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(NYPost)   She sells sea shells by the sea shore. The shells she sells are surely sea shells I see piling up on the sea shore thanks to coronavirus keeping sea shore tourists away   ( divider line
    More: Interesting, Dare County, North Carolina, Outer Banks, Hatteras, North Carolina, beaches of North Carolina, Cape Lookout National Seashore, large piles of colorful shells spread, Roanoke Island, Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina  
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2020-04-21 9:12:31 AM  
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2020-04-21 12:01:41 PM  
Mary Anning thread?
2020-04-21 1:04:06 PM  
Seashells? Nah, I poop Purell.
2020-04-21 1:08:07 PM  
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🎵Moving on up...🎵
2020-04-21 1:08:54 PM  

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2020-04-21 1:10:21 PM  
Bravo, Subby.

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2020-04-21 1:14:35 PM  
Those shells are not practicing social distancing!
2020-04-21 1:17:06 PM  
Seychelles seashells soil seashore scenery.

/If only it was the Seychelles
2020-04-21 1:18:05 PM  
What a wonderful giant experiment we are doing.

I should re-read the book, The World without Man, and re-watch the TV series. It wouldn't take long.

Scientists from Antarctica to the Other Great Polar Ozone hole are getting to learn things that smog and oppressive omni-present humans have obscured for more than a century.

It's a great time to be a boffin, especially if you can do your social distancing on the top of a mountain, a glacier or an iceberg. The whole world is one giant light polution reduced zone.

Sad. If only it were Trump free.
2020-04-21 1:19:05 PM  

The Flexecutioner: Seychelles seashells soil seashore scenery.

/If only it was the Seychelles

Do they still have that submarine restaurant with the windows that allow you to see the sea all around you?
2020-04-21 1:23:05 PM  
Just don't burn the she shed.
2020-04-21 1:23:51 PM  
Fine headline but I'd have gone with "corpses continue to pile up as a result of coronavirus."

I guess they're not really corpses (they're exoskeletons), but I judge it close enough for Fark.
2020-04-21 1:30:29 PM  

Super Chronic: Fine headline but I'd have gone with "corpses continue to pile up as a result of coronavirus."

I guess they're not really corpses (they're exoskeletons), but I judge it close enough for Fark.

Chitinous crap clogs coastal corridors, claim crabby clamourers.

/got nuthin
2020-04-21 1:58:12 PM  
Wait, if everyone is staying away from the beach, who took the picture?!
Chex mix plus tards!
2020-04-21 2:18:47 PM  
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2020-04-21 3:13:40 PM  
World should have a monthly shutdown evey year from now on to preserve the planet
2020-04-21 3:16:40 PM  
Over in Venice, the lack of major water traffic has turned the dark waters of the canals clear and you can see the white sandy bottoms that you never could before. Air pollution in some cities has decreased markedly because road traffic is down to a fraction of what it used to be and some factories are closed or running at a fraction of their capacity and not belching tons of poison into the atmosphere.

Fish are returning to some rivers because the waters are no longer packed hull to hull with pleasure and fishing boats. There are reports from hunters that game animals are increasing in herd size because they're not always being shot at and having to run all of the time.

Basically, the Pandemic seems to have helped the environment some -- which seems to pi$$ off Trump who is apparently dismantling as many of Obomas' Environmental Laws as he can. Those he's dismantling are good for big business and not the average person. Like, I heard, he rolled back pollution standards of cars -- about the only nation in the free world to do so.

But it's interesting. Restrict half the global population and global warming starts to wobble and decrease . Like the shells on the beach. Without people scooping them up, the beach could become one layered in shells, like others around the globe, actually protecting it a bit from storm washouts.

In my area, the local government might not have to dump millions of dollars worth of sand on the beaches, which wash away due to hurricanes every year. (BTW. We're starting to actually run low on sand in the US because of all of the uses for it and the massive population we support. Not to mention the millions of acres of sand now covered over by cities and roads.)
2020-04-21 3:17:55 PM  
It seems to me maybe they should let them pile up, let the sand cover them, and have more beach as it builds up. There might be more to it but a foot of seashells a year adds up.
2020-04-21 4:00:28 PM  
Barefooting on a beach covered in shell shards is not pleasant.
2020-04-21 4:12:20 PM  
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I remember...
2020-04-21 5:04:04 PM  
Aiyiyi.  I am heartily in favor of lockdowns and continued distancing, but this really made me realize how bad off the year-round residents of coastal NC are going to be.  It's a desperately poor part of the state anyway.  Wow.  Guess this applies to everywhere that's primarily tourist-oriented and poor, though.
2020-04-21 9:24:56 PM  
Looking at that, seeing the buildup from just a month or two, I actually start to see how you can get a buildup, over hundreds of thousands of years, to create limestone deposits.
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