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(Aftenposten.no)   Norwegian school using limos and cocktail parties to lure students into becoming plumbers.   ( aftenposten.no) divider line
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2002-01-31 01:45:55 AM  
They should throw in hookers too
2002-01-31 01:46:34 AM  
UGH never first,*OBVIOUS* anyways Weeners a picture of mario wins
2002-01-31 01:49:08 AM  
If they guarantee some boobies, too, then sign me up.
2002-01-31 02:01:56 AM  
Wow, sure beats the shopping cart I used to ride to school!
2002-01-31 02:05:42 AM  
You had a shopping cart? Luxury! We used to have to get up out of the lake at three o'clock in the morning, clean the lake, eat a handful of hot gravel, work twenty hours a day at mill, for two pence a month, come home, and dad would beat us around the head and neck with a broken bottle, if we were lucky!
2002-01-31 04:00:46 AM  
Nice Python quote, Ouro.
2002-01-31 04:12:05 AM  
Ja, is good when toilet flush properly!
2002-01-31 04:33:30 AM  
wish i went to that school maybe i would be a plumber now
2002-01-31 07:39:18 AM  
When the say formal wear, does that mean that the plumbers wore suspenders to minimize butt crack?
2002-01-31 07:59:30 AM  
I can think of better uses for a limo, 'specially when girls are involved . . .
2002-01-31 09:15:14 AM  
If plumbers and electricians are anything like they are here, I'd say the money alone would be tempting - for those who aren't turned off by fixing other people's poopy toilets or risking electrocution. And if you need a plumber, you NEED A PLUMBER! Or you're holding it in for a few days. Oslo is a city in crisis, my friends...

On a side note, I saw a movie once where a plumber went to this house, and the pretty lady there had sex with him. Are there any plumbers present who can confirm or deny this phenomenon?
2002-01-31 09:24:06 AM  
My brother is a plumber in AZ and makes big bux. Never seems to be out of work, gets to travel. San Fran, Las Vegas, Albq., Phoenix, works for big companies like Intel. Says they have a real hard time finding people that show up for work, let alone know anything about plumbing.
2002-01-31 09:26:23 AM  
Their college is doing this? "Uh, sure being a student here would be great and all. But wouldn't you rather be a plumber? It's all caviar and cocktail parties. SO much better than wasting your time in this hyperintellectual claptrap."
2002-01-31 10:46:39 AM  
I think No Such Agency's on to something... just import more American porn making it seem like plumbers nail all the hot, lonely housewives and all them horny Norwegian boys will be busting the door down to get in, and maybe a few of them will stick around.
2002-01-31 12:12:19 PM  
Who is giving the class graduation commencement speech ?
Oprah's butt crack ?
2002-01-31 03:24:24 PM  
Yeah, I went to school to become a carpenter, but it didn't work out. Eventually they nailed me.
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