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2004-08-12 11:53:42 AM  
Half of our programming staff is female.
2004-08-12 12:15:58 PM  
I can suggest a way to fix their problems :)
2004-08-12 12:33:57 PM  
I'm on one application testing team right now where I am the only guy. The names they come up with for processes are beyond absurd. Some of the report/process names are triply redundant with extra words thrown into the mix.
Case in point: we have one process that pulls a certain type of data out of XML files based on the data's tagging (if element= desired_element, then output tag, tag's attributes, and tag content), and puts it into a report file that is hot linakble back to tag's location in the original source file.
The processes you click have name that are 150-250 characters long, when it could be 25-35 (name of desired tag and what the process is checking in said tag) and it would be much more consise and self explanatory.
Convolution and obfuscation seems to be the norm for this particular team. I gave up trying to use reason and logic when I participate in these meetings.
The irony is that the only reason why I am this team in the first place is because I had made a logical "duh-that-makes-sense" suggestion about what the output report should contain (the only useful information in the entire farking report.)
**bangs head on desk**

Not saying all women techs are like this, but based on first hand experience with a large cross section of developers and testers from various locations, it's definately a noticably larger proportion than the men.
2004-08-12 12:53:19 PM  
Most of the women in my company's IT sector belong to one of two camps:

1) Fresh out of college with a BS in CS and no real experience. Have to teach them how to set up IIS for god's sake. Note, these are no different from most of the guys. Point is coming....

2) Ladies who have been around since the good lord was knee-high to a monkey. They mostly started as file clerks, then jumped on the data processing bandwagon in the '70s, and move up from there. They can really rock the old-skool COBOL (better than I'll *ever* be)

My poin is that there are almost *no* other women my age (30-45). If I wanna have girl-talk I have to choose between being a mentor, or talking reverently to the "wise old ones". No-one my age to shoot the shiat with. I'd love to see us recruit to fill that age gap.
2004-08-12 01:08:52 PM  
I can suggest a way to fix their problems :)

Now THAT is teh funny. You go, girl.
2004-08-12 03:51:57 PM  
I want more female geeks too!

Oh, we're talking about employment?
2004-08-12 03:52:28 PM  
Yeah we have the fncy nomenclature types at my work. I get along fine with them, but I balk at their 70K salaries. Just because you can speak some design lingo, doesn't mean you should get 70K.
2004-08-12 03:52:34 PM  
Tech TV Girls pics posted in 5...4...3...2...
2004-08-12 03:55:08 PM  
Well if tech firms want more femal greeks they better wait til after the olympics.
2004-08-12 03:55:41 PM  
They want them so they can pay them just 70 cents on the dollar.
2004-08-12 03:56:55 PM  
All the best webdesigners are women.

Its true. :)

In all seriousness, I'd be happy to meet a RATIONAL and INTELLIGENT woman. I know you exist! You are probably on fark now! But I just dont meet them irl.

Heck, Id be happy to meet rational ANYONE. People seem to be so farking crazy/stupid these days.


Actually this is me just reacting to the chick I met last week whose "boyfriend" stole her car, wrecked it, got busted with pounds of hard drugs, skipped out on his court hearing, and got arrested and sent to jail. But she wouldnt listen to us because she LOVES him.



This post is going to get me hurt, isnt it?
2004-08-12 03:57:55 PM  
My first thought was: no wonder there's no girls in CS - there's nothing to decorate.
My second thought: crap, ascii art in comment.
2004-08-12 03:58:59 PM  
Pfff, they'll just want the day off when it's "that time of the month"!
Am I right fellas, huh? Am I right?

2004-08-12 03:59:10 PM  
This thread is teh ghey!

[image from comingsoon.net too old to be available]
2004-08-12 03:59:25 PM  
Bad news dude...

rational == boring

2004-08-12 03:59:30 PM  
Given how fat female geeks are, I'm not rejoicing.
2004-08-12 03:59:37 PM  
yeah we could use some YOUNG female techies here at my job... =(
2004-08-12 04:01:42 PM  
it's not like the geeks in IT would talk to any cute girls anyway, they'd prob. rather play Doom3
2004-08-12 04:02:32 PM  
I own Doom 3, but i'm not a techie, i'm a scientist. Does that count?
2004-08-12 04:03:15 PM  
Geez.. Pigs. But being the only woman in almost every group I've worked in for over a decade - doesn't surprise me at all :-)
2004-08-12 04:03:33 PM  
Hey bludstone, I'm rational and intelligent. Of course, I'm also mouthy and opinionated. The second two tend to put people off.
I'd consider going into computers if I didn't find their inner workings so damn boring. That said, I consider myself fairly computer-geeky (I own a Mac and a PC).

/this is the extent of my html knowledge
2004-08-12 04:03:57 PM  
It's funny I work in an office full of men and They always come to me for any computer problems. I think alot of people think that women don't know anything about technology. My husband always tells me I'm the geekiest girl he ever met. When we go shopping I'm the one begging to go to Circuit City.
2004-08-12 04:04:00 PM  
hey i am an IT geek and i dont play doom3- i play warcraft3 damnit!
2004-08-12 04:04:43 PM  
I'd like to meet a girl that can code FORTRAN on punch cards. Tha'd be a hoot.
2004-08-12 04:04:59 PM  

I own Doom 3, but i'm not a techie, i'm a scientist. Does that count?

Thank God I'm not one of those people. I'm so cool that I used to work at Renaissance Faires!

/obvious dripping sarcasm
2004-08-12 04:05:08 PM  
guys like toys (broken DEC hardware). this is what leads most people to IT that are in it.

girls have NEVER liked toys as much as they like shiny things (money, XML, and web design).

not to say who's smarter or anything..
2004-08-12 04:05:47 PM  
"Given how fat female geeks are, I'm not rejoicing. "

Meh. At my last job, the IT guy was a stereotypical one: overweight, always eating, hosing servers at bad times (instead of doing things during down time at our hotel, he'd patch servers at check in time on a Friday night during tourist season ) and always slow to fix things. I'd rather try a fat geek girl working our IT dept. instead of this guy.

2004-08-12 04:05:50 PM  
Never met a woman who could write a tight line of code or design a reusable interface. or debug.

Not saying they're not not out there, just saying.
2004-08-12 04:05:59 PM  
Does anyone else find it funny that they have an advertisement showing a girl with crossed arms, with big bold letters "SILENT TREATMENT" learn how to get past it here.

/aka calm before the storm
2004-08-12 04:06:59 PM  
Now if they can just get women in engineering. I believe now they're resorting to kidnapping and beatings with calculators.
2004-08-12 04:07:39 PM  

my girlfriend can and does. but -- she still doesn't find toys all that fun. however, the fact that she can write (kernel) code and speak intelligently gets her tons of scholarships, jobs, and the like.

must be nice.
2004-08-12 04:07:40 PM  
i want a girl that has a lower FARK account number than me... that would make her an uber geek
2004-08-12 04:07:42 PM  
you sure about that? she'd be pushin 60
2004-08-12 04:08:52 PM  
Well who's going to make the farking sammiches now??
2004-08-12 04:09:29 PM  
It's been my experience that women make better designers (visual designers) while men make better programmers.

it's also been my experience that women make better ho's, and men make better pimps.

/just sayin'
2004-08-12 04:10:18 PM  
IT is for logical people. This is why it's mosly men in the field. Most women are not logical.

/don't shoot the messenger, it's true.
2004-08-12 04:10:22 PM  
I feel it's worth pointing out that Sarah Revi Sterling (quoted in the article) is a hot geek chick. She even gets bonus points in my book for spinning techno on her college radio station back in the day.

/fondly remembers MS internship
//wishes that a GIS on her name didn't come up empty
2004-08-12 04:10:54 PM  

By your comment, I can guess your weight is coming in around 275 lbs.
2004-08-12 04:12:48 PM  
Why is it a girl has to be ugly and fat if she is into tech stuff?
2004-08-12 04:13:23 PM  
I also have to say that most of the "tech chicks" in the 18-30 age group that I've ever met I've found incredibly annoying and grating. they fall into two categories: 1) trying to compete with guys (dress weirdly, strange mannerisms), 2) hopelessly (usually ditzily) in love with the "cool" -- want to run Linux, but not sure why, etc.

Not to say that guys don't segregate accordingly, but I just don't mind them. Get out of my treehouse. No girls allowed.
2004-08-12 04:13:56 PM  
mm. no WONDER i only get along with boys.
don't let the slightly hip exterior fool you. i'm really just a gigantic nerd.

/still loves quake 3 arena
2004-08-12 04:14:56 PM  
hmmmmmmmm. I've noticed alot of female tech geeks look like men and vice versa.

Dammit, make sure you are hitting on a woman and not a fellow weiner geek!
2004-08-12 04:15:15 PM  

That's like me saying that tech guys are all like comic book guy.
2004-08-12 04:16:47 PM  
i deal with chicks all the time who work the computer help desks for several companies and universities that i deal with. sort of as a go between for me and the actual client when things get technical- like 'copy this file from here to there'. seems to be more chicks than dudes these days (all of them fresh out of college).

in general, they are pretty worthless but then so are most IT people i deal with. argued with one for *weeks* because she didn't understand why our program (based on database entry/processing/reporting) wouldn't run without write permissions. she ended up demanding a refund because it 'wasn't compatible with WindowsXP as advertised', even though she commented on several occassions that they have the same problem with several other programs.

/wouldn't care except for the fact they probably make more than twice what i do...
2004-08-12 04:16:48 PM  
i work as apart of the "geek squad"...i dont know if anyone has heard of us, but anyways...i find that all of the people i work with have an extreme hard on for female geeks and productivity would slip 100% if we had any of them working in our department.
2004-08-12 04:17:20 PM  

Come on, dude, thats not even right.

Fat chicks need love too.

/coming from a very fat guy
2004-08-12 04:17:37 PM  
Don't worry.. it's cool to be a geek now.. you'll have enough of them soon enough.
2004-08-12 04:17:55 PM  
I've never worked alongside a fat female programmer. They've all been pretty thin in fact. The guys are the ones who've never met a couch couldn't attach themselves to.

But I will generalize one thing about female programmers. That they all have tattoos and body piercings. And a fondness for tequila. If that's your thing, have at it.
2004-08-12 04:18:51 PM  
lol @ comslave

, she has to be ugly and fat because being a computer geek constitutes sitting in front of the computer all day. And, as we all know, women get emotional for the littlest things ("abort, retry, fail" - it's telling me I failed!!) and then they indulge in ice cream. That's why they're fat.

Ugly? No hot chick would rather sit at the computer all day than go out with people, have fun, be popular. She's not going out, therefore she's not pretty.

It's a vicious cycle.

/beheading of the messenger in 3, 2, 1...
2004-08-12 04:19:17 PM  

When I was getting my Comp Science bachelors, of the few women that started in the degree plan at least 80%, switched majors, mostly to MIS, which despite what many IT departments believe, is NOT an engineering degree, but whatever. Anyway, of the remaining 20% at least 19% were Asian or Indian, and by the time they graduated knew absolutely nothing about computers, but we're able to graduate because they were able to get their "boyfriends" ( who were in there also ) to do their work for them ( especially their senior projects ). I know this for a fact because I dated 3 of them, or they used the whole "study group" to get the homework answers and then would get the questions that would be on a test from a class earlier in the day ( the girls always had the evening classes so they could find out the questions and answers ). So at any rate suffice it to say that only 1% of them actually graduated knowing anything about computer science or engineering.

/end rant
//some of this did not only apply to the women, but the //slackers as well
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