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2020-04-11 7:43:47 AM  
The phrase is "I need to pick up my prescription," not "I'm buying drugs."
2020-04-11 7:47:16 AM  
Gary King would agree
2020-04-11 7:53:28 AM  
He told police he was visiting his drug dealer.

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2020-04-11 7:56:40 AM  
Pot shops are open in Washington

Dr Dre ft. Snoop Dogg - Smoke Weed Everyday (ORIGINAL)
Youtube sZJ48OBiiKk
2020-04-11 8:02:35 AM  
Can't use no filthy money Officer, just going to buy some straws that's all. Lots of straws.
2020-04-11 8:12:55 AM  

jim32rr: Can't use no filthy money Officer, just going to buy some straws that's all. Lots of straws.

I think that's a worse crime in California.
2020-04-11 8:36:01 AM  
If you don't know the pleasure of fast-forwarding time during this pandemic, you must not know about herbal time travel.
2020-04-11 8:38:36 AM  
Oh come on. You really want people to withdrawal right now?
2020-04-11 8:49:07 AM  
It's times like this that I'm glad they've made liquor stores in NS sell both weed and liquor and to remain open as essential services.
2020-04-11 8:49:47 AM  
So, I shouldn't have scored a bag of weed yesterday?
2020-04-11 8:51:19 AM  
"I figured with so fewer people out, it would be a perfect time to hide this body in the woo....I....uh...mean I that I am going to the store for baby formula and to pick up a prescription for my sick grandmother."
2020-04-11 8:58:19 AM  
How much longer will it be before someone snaps, and goes on a shooting spree?
2020-04-11 9:00:57 AM  
Some of these comments are longer than the article...
2020-04-11 9:01:32 AM  
Drugs not essential?

Clearly they've never spent time around my children.
2020-04-11 9:01:44 AM  

Mikeyworld: Some of these comments are longer than the article...

That's what she said
2020-04-11 9:02:47 AM  





Legal here? Sure, with a 'script. But we're still buying from the black market because there is no other available.

2020-04-11 9:10:04 AM  
A very NSFW message from Chopper

Chopper has advice for The Prime Minister for Corona
Youtube xCXH6ziqKrM

Fight Covid With Weed
2020-04-11 9:26:17 AM  
Many, many years ago I was on a layover in Frankfurt, terribly sick, and trying to remember the name of "pharmacist" or "apothecary" in German. Eventually I ended up screaming, "I need drugs" into the "Help" phone. After a pause, surprisingly this worked.
2020-04-11 9:41:32 AM  

kb7rky: How much longer will it be before someone snaps, and goes on a shooting spree?

They're usually drawn to large crowds of people though... Hrm... maybe that's why some of these whackos on conservative talk radio are all saying that this is no worse than the flu.
2020-04-11 10:02:39 AM  
The restrictions in Victoria mean that our daughters can't visit us, but our eldest found a loophole today. She delivered us some flowers, and stopped briefly to chat while maintaining the mandated social distance.
The loophole? Emily is a florist, and while the shop is closed, they've been run off their feet with home deliveries, and Emily has been kept busy driving a van.
/Essential service, y'know
2020-04-11 11:55:30 AM  
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