutions are clunky and fallible organisations consisting of well-meaning people trying to implement hundreds of contradictory rules all at once at a large scale while under time pressure, and how the decrees of those institutions are more an expression of institutional power and priorities than an objective reflection of reality. Whether we're talking about schools, or courts, or regulatory agencies, or prisons, or any other institution -- those systems are made of nothing but people, so we can change those systems radically if we want to."

Bad radicalisation: "A teacher once gave me a grade or comment I disagreed with. Looking back, I now realise this absurd outcome is evidence of how the world is stupid because stupid people don't see how smart I am."
2020-05-14 8:07:36 AM  
I went to a Catholic school, successfully resisted their radicalization.
2020-05-14 8:19:39 AM  
Yeah, mostly in grad school.

I dealt with incompetent teachers who are interested in power games. There was an advisor who told me how to do everything the wrong way, so I'd have to redo it, sometimes multiple times. She never apologized, because that's what intelligent people do.

Anyhoo, I'm not in that field anymore.
2020-05-14 8:34:24 AM  
When I came across bad teachers, I regulated.  I've dealt with many.  Most of the time they ended up chastised and embarrassed in front of their peers.  Two got fired; one got deported.

I REALLY do not suffer fools.
2020-05-14 8:34:51 AM  
My first grade teacher, Mrs. Jackson, was the only person who seriously tried to discourage me from my life goal: to become a circus clown.

I sure showed her.
2020-05-14 8:40:12 AM  
History teacher had a real boner for Columbus and would dress up as him for Columbus Day (despite us not having that holiday in Canada). Did my midterm presentation on the myths and atrocities. They shut it down halfway through, as I'd submitted a different outline. Ended up having to retake history over the summer that year.

/was a valueble lesson for the future to not overtly screw with deluded bosses though.
2020-05-14 8:45:09 AM  

ViolentEastCoastCity: When I came across bad teachers, I regulated.  I've dealt with many.  Most of the time they ended up chastised and embarrassed in front of their peers.  Two got fired; one got deported.

I REALLY do not suffer fools.

You sound like you ask to talk to the manager a lot.
2020-05-14 8:57:38 AM  

ModernLuddite: ViolentEastCoastCity: When I came across bad teachers, I regulated.  I've dealt with many.  Most of the time they ended up chastised and embarrassed in front of their peers.  Two got fired; one got deported.

I REALLY do not suffer fools.

You sound like you ask to talk to the manager a lot.

When someone discriminates against me for being disabled, you're god damn right I do.
2020-05-14 9:06:44 AM  
I got slapped by a priest for having a Hebrew first name that isn't spelled like the Christian (actually still Hebrew, but don't tell the Catholics that) version.

Priest:  Jonb, how do you spell your first name?
Jonbathan:  Jonb
Priest:  No, you spell it Johnb
Jonbathan:  No, my Parents said it...

Al little later...
Momb:  So how was school today?
Johnb: I found out you spelled my name wrong.
Momb:  What?

I then told her the story of open-handed spelling tests.  We got home, my mom left me with my grandmother (who tried to explain to my mom that it was no big deal) and my mom went and chewed OLOA a new asshole and took me out of there.

I have more, but none of the stores are as striking.
2020-05-14 9:26:36 AM  
Mrs Clam used to ace all her classes. A teacher gave her a C for effort, and she was incensed:
"Why should I try harder? I'm already getting all A's?"
"So you can get an A in effort."
2020-05-14 9:27:12 AM  
8th grade drafting class.  For some reason the teacher didn't like me (dunno why, I wasn't a problem kid).  Guy behind me broke his leg and got a cast.  One day when the teacher was out of the room said kid went around my desk and broke his toe on it.  He went to the nurse.  Teacher comes back, "where's kid?".  "He broke his toe on Snot's desk and went to the nurse".

Teacher decided I broke the kid's toe and sent me to the principals office.  On the way out I called him a farking asshole.  Nurse's office and principal's office were next to each other and I ran into the kid.  He says "what are you doing here?", and I tell him.  Nurse is done with him and sends him back to class.  A few minutes later another kid comes in and tells me to get back to class.

So I walk back into class, teacher sends me to the principal's office for calling him a farking asshole.
2020-05-14 9:40:14 AM  
In 8th grade I got 2nd degree burns all over my right palm and fingers. It was covered with blisters. Obviously I had problems holding a writing utensil. When my hand had healed weeks later my teacher made me re-write every paper, essay, and test because of my unacceptablely messy handwriting while I was bandaged.
Her name was Mrs Vera and I hated that biatch. 35 years later I'm still physically scarred from those burns. She acted like I was faking it.
2020-05-14 9:55:19 AM  
Here's another one, same school. I have coughed from October to May every year since I was little.  (A few years ago I got a new PCP who diagnosed me with coughing variety asthma.). In 7th grade I was having a really bad year so my parents gave me a bottle of 44D cough medicine to keep in my locker.  A teacher confiscated it.  Later that day there was a whole school assembly during which I was coughing uncontrollably so I got put out into the hall for being deliberately disruptive.  I continued to cough so I was sent to the office and they called my mother to come get me because I was out of control and acting out.  I was crying and begging for the cough medicine.  When my mom got there she saw how bad I was coughing and asked why I hadn't taken my cough medicine and the principal said smugly of course they had confiscated it and not allowed me to take any.  They refused to give my mom the bottle so she had to go buy a new one.  She was pissed they called her away from her job for something that she had already fixed.
\ /This was in the 80s.  I was a self sufficient latchkey kid from 3d grade on.
\ / \ /My diagnosis of asthma came just after my mom died.  I was so angry at her then.  My whole farking life I spent coughing half the year.  Coughing until i couldn't breathe, or until I vomited.  All I needed was an inhaler.
2020-05-14 9:57:08 AM  
(long CSB so skip if you don't like long stories)

I've always been easily distracted and fidget quite a bit.  I didn't get control of this until I was older but when I was a kid it seriously hurt my grades.  Back then, they called it "daydreaming".  Some teachers would would tell my parents, "He's a bright kid but he daydreams quite a bit."  This stopped in high school as the general attitude where I was raised only gave encouragement to those who were presenting well academically.

Anyway, I'm in 10th grade and someone saw fit to put me in the "D" English class.  The teacher always seemed exasperated and talked to us like we were bucket-on-the-head 5 year olds (not an exaggeration).  There was quite a bit of reading out load during class and *every* kid had trouble with any word that had more than one syllable.  They would stammer through a sentence excruciatingly slow, with their head down and gripping the book with two hands as if they were trying to force themselves to read better.  When I was called upon, I read through with near perfect inflection, tone, etc. while following all the punctuation.  Half the class would look up from their books at me as if I was some wizard throwing "patronuses" (patroni?) about the room.

Two things happened that turned me into a "radical" with respect to that class.  The first was that I showed up early to class, one day, as the teacher was talking to her "honors" class, over half of whom I knew personally.  The tone was very "adult" or "mature".  When our class, who had to wait in the hall because she held her honors class long, came back in, she waxed straight back into stupidese and treated us like five year olds again.  I was pissed.

The second incident happened when we the results of our State Assessment (taken in November) returned at the beginning of February.  She saunters into class and plops a pile of study booklets, representing the various reading and grammar sections of the test, on a desk then proceeds to hand out our test results.  She tells us to find the sections where we did bad, indicated by a "1" or a "2", and then pick up a booklet for that section.  The *entire* class, save myself, gets up and rifles through the study booklets, most taking several back to their desks.  I had made, out of something like 15 or so sections, perfect "4s" in everything related to reading and grammar.  By this point I couldn't stand being talked to like a five year old so I just sat at my desk quietly.  After 15 minutes of very quiet class time, the teacher looks up, sees me and says, "Dave, why aren't you doing your work."  I tell her that I didn't score a "1" or "2" in anything.  The entire class stops what they are doing and looks at me like I'm dressed in a clown suit.  The teacher, with this very exaggerated and exasperated look obviously suggesting that I didn't know what I was doing, sighs and says, "Bring it here.  Let me see it."  The change that her face went through as she read my test is one I will never forget and betrayed an incredible mix of thoughts, the most prominent being, that someone farked up and "why haven't I noticed this for several months".  She simply puts my test down, looks up at me and goes, "What are you doing in this class?!"  I look back and, in the same tone, say, "I don't know!"

The silver lining is that I learned one of the best lessons of my life in that class - that the "dumb" kids in there were anything but.  Some of these kids were "thuggy" or "druggy" and almost all had shiatty home lives where there was zero help for anything academically.  They had already been "written off".  But they tried harder than any other kids.  I went from, "great, I'm in here with the stupid kids" to doing whatever I could to help improve their reading skills.  And I never again thought them or anyone "dumb" because they had to stammer through a boring book.
2020-05-14 10:40:05 AM  
Like UberDave, I've always been EasilyDistracted.  I got good grades, but was a daydreamer.  In 3rd grade, one teacher was touted as someone who had worked with "developmentally disabled" children, so I was put in her class.  Turns out her method was to give everyone an in-class assignment and, when I didn't complete it with the rest of the class, to drag me in front of anyone and hit me repeatedly with her ruler.  Good times.

The worst teacher was 5th/6th grade science.  She didn't like me for some reason and would always demean me in front of the class.  I'd usually get the highest marks on tests and she either loudly express shock that I did so well or would accuse me of cheating.  She didn't kill my love of science fortunately, and in my later years of study I was amazed at the number of science "facts" that she taught us which were totally wrong.

I'm 60 now and still keep in touch with some of my favorite teachers from my pre-college days, but for some reason, when I think of my past teachers, she always pop-up first...which pisses me off.  I wish I could forget about her.
2020-05-14 10:50:52 AM  
I had a friend (we will call him Joe) who was a straight shooter who generally got really good grades.

Then we had a teacher in 7th grade who was a real piece of work.

The day he finally snapped and completely stopped giving a shiat about school was when she was returning a test we had recently taken.  It was kind of a difficult one, and most of us scored in the 60-70% range.  It was middle school. Most of us didn't really care.  But he did and had studied for the test all night.

She put his test on his desk and said, with a disappointed look, and said "You really could have done better, Joe."

He looked down and realized he had gotten a 49 out of 50 correct.

That was the last time he did school work outside of school hours.
2020-05-14 11:03:03 AM  
I went to Catholic school and in 3rd grade the religion teacher was teaching us about Purgatory.  She said that people had to be baptized in order to get into Heaven.  I raised my hand and asked what would happen if a baby died before the parents had a chance to get it baptized.  She said the baby could never go to heaven.  I said quietly "well that is stupid" and she sent me to the principals office.

I was sobbing standing outside the principals office.  She was an 80 year old nun with the full outfit and she looked like a giant to me.  When I told her what happened, she told me that she wanted me to promise before God that I would never tell anyone what she was about to say and that I couldn't even tell my parents what she was going to say.  She told me that she thinks I was right, that all babies go to Heaven.  She gave me a sucker and told me to go back to class, but to look sad when I walked back in.  Wonderful woman!!

The same teacher got mad because I kept getting 100% on tests.  She told me that boys don't like smart girls and if I ever wanted to get married, I shouldn't be so smart.  Same teacher told me that boys are good at math and girls are good at english.  :o(
2020-05-14 11:09:49 AM  
In middle school in the eighties, there were two teachers that some of the kids thought were 'cool' at my school - the 8th grade English teacher and the Art teacher. Thinking back, I think it might be closer to the truth to say they were a little eccentric. Anyhow, these two women were well into their mid 50's/early 60's when I had them as teachers. There was a rumor that the Art teacher had asked one of the burnout kids to come to school on LSD so he could draw something for her in class. The kid claimed it was true, but being a complete burnout no one paid him much attention, he flunked that year (again) and he never returned. The English teacher was supposedly a huge drinker & pothead who bought dope from the students. I got along amazingly well with both of them, got honors in both their classes, and they still remain two of the best teachers I ever had.

So one Canada Day somewhere in my early 20's I was down on the local waterfront for the fireworks show, and there they both are, sitting on the patio of the craft beer pub. I sat down with them and we had a bunch of beers and talked for awhile. Turns out they had been partners for many many years, the stories I had heard were all true, they told me a few more I hadn't heard, and then we went behind the building and they smoked a huge hash joint with me as the fireworks wrapped up. Very sweet freaky old ladies.
2020-05-14 11:14:57 AM  
Back in 6th grade (79-80), small town Massachusetts, the gym teacher ran a 1/2 court swish contest during lunch and after school. This entailed standing 1/2 court and shooting the ball into the basket - all net, no rim.  I went in to give it a whirl and they gym teacher looked at me and asked what I was doing there since girls can't do this. Took me a bunch of lunches and after school time but I finally managed a swish.  From that point on I never let a male tell me what the fark I can or cannot do.
2020-05-14 11:18:40 AM  
A math teacher once, while teaching us check writing (yeah, it was a while ago), said "do this, and this, and this, and when writing out the dollar amount write (the dollars part), then draw a line near to the end of the space, then the cents part".

Years of seeing my mother write out the dollar amount, then the cents amount (57/00, for example), then the line to the end of the space, taught me there were just different ways to do it correctly.

Of course, I did it the way I'd seen my mother fill out a check, and I got marked off for of course I kept doing it, losing points each time.

I'm kind of a hard-head when it comes to petty BS like that.
2020-05-14 11:30:09 AM  
Not a "bad teacher" but one I under-appreciated until one exchange mid senior year that radically changed me.  I had senioritis pretty bad, and in Lit class we were doing short stories.  He asks what a particular passage means, and I flippantly say that it could mean any dumb thing.  (It was a long time ago but I can picture him giving an exasperated sigh at this point)

He says: "Short story submissions for publishing are limited to a specific number of words; 2000, 5000, whatever.  Every word has to count.  You don't put shiat in a short story."

That clicked so hard I'm sure it was audible.

Not that I write any better myself.  But I started appreciating what I was reading a whole lot more. And I found it applied in film school too.  And animation especially.

But I was shiat at both of those, so I went corporate, and I find it helped a lot in writing email and documentation (and farking powerpoint slides, yuck).

Not so much for Fark posts though.

/If I never see "Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" again, it will be too soon.
//Every effing lit or film class in HS & undergrad would dust that off.  Yeah, yeah, what a twist!  Go away!
2020-05-14 11:36:55 AM  
When I was in high school (70s) I used to buy an oz of hash, break it into fourths, give 3 of them to friends to sell, and keep the last for myself.  I still made money.  Anyway, about 2 years after I graduated I was talking to the guy I got my hash from.  Turns out his source was my high school english teacher.

/ that same teacher took us on a field trip
// we saw Slaughterhouse 5 in the theater
/// it was playing with A Boy and His Dog.
2020-05-14 11:50:22 AM  
In fifth grade my teacher did this thing where everyone received fake money, and we made a little economy for ourselves. One of the big drivers of the economy was the kids rented their desks, which nobody minded because there wasn't much else to do with the fake money, and it meant you could sit where you wanted. Being the up and coming little capitalists we were at the time, two friends and I pooled our money and bought most of the desks from the teacher, which we then rented to the other kids. We also ran an "insurance company" that would give kids pencils and paper if they forgot theirs. Frankly I amazed she let this happen.

Anyway, at the end of the school year my two friends and I had a ton of fake money from being landlords to and a protection racket for the entire class. Our teacher set up an auction full of little prizes and toys at the end of the year that everyone could spend their money on, but since we had amassed a fortune she told us our money didn't count.

She never made us pay taxes or regulated us in any way. She just told us our money was worthless when the time came to spend it after letting us act like robber barons for a year. Maybe she was trying to teach us the evils of capitalism, or just reign us in on our rampant abuse of wealth and power, but the lessons I took away from it as a fifth grader were, "authority figures cannot be trusted," and "money isn't real."

This would be a cooler story if I was a communist revolutionary, bro.
2020-05-14 12:03:36 PM  
I went to catholic school. In eighth grade I made one crack about the holy trinity being Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Like one humorous crack was going to bring the the whole Vatican down. Frickin' nun yanked my hair until I stood up and was too tall for her to hang on to it so she slapped me. Then sent me down to the office and had the head nun call home. Mom was pissed...Dad got it and laughed.
2020-05-14 12:28:09 PM  
Those were all elementary school stories - sad to think adults are still obsessing over those.  Too bad their parents didn't give them some basic coping skills re: dealing with teachers.
2020-05-14 12:44:20 PM  
OMG, 4th grade was the one.  I think 3 of us in that class ended up seeing the counselor and spending most of the term sitting in the hallway.  They let us go outside for dodgeball and other things during PE.

I remember that when I "graduated" from Jr. High to High School, I went back to the elementary school once.  My 4th grade teacher was wearing a pink tie, and had a twitch.  I don't think that twitch was my fault.
2020-05-14 1:07:10 PM  
Very silly thing. There was a science test that asked something like what is the minimum number of arms for a lever? I said one. Typically a lever has an arm one side of a fulcrum and an arm beyond the fulcrum but I drew a picture where the fulcrum was in fact the end of the lever. So it was an issue of, for example, applying the lifting pressure at about 4 feet from the fulcrum and the lifting happening at about 1 foot from the end of the lever.

Well that was wrong. The textbook said a lever had to have two arm. You had to be pushing down on one side with the other side pushing up. It was in the textbook. So I had to be wrong. I made the mistake of questioning the 5th grade teacher. He got very upset but didn't have an answer. He actually looked for help from other teachers who came back to him and explained that I was wrong because there was a "virtual arm" in the same direction of the arm of a lever that was my pry bar. I was sent to detention for having complained.
2020-05-14 1:25:38 PM  

Red Shirt Blues: I went to catholic school. In eighth grade I made one crack about the holy trinity being Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Like one humorous crack was going to bring the the whole Vatican down. Frickin' nun yanked my hair until I stood up and was too tall for her to hang on to it so she slapped me. Then sent me down to the office and had the head nun call home. Mom was pissed...Dad got it and laughed.

Name is dead, Jim checks out.
2020-05-14 2:20:21 PM  
Like UberDave, and EasilyDistracted, I've always been the "daydreamer" in class who was getting stupidly high marks without effort.  Grade 4 rolled around, and Mr. Brunette, our primary teacher for all our courses in French (French Immersion school) noticed that is was both a) ad bad idea to allow me to become distracted and b) very common for me to do so.  So he spent the entire year whenever he saw me starting to fidget, called me to his desk, and either sent me off to the library to get a book to read, or, more commonly, to break out and setup the chess set at his desk for us.  And we'd spend the rest of the lesson playing chess and talking about the material we went over.  He'd quiz me while playing, and admitted later that he was floored that he couldn't trip me up.  He just saw that I wasn't going to put in more than the effort needed.His solution beyond just chess was to change my assignments.  Now the class might do one thing, and I'd have to do that and more detailed work (think, the class doing name all the provinces and me doing name the pronvinces, their capitals, population and main industry)  He ended up as my teacher is Grade 5 before I moved, and kept it up, as well as got me into the local gifted program at the high school, which made me feel less like a freak, and more "just different"I can still remember only winning 3 games of chess against him, and I lost countless ones, but I still remember the good times.
2020-05-14 7:47:35 PM  
In 6th grade our science teacher Mr. I showed the Sidney Poitier film "To Sir with Love"
Did I mention that it was on the day he was being observed?
2020-05-15 1:49:18 AM  
When I was eight I was assigned to draw a map of Norway. I spent hours drawing a poster-sized map carefully copied in careful freehand from an atlas which I then carefully coloured in different shades and hues with coloured pencils. I was proud of my work. I decided that when I got it back I would hang it on my wall.

I handed it in. Two days later my teacher told me that he'd lost it and that as he didn't have it to mark, he was giving me an F for the assignment. My very first F, but nowhere near my last as that was the moment that I gave up on school entirely.
2020-05-15 11:13:41 AM  
Mrs. Sheffield - First grade - So 1979ish - black lady (it's relevant) - would beat kids with those old wooden yardsticks to the point of breaking them on us. She broke them so often she kept an umbrella stand full of them in reach of her desk. When I came home with bruises and my parents had a word of prayer with her about it her Weeners was "It's not my fault you people bruise easily." She got told in no uncertain terms to not lay another hand on me. No lasting damage to me. I only remember it because my parents told me about it.

I actually had mostly fantastic middle school teachers, top shelf humans. Notably my sixth grade English and Algebra teachers. I got a B in Algerbra, the highest math grade I ever got. See below for why that marks that teacher as great.

I went to two different high schools and had no memorable teachers from the first one. The second "better" school I had several terrible ones.

My pre-calcus teacher junior year would run through proofs on an overhead projector, get to end and realized she had it wrong. Often enough for it to be a regular and unremarkable occurrence. She was spectacularly bad at her job. Math is not my strongest subject, with a good teacher I'm a solidly C student. I straight up failed pre-cal, with a grade in the low 30s. Thankfully I didn't need it to graduate. To be fair to the teacher - as bad as she was, there was also an especially cute brunette in my class who ended up being my high school sweetheart, so I was also a mite distracted.

Senior year I had two awful, awful, teachers - AP European History and CP English. This is where the disillusionment really kicked in for me. Both were celebrated and honored by the system as great teachers, and both had their heads shoved so far up their own asses they could have checked themselves for lung cancer.

History was actually a good teacher - when she bothered to teach. She'd won a summer sabbatical for the quality of her work the year before and had spent the summer in Africa, she also had a son getting married. Both of which we talked about more than European history. The entire class turned on her when we hit the middle of the semester because we were ridiculously far behind and she started angrily blaming us for it. By the time we took the exam none of us were paying her any attention, instead reading the books and operating as though we were self/peer taught. To give you an idea of how far off she was: By the end of the year she hadn't even started the Italian unification. For those who don't know, that means we were barely into the 19th century. I heard a rumor some pretty major stuff happened in Europe in the late 19th and early to mid 20th centuries. She tried to threaten us into paying attention to her by declaring only one out of the 13 kids in the class would pass the exam. Only one failed it. The teacher retired after the following year when the next class did the same rebellion thing. The aforementioned cute brunette found this out after talking to a kid from that class who declared she was so bad they drove her from teaching. Brunette assured them they were just the finishing blow. The teacher was probably asked to retire or be fired. We didn't speak up to administration about it until it was too late our year. The admin we talked to was horrified to find out what was going on. I'm sure after a second total failure they weren't going to give her a shot at a third.

English Mrs. Haun was just a bad teacher who was somehow venerated by the other teachers at the school as being great. She and I got off on the wrong foot from the jump though. I had a paper on Asimov I was working on fall apart for lack of sources in my junior year. It was 1990 so the internet wasn't a thing quite yet and our school library was shiat. My junior English teacher Mrs. Griswell, whom I respected a great deal, wasn't happy with me over it, but I had otherwise crushed the class. I dropped from an A to B because of the paper. Even with that I met all the qualifications for AP English. Haun literally called me to the carpet at the end of my junior year and told me the only way I was getting into AP English was to turn in that paper. "Well I guess I'm not going to be in AP English then." Felt like I dodged a bullet there until I got her for CP anyway. I mean I still did dodge a bullet. I knew people in the AP class. It was total clownshoes full of meaningless extra work and nothing like a college-level english class. There were costumes involved. The CP class was only memorable for her insistence on doing vocabulary exercises every class for words College Prep kids all already knew. She would literally make us repeat after her and sound out the words like we were farking first graders. It was a running gag outside of class whenever one of us didn't hear something said for the speaker to repeat by mimicking her sing song enunciation. She was honored and respected by her peers, but I can't think of a single kid who took her classes that felt the same. Her "innovative" approaches to teaching were extraneous bullshiat activities better suited for elementary school. Other teachers accomplished more just by being good lecturers and getting us to work with the subject.

I was mostly bored with school by junior year of high school. I was in college prep classes, and only really cared about English, where information was still coming too slowly to keep me interested. I'd read most of the assigned books on my own. Before high school. I beat the AP Euro history exam thanks to the fact I was a WWII nerd growing up (though mostly Pacific theater) and already knew a lot of the information. Seeing both the English and History teachers lauded for excellence when they were demonstrably not reaching me and my peers and were actively interfering with actual learning was a bit of a wake up call to how arbitrary and stupid the system can be.
2020-05-15 4:01:52 PM  
distancing with social characteristics@trrrilll
Replying to @justinboldaji

One time in first grade i discovered you could walk on just your knees and i got really excited but the teacher came over and told me that you aren't supposed to walk like that. I vividly remember being shocked and ashamed. Stupid but i think it was permanently stultifying

^^^^THIS person is the snowflakiest of snowflakes if this scarred them for life. Firstly, you aren't supposed to walk that way, it's bad for your knees. Second, if they're relating thew story accurately, the teacher didn't say anything demeaning, rude, etc., so they'd better prepare for a lifetime of disappointment as "mean people" tell them about the realities of life.
2020-05-15 4:34:48 PM  
Amy Aniobi

Replying to @ubersle @justinboldaji
Holy shiat. 1st grade we had a bonus word on a spelling test, teacher asked us to spell the word "grey." I wrote it "grey." The ho marked it wrong said it was spelled "gray." So I opened up a British ass book in HER class to show her the "e" spelling. biatch said I was "difficult."

Are you British? No? Are you living in Britain? No? Then the British way of spelling things is not correct.

Some serious snowflakes here. Some brutal shiat on behalf of teachers, but some of the stuff that is sticking with these people forever? Christ on a crutch, talk about needing help with the real farking world.
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